U r my life.(Tashan-e-ishq, manmarziyan and vishkanya) Epi-6

The episode starts with Radhika calls Arjun and asks him why he did not come to office? He tells I am home sick and cuts the call.. He sits and ons the TV.. Radhika wonders what happened? Radhika asks address of Arjun house to manager? He gives her.. Radhika tells I will go and surprise him. Twinkle comes to office and waits… And starts work. Usha gives a girl pic and asks for his opinion? He tells whatever girl u like for me also OK. Usha smiles.. Apu calls her friends and tells them to come to some place.. Malay comes to class.. And waits for sir.. Malay friend comes there and calls him out.. Malay also comes out.

Apu smiles and tells her friends to beat Malay.. All boys beats Malay.. Apu laughs seeing him in full of blood.. Malay falls down… All leaves from there.. Apu throws stone at him and she tells u have done small mistake! Punishment is this.. If u do this once again then u have to die.. Apu comes near his ears and tells good bye!! Best of luck!! She leaves from there.. It starts raining…

Twinkle walks on that way sees Malay and shouts and comes there and takes him to hospital.. She admits him… Doctor tells he is fine and we need to do surgery pls pay the money.. Twinkle sees bill and gets shocked 1,00,000 Rs. Twinkle wonders how she gonna get this money? Twinkle sits down and cries.. Twinkle gets house owner call.. He tells her to pay house rent soon or I will throw all things out. Twinkle cuts the phone and cries..

Kunj comes to office and asks others where is twinkle? They tells that Malay got beaten up by someone and he is in hospital.. He gets shocked and calls twinkle.. She thinks it is owner and cuts the call and offs the phone.. Kunj gets tensed and asks others which hospital? They tells address.. He leaves from there..

Arjun sits on bed he eats snacks.. Radhika comes there.. Servant speaks to each other.. That he is soo arrogant but now a days he is soo soft.. He is normal and yesterday he danced and his leg got hurt.! Radhika gets shocked.. She comes in and sees Arjun seeing TV.. She smiles at his face.

Arjun asks how did u get my address? Radhika tells sir! He tells her for what u came?Radhika asks r u fine? He tells her to sit and takes his unwanted girls magazines from table??radhika asks who r they?

Precap:Kunj gives money to twinkle.. She thnx him and hugs him.. Allah warriyan plays.. Apu sees Malay in hospital and cries.. Radhika smiles at his naughty ness..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Superb 🙂

  2. Wow luv blossom to our Arjun… ?? luv the episodes…. Keep on writing…

  3. Excited. For the next episodes….

  4. poor Malay……Apu was very harsh to him………….ardhika part was funny…….esp the part where Arjun takes girls’ s magazines from the table……………..

  5. Awesome episode. Waiting for the next update. 🙂

  6. Wow naru Bhaia nice

  7. Episods r good..keep continue ur rocking in ffs dude

  8. keep on rocking i remember it was also my autograph in 2nd year given to me by a friend

  9. awesome episode……….

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