U R My MLA (My lucky Angel) – 1 Ragsan by suma

Hello beautiful ppl as many voted for Ragsan so here it is ….the couple are “Ragsan”

Title name – U R My MLA – my lucky Angel

In TV personality 2017 Tejasswi stands 17th place…iam sad that she deserves more…it’s over now…pls vote for her in Efeed awards and let her win…if you don’t know link pls DM me…I will send …

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Character sketch

Sanskar Maheswari – A big business tycoon, Arrogant jerk … doesn’t believe in love

Ragini gadodia – A simple lovely girl , Loves her family a lot and can do anything for her family, she has lot of expectations about her life

Arjun Gadodia – brother of Ragini gadodia , loves her sister a lot ….his way of loving is fighting with her

Shekhar Gadodia – Have some small business , love his family a lot…

SharMishta Gadodia – Cool wife , love her family a lot


A big function hall is shown where guests are all seated , they all are business tycoons and all are eagerly waiting for the results of the awards and it is to be announced now or then.

By then a black Jaguar entered the entrance of the function hall and guard opened the door there comes a handsome hunk in black tuxedo , he entered the hall  with a smirk on his face…he took his seat and looked towards the Dias and nodded like go-ahead..

Here we go all have waited for this result eagerly and the results

The  Talented , smartest, s*xiest youngest entrepreneur of the year goes to
             ” Mr. Sanskar Maheswari ”

He stood up with a smirk like ‘ I know ‘ …A huge applause is heard and his proud ego increased a step with that . He received the award and the person asked him to tell secret of his success,
He replied
” I can .(dot) I will .(dot) End of the story ” and came down with  same smirk on his face.

” If Iam in… Then it has to be mine , if it’s not mine..then I won’t let anyone to have ????”
And then he left the place to his mansion


#In Gadodia house

Alarm buzzing from past 10min

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Di getup it’s ringing from last 10min ” Arjun said

” Oh Arjun , I confirmed u are not deaf…so getup and snooze for 5min , I will wake-up after 5min ” Ragini said

After 5min it again starts ringing

” Di 5min over getup and go , I have to sleep ”

” No, snooze for next 5min ”

After 5min

” Diiiiiiiiiiiiii ”

” Pls pls pls it’s pakka next time ”

After 5min He angrily turned off the alarm

After 1hr  they both felt splash of water on their faces and they wokeup quickly  screaming ….

” Floods….floods….I don’t know swimming mumma pappa…arjunnnnn…
Help meee ” she screams

Then she saw her mother mishti standing with an empty bucket and she understood how it got emptied ….

” Ahhh maa…wat have u done ??? ”

” drama Queen , getup it’s already 9am ” mishti said

” Oh, god I have school , Di I will go for bath first ” Arjun said

” No…it’s already late for my college Becz of u , so iam not letting u…” By saying this she jumped from bed

Both quickly ran to washroom and stopped while looking at eachother bcz both kept their one legs in washroom

” I will go first ”

” No, I have school , if I’m late then my teacher will kick my ass and send me out ”

” Pls Arjun I will come in 2min, pls let me do first ”

” I will come in 1min ” Arjun said

” Y 1min bath…it’s better not to do , u look more handsome ”

” Di, chipkali !!!! ” pointing to Washroom he said

She quickly took her leg off from washroom
He ran to Washroom and locked the door

” thanks chipkali …” he smiled

” U saitan, bahar aaja ”

” Wait till 10min ” he said

” U said 1min Arjun now 10min ??? ”

” I thought zero has no value so I said 1 Min…but u believe in zero na so 10min ”

” Isi tarah padti toh Tu pakka fail hojayega ”

” Thanks for the blessings Di ”


” Maa going for college , bye ” ragini said

” Maa iam leaving to school bye ”

” Copy cat ”

” U copy cat ki Didi”

“U both again started ” Shekhar said

” No dad, she only started ”

” No, he started ”

” Isi tarah jagadte toh tum dono yahi rahega ” mishti said
He kissed Shekar and misti cheeks and left for school
She too left to college after giving  them kisses



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    tkcr dear

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