u r the boss of my heart (kkb shot 1)

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hiiiiii my dear sisiees & dear frnds… am nivethaa.. back again with a story.. hope u guys will like this.. ! & give the support throughout the story.. & i was busy with some work.. tat’s y i didn’t read/write anything.. but, i badly miss u guys.. !! all the ff writers are doing awesome .. ! i could not read all .. but, now onwords i will try to read all the missed ff’s .. & i didn’t replied to the last shot of my story.. than q all the guys who read & spcl thanx to those who commented on tat.. i feel i end tat story abruptly.. priyanka.. my little chuweeeet… i wish to continue me for u.. i will try to update soon da.. i miss u all… now.. without any bak baks.. get into the story…

I’m walking in a road like a lifeless body.. am feeling helpless.. i hate my life.. i hate myself.. while walking an arrow board indicates my right side stating tat “START AFRESH” … ya somehow i too want start my life afresh & set my life all right like the board indicates… knowingly or unknowingly my legs makes a way to go ahead according to the arrow board direction..I want to start my life fresh from where I Used to play with my ma & pa .. I lost them in my age 7.. i want to start where my loneliness took place.. i want to change it as a heaven.. i want to start afresh from where my father’s cousin cheated me &my dadi after the death of my pa for our money.. i wish we should more wiser ..i want to start afresh to where my dadi struggled alot to earn money to feed me atleast twice a day.. i wish i would hav helped her.. now… i wish to save her.. save her life… but poor me…

wat can i earn from the stage show or marriage receptions tat tak place once in a while.. all r saying tat am a gud singer , voice is soo lovely.. but, i didn’t get any recognition for tat till now.. i too hope tat one day life will change according to my wish.. but,today i badly want to change my life bcoz.. my dadi is in critical stage now.. she is a heart patient.. .doctor said tat a major operation should be done for her heart .but, I hav no money.. money is the prblm for all things.. my relatives cheated us bcoz of money.. Tanu’s mom told me tat am not rich enough to make her daughter happy.. so tanu left me & decided to marry a rich guy.. tats all not a matter for me.. now.. i hav only my dadi.. she is my everything.. without her am nothing.. i want to save her at any cost..there i saw a music company “LOVE LIFE MUSIQ COMPANY” .. i went there.. i guess its a very new company& started today.. or one or two days back.. i neared reception & asked..

Me: may i know is there any selection today?
Receptionist: ya .. upto 4 only.. already its 3:45 na..
Me : shall i participate in it?.. wat all are the formalities?.
Rec: u should be done atleast ur 12th.. ur certificates , marksheet then ur passport size photos 4 r needed if incase u got selected..
Me: thanx .. now can i participate in the audition?.. & then i will give u want all r the certificates u need?..
Rec: one min.. i will ask mam & tell u..
She called the mam.. & told her about me.. & said okay mam..
Rec: sir.. u can go.. straight & then tak left..
Me: than q..

I don’t know why am here now.. I need a huge amount.. but now am going to attend a monthly salaried company’s interview…. may be.. i somehow feels it all for gud.. i entered into her cabin.. m.d. of tat company.. her name board says “PRAGYA ARORA”.. i can see sharp rays in her eyes.. her eyes says tat she is rude but stands for truth.. she is not too young & energitic.. she shows cent person bossy attitude…watever.. i went to her & stand beside a chair.. she looked at me..Tat eyes.. Goddddddd.. rude,anger,,adamant,arrogant,strict all in the pair of eyes.. expression filled eyes..

I can’t tak my eyes off from the eyes of my boss..!

Boss:tak ur seat..
Boss:well wats ur name..?
Me:abhi.. abhisheik prem mehra..
Boss: so u r going to sing..? (She raised her eyebros)
Me :(i nodded my heads..)
Boss: okay.. then go ahead.. sign ur fav song..
Me:kanavey kanavey kalaivatheno.. (i closed my eyes & feel the pain.. & sung the song with full of emotions..!!)
Boss: well song is nice to hear.. but its sad song na.. sing some happy song..
(I know am not in a mood to sing a happy song.. buy i don’t know why.. i want to part of that company..so i sung..love love happy love.. )
Boss: i didn’t listened to it back.. is it new one?..
Me:its my song.. i had written it ..

