Its only u- ek mutthi aasmaan episode 1

Hey guys this is anshu its my first attempt to write something so plz forgive me for my any kind of mistake nd plz give ur view abut story.
Its a 4:00 pm vary rainy day. A family is shown in the house. It doesn’t seems a very big house its just a house of middle class family.there are three member shown in the hall and all are seems very tensed.Just then a lady from them are said why u all seem to tensed its her result nd we all know she again topped so don’t worry just then a men says if she’s not its not going to b a big deal kamla apne spne apne ichaa us p mt lado usne apna 100% dia h hmare lia yhi important hona chahiye aage jo hoga wo bppa p chod do wo sbka bhla krenge. Just then lady says use top p aana hi hoga ek bar wo apne raste se bhtk chuki h usse pyar krke pr ab m aise kuch ni hone dungi vitthal just then a boy of 25 years old say aai baba plz aap dono chup ho jaiye wo aati hi hogi agr usne sun lia to wse b 2 saal ho gye is baat ko hm apna sb kuch chod k yha ek anjan jgh aa gye h tike wo atet k saaye se dur rhe or aap phirse whi batten lake baith gye just then a girl came from outside nd say kon si bat dada then a boy say kuch nhi kalpi or tu bta tre rzlt ka kya hua then girl say dada wo jo piya h na wo scnd aayi h or añu 3rd just then boy said mne anu or piya k bare m nhi tere rzlt k bare m pucha h klpi then girl say dada wo m….
So guy’s do u like it plz give ur feedback.

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