u r my everything -swaragini (Part 6)

Next day mng raglak ready to go clg..laksh.noticed Ragini
Laksh:wat hpn sweety?why r u lukng dull
Ragini:nothing lyk tat..I’m perfectly k..
Laksh:I know wat is bothering u(Ragini looked confusing)u thinking about that useless Sanskar am I ryt?
Ragini widened her eyes..that how do u know
Laksh:I know about u more than urself
Ragini smiled at him and hugged him tightly..and said..I don’t know how to say but I felt somewhat fear in my heart Bandar..he is not gud.. definitely he’ll try to separate us..till now I didn’t fear abt anything..frst time I’m scared on him..
Laksh:nothing will happen..when I’m beside u and within u..noone can separate u from me..u no need to think abt him..I’ll c him..don’t worry..
Ragini hugged him tightly..laksh patted her back..
Shivnya came there and asked wat hpned to my angel..why is she looking so dull today..hey stupid Bandar did u fought with my angel..
Laksh:bhabhi pls don’t ask me..I didn’t do anything..if u want to know pls ask her later..now we have to go clg..otherwise we’ll get late..by saying this he kissed shivnya on her cheeks and dragged Ragini hand …both went from there..
Shivanya: smiled …god plss keep them happy always..(ridhi called her .Mumma)Haan coming beta…

Both raglak reached clg in laksh’s bike…Sanskar saw them. .. and went from there..both raglak marched towards their classroom..their class was in 3rd floor…when they entered in first floor…someone dashed on laksh..laksh immediately hold her..i.e.non other than our swara..laksh hold her by her waist ..(she is in white frock till knee with ponytail hair)both share an eyelock..Ragini opened her mouth shockingly …
Her swalak shared beautiful eyelock..but our angel glared at them..she felt jealous..she cleared her throat by making sound to gain their attention but to her disappointment they continued their eyelock..Ragini can’t bear it so she tried to kick swara’s leg to make her fall..but mistakenly she hit laksh leg …BCs of this laksh fall down with swara…he was on top of swara..this makes Ragini more shocked n she fumed…it was enough for her…she stamped her foot and went from there angrily..both came to their sense by some students..they both felt awkward and said sry eachother ..
Swara:sry laksh…I didn’t saw u..
Laksh:it’s k I too sry..bye
After she went
Laksh:let’s chalo princess..
but there is no response..he turned and saw Ragini was missing..then reality strike on his mind…oh no ..how could u do this laksh?wat will I do now? Laksh u r going to be finish..and he went towards class..
When he climbed on upstairs in 2nd floor..he felt something fishy.he turned his head from left to right..but no one is there..he resumed his walk..suddenly some wastes (like papers,dry leaves,small piece of chalk,etc)were fall on his head.laksh opened his eyes widely in shock..
Laksh:what the hell?who could do this??
He heared clap sounds from 3rd floor..laksh see the person who was stand in upwards ..he opened his mouth widely..
Laksh:sweety how can u??why u did this
Ragini:go and clean urself in restroom…and come to class within 10mins…
Laksh: sweettyyyyyy please …
Ragini;do wat I say…bye..(she gave a evil smirk and went from there)this all scene was noticed by Sanskar…he went inside the clsrm..he sat on his bench and smiled himself…swara looked at him confusingly..
Here laksh take a deep breath and blow slowly ..laksh beta Ur fear had happened truly..u have to face her punishment…chal u have only 10 mins…if u want to escape from her further punishment then u have to be on time in Ur Claroom.by saying himself he ran towards restroom ..after cleaning himself he went towards his floor..

Scene back to classroom

Swara:wat hpn Sanskar?
Sanskar:he narrated whole scene…(by hearing this swara becomes sad)hey swara don’t be sad…I’ll c her..
Swara:wat will u gng to do
Sanskar:simple..I’ll put full-stop to their relationship whether friendship or more than that..watever
Swara;Sanskar don’t do anything…
Sanskar:sanskar will never listen …don’t teach me wat I have to do and don’t to do..k go and sit in Ur bench…by saying he went out…when he stepped out of his clsrm…Ragini stepped inside…when she stepped inside Sanskar dashed with her shoulder intentionally…Ragini glared at him and went inside…sat on her bench..Sanskar smirked at her and went out…
Here twinkle didn’t utter a single word to Ragini..
Ragini:hi swara..
Swara: hesitantly…h…h…hii ra…raaa…Ragini…
Ragini:why r u stammering
Swara:nothing like that..I’m fine…(she smiled forcefully)
Ragini:smiled at her..and saw her watch..(murmured slowly) .where r u Bandar..comesoon…