(She didn’t showed tat much interest in my voice or my song..its somewat demotivated me.. here am singing with all my abilities.. but, she the queen of rudeness does not shows any interest in it.. am losing my hope to get a job there… )
Boss:impressive.. well,first of all, i don’t want to giv a chance to u bcoz u don’t hav any certificates with u.. though i gav a chance .. & am glad tat u didn’t wasted it..( full of attitude..!)

Me:than q .. (than q god… she opened her mouth..!)

Boss:but u hav u to work on ur saranam & all..

me: yes mam..( is tat mean she is going to give a job?..!)

Boss: so u can join here from tomorrow onwards.. & there will be an audition in this month end to all the selected singers ..&I’l select the best to make the album song.. so.. best of luck..
Me: than q soo much mam..

Boss: so this is all about ur contract papers.. read it & sign it & give it back to me..

(i don’t want to read it..so i signed them.. & giv it back to her..I hesitated to ask her about salary & all.. now i badly want it for my dadi..)

Boss: then wat..?
Me: (my voice soaked.. i could not speak more.. ) my… my dadi is in critical state.. doctors told me to arrange money for operation..
(I led out my tears.. i don’t know y i did so.. i never ever cried before anyone.. i don’t want anyone’s sympathy.. but today i led my heart out to my unknown new boss..& her eyes shows some concern for me..)

Boss:how much u need for tat operation.. ? Our company provides medical allowances…for tat i hav to confirm the details of the hospital she is admitted then only i can give u the cheque..
Me:(i was relived tat i can cure my dadi..)she is now in get well hospital..room no.302.. & sure mam i will provide u all medical files related to her.. u can check..
Boss: okay then .. go ahead..
Me: (with happiness) than q mam.. than q sooo much…
Boss: its okay.. i just done my job.. one more thing..
Me:s mam..?
Boss: tat mam thing only.. don’t call me mam..
Me: is it sounds older??.. (i asked her in a mocking tone..)
Boss: (she glared at me.. )ya.. so..
Me: then boss is okay for u boss??.
Boss: not bad..
Me : okay boss.. i will call u as boss..
Boss: hmm.. now u can go & come tomorrow with all the certificates..
Me:s boss..

I came from there & ran to my dadi to sharethis happy news.. i can hav my healthy dadi back.. tat will be awesome…
Dadi: abhi.. looks like some one forget tat am sick..
me: dadi.. y r saying like tat..
Dadi: bcoz today my abhi is too happiee.. look at the mirror..
me: ho.. u want the reason na?..
Dadi: noo .. i know the reason..
me:then tell me wat is tat???..
Dadi: u somehow arrange money for my operation.. is not it??
me: granny.. hw do u knew tat?.. (surprised)
Dadi: bcoz i know my abhi in & out na..
me: u r the best dadi.. & yes.. i arranged money.. after tat operation u hav to run around me..u know am the most happiest person … am going to get my energitic dadi back..

Dadi: i can close my eyes now itself.. but, my only worry is about u abhi.. after my death u will be alone na.. i hav tolook a perfect gal for u before my death.. my last wish is find a gal for u.. & she will love u unconditionally.. i want to see u both with a bundle of happiness..
Abhi:(i can’t hear my dadi’s words.. she is speaking like going away from me..) u r not going anywhere.. i won’t allow u dadi.. don’t speak like this ..
(By saying this abhi went from there with a sad face.. )

********** END OF ABHI’S POV*****

Tat time pragya came to the hospital to see dadi as the company rules is to confirm the provided information.. ( but abhi & pragya didn’t met..)

Dadi: who r u beta..?
Pragya: dadi .. me.. pragya..
Dadi: pragya??..
Pragya: han dadi.. wo.. abhisheik hey na..
Dadi: (with an excitement) is he loving u.. tats y he didn’t want to see a gal for him?.. am very happiee beti..am sure .. u r too gud.. tats y my abhi had chosen u as his life partner..
Pragya: wo.. dadi.. tak same breathe..

Dadi: ya.. i know .. my abhi will choose a gal with full of cultural.. see u r taking care of me now itself beti.. am sure u will be the best bhahu..

pragya: Dadi.. am his boss.. !!