Sanskar asked one of his friend to call Ragini as mam called her..
Samy:Ragini Geeta mam called u..
Ragini:for wat
Sammy:I don’t know..(he went to his seat)
Ragini:swara..just two minutes I’ll come…she went
Swara:(herself)wat relationship they have…why Ragini behaving like this…do they luv eachother…
Why Im feeling bad …she kept her head on table…and closed her eyes…

Ragini went towards staffroom…suddenly someone pulled strongly backwards…Ragini about to shout ..
Sanskar closed her mouth tightly in his one hand..other hand was tightly held her waist…(she wore black chudi with open hair)Ragini shocked by his behaviour…he taken back his hand from her mouth..Ragini tried to free from him..but he pulled more closer by helding her waist…she held his hand from her waist to remove..but he didn’t let her…
Ragini:leave me u cheap..
Sanskar:how can I leave u hottie ..
Ragini:made a disgust face…don’t dare to call me like that..if my laksh know about this…he will not leave you…leave me..
Sanskar:wat u said..Ur laksh…oh wat a love great..I’ll see wat he can do
Ragini:tears formed in her eyes.let me go Sanskar…leave me…
He tightened his grip on her waist…Ragini felt uneasy by his touch and closeness…she tried her best to free from him..but he didn’t gave a chance to her…
He about to touch her face…suddenly laksh came and hold his hand…Ragini felt relax by seeing her Bandar..she smiled through tears in her eyes…laksh felt very anger on Sanskar…
Laksh hold sanskar hand which hold ragini’s waist…he removed his hand from her waist and jerked his hand…Ragini hide behind laksh and hold his shirt tightly..Sanskar smirked at her..
Laksh:don’t u have any shame..how dare u to touch my Ragini…by saying this laksh held his hand tightly…
Ragini:laksh..leave him..come we will go…
Laksh:no Ragini I can’t …
Sanskar:look laksh…my hottie itself told u to leave me…then leave me Na…then she will feel bad..
Laksh can’t take it anymore…he suddenly pushed Sanskar to the nearby door and slammed the door on his hand which held ragini’s waist…before Sanskar could react it happened suddenly..Ragini kept hands on her mouth…sanskar hand was bleeding…laksh didn’t react on this …
Laksh:don’t ever came near my Ragini…come sweety…by saying this he dragged Ragini with him…while going with him Ragini get busy in rubbing her waist hardly where sanskar touched her she hates his touch..
Sanskar:(saw them and his bleeding hand)till now i thought to tease her…but hereafter I’ll not leave her easily…I’ll make her mine at any cost…but I didn’t luv her…but she is my obsession…
Laksh dragged Ragini inside the classroom …he sat near swara and made Ragini sat near him…he didn’t saw Ragini…he was in full anger…swara sense this but she didn’tdstrb him..but Ragini pinched him hardly on his thighs…laksh screamed ouch…and saw Ragini glared at him..he understood her pov..and without uttering anything he simply stood from his seat and made Ragini sat near swara and he sat near Ragini..swara felt disappoint at this..Ragini smiled at him…laksh murmuring possessive queen…ragini heared this and smiled at him..and kept her head on his shoulder.
This all incidents were happened b4 classes were start…

And I’m really sry if it’s boring u guys..pls forgive me…next time I’ll try better..

Screen freezed on raglak smiling face..swara’s sad face..sanskar evil face..

How was this episode…plsss give ur feedbacks my friends whether it is positive r negative..

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  1. Srkkajol

    here one person will get benefit after all this drama over and the person is swara becoz when sanskar get ragini then laksh will automatically be with swara and swara have some feeling for laksh as how she get sad seeing raglak together…

    1. Ritathomas

      U r gud analyzer… But here seriously swara didn’t wish to separate raglak

  2. it’s really super I m waiting for your further upload sissy i love raglak bond pls make it as raglak pls my sis……

    1. Ritathomas

      I can’t assure u about pairs dr but u will c raglak swalak swasan ragsan combo

  3. What a possessiveness plz don’t seperate them sis

  4. Plzz i want Raglak together .. dont separate them.. i am big fan of both of.

    1. Ritathomas

      Already I decided the plot dr… I’m also a fan of raglak too… But u will c all combo… Keep supporting me

  5. sorry for not commenting dear, but i read that previous parts and loved them, this one too. I like raglak in this ff sooo much, and I am starting to hate sanskar, hope he changes for the good.

    1. Ritathomas

      Don’t say sry dr…. U just keep support me tats enough for ME… It will make my day… Yeah here sanskar is lil bit arrogant n bad too…

  6. Awesome dear, why is Sanky behaving like this

    1. Ritathomas

      Hahaaaa it’s his behavior… He is arrogant

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