Dadi: boss?..haan… i know pragya.. always a wife is husband’s boss..
Pragya: dadi .. u r getting it wrong..

dadi: wat wrong.. am always right.. look at my hair.. it’s shows u my experience na.. i know abhi will threatened u not to show off ur love to me.. bcoz am unwell..don’t be afraid of abhi.. i will manage him.. u know.. he is always like this.. don’t want to hurt my feelings.. i used to say him tat i will choose a gal for him.. but , this grape nut had chosen u(pragya smiled for this) .. anyways .. am very happy about his selection.. u know na beti.. still he is kid eventhough he is this much grown.. am his only relation.. now.. u also joined to make his life colorful.. now,i can close my eyes full satisfaction tat my abhi is not alone in this world..

dadi is keep on saying about abhi & her..everytime pragya trying to say something…but dadi doesn’t leave her to speak up.. tat time abhi came into the room & dadi is happily chatting with his boss..but pragya is trying hard to say something..he understood the scenario tat dadi mistook pragya’s arrival.. tat time dadi saw abhi..

dadi: abhiii… padava… u had chosen ur life partner… but, am happiee tat u had selected the best gal.. she is caring for me.. & came to see me.. so don’t scold her.. else i will beat u..

abhi:dadi.. she is my boss..

dadi( in abhi’s ear) : i know u love her very much.. for tat u no need to tell tat she is ur boss.. see u r man .. !! (geth a maintain pannu abhi..!! )

abhi:(in dadi’s ear) dadi.. i’m telling u she is my boss.. i hav joined in her company today.. she is the one who assured me to arrange money for ur operation.. now after this much happened .. i know she will fire me without joining in the company… !!( abhi said with a puppy face..!)

pragya is seeing this scenario with full of confusion.. dadi gav an oops reaction.. & became sad..

Pragya:dadi.. am sry.. i came here to confirm some details about u.. then only i will giv the cheque to abhisheik.. & don’t be sad..it will make u weak again..

Dadi: ya beti.. u r ryt.. but tell me onething who will not be sad by knowing tat a gal like u will not be my bhahu.. its really sad na.. !

Pragya:(rolled her eyes in disbelief): okay dadi.. am leaving now.. tak care of urself..

Dadi: sure beti.. than q for ur concern.. am unlucky to hav u as my bhahu.. hmm (dadi is murmuring)

afterthat pragya went out by signalling abhi to come out..

abhi:(god.. now wat can i do.. she is going to kill me with her anger..)

abhi:sry boss.. dadi is..

pragya cuts him off& said: u don’t need to worry about ur job.. as i said come tomorrow to office sharp at 10.. & here is the cheque..

abhi: than q boss.. than q so much… u confirmed about my dadi’s operation..

pragya: ya.. ! now am leaving.. tak care of her..

abhi: s boss..

he stand there until pragya gone from his sight.. then he came to dadi.. dadi is again back her sad avatar..
abhi:dadi.. now, y r u crying?..

dadi: she is really a nice gal abhi.. i liked her.. but, am not lucky..

abhi: dadi.. y r saying like this.. see am here na.. for u.. i will be there for u everytime..

dadi: but, abhi am losing my hope .. i know am not able to there for u long na..

abhi: dadi.. plz don’t cry..

dadi:then promise me.. u will marry a gal of my choice..

abhi: dadi..

dadi again started to cry: i know abhi.. am not important to u..

abhi: stop it dadi.. okay .. i promise u .. i will marry a gal of ur choice..

dadi:then my choice is pragya..

abhi:(shocked ..) u mean my boss..

dadi: ya.. ofcourse..

abhi:no way dadi.. u r speaking without knowing about her..

dadi again started to cry..: see u r not hearing my words.. am no one to u na..

abhi: but dadi..

dadi: say s..

abhi: (without any option): okay dadi.. i will try..

dadi: no.. u hav to do it..

abhi(sighed): okay dadi.. now tak rest..

dadi gave a pride look for easily convinced her grandson for his marriage.. & she is hoping for the best..

okay now tell me.. how is this shot.. shall i continue it?.. will try to entertain.. than q for reading it & spending ur time.. !! keep smiling.. keep commenting.. tak care ..

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