Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 18)

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Let’s begin….

Sanskar: ek minute

All turns towards him

Sanskar takes out something from his pocket and moves to Ragini who was again and again crying seeing the video which she didn’t told.. She feels hands around her neck.. Ragini looks at the 2 pair of eyes which was sitting a true support and love for her and she was too late to realise that SANSKAR have tied mangalsuthr around her neck.. Which he buyed for Ragini long back and destiny played a game to fulfill his wish

Laksh looks other side

Ragini was totally blank….

Sanskar held her hand and dragged her in front of the Maheshwari family

Dp: Sanskar….

Sanskar: wait bade papa..i want to clear something…So Mr.Laksh Maheshwari

Laksh acted to be ignoring them… But he was broken all inside…

Sanskar: what did you just advice me… Hmm stay away from my o2… Actually who asked for an advice from you.. Don’t tell me you have started the buisness of giving advice

Laksh grits his teeth and was about to tell something to sanskar

Sanskar: its my time now… And you said something about targeting.. Yes it is you jo ladkiyon ko kapde badal ne jaise badalte ho..dare you say one word against MY WIFE (last 2 words echoed in her ears)

Laksh:oh look who is saying all this… Ulta chor kothwal ko daante yeh hasam nai hota.. you would regret

Sanskar: let’s see who will regret… And one more thing…Ragini jung ladne nai gayi thi.. Atleast you didn’t see her bruises

Laksh: she is acting to be innocent..khud hi kuch kiya hoga

Ragini looks at him… The person whom she loved like anything… The person whom she have trusted blindly.. The person whom she thought would never in her wildest dreams would hurt her..but today…?!

Laksh: one more advice.. if you accept or not…bachke rehna..tumhe dokha na dede

Sanskar: dokhaa…(he looks at swara and she just didn’t say anything even she didn’t meet his eyes) jao jao… You are newly married…

Laksh: yes why will we stand here and one more thing get out from our house and don’t bring your this characterless wife

Sanskar: you are crossing your limits… And who the hell are you to stop me to come to the mm and bade papa can you tell laksh who is the 51% share holder of Maheshwari industry

Dp didn’t had any words

Sanskar: no problem… Its mine and from now it’s my wife’s.. And if she want she can put you out of the house…

Laksh was shocked….

Sanskar: now you people can go… And i have to compete the wedding rituals with my wife and hmm if you want you can stay to give us blessings and best wishes and party baad mein kyunki mein prepared nai tha and kuch nai..chalo o2…

Sanskar takes Ragini along with him and his friend’s goes with him

Laksh:papa.. Sanskar 51%ka share holder?

Here Sanskar was guilty that he didn’t ask Ragini before marrying her and Ragini having tears and her mind was blurr

Sanskar’s friend’s does the arrangements for the marriage…

Priest comes…

Dadi was seeing all this because it was happening in baadi only

Dadi cries…. Sharmishta held her shoulders

Dadi: you would be happy now.. My laado

Sharmishta:maa ji… I may be not given birth to Ragini… But she is my daughter and i know her And i also know Ragini is not behind all this

Dadi was shocked

Sanskar goes to to RAGINI who has sat lifeless..

Sanskar: Ragini… He held her…

She was about fall and he understands she was unconscious and nick of time he held her and parts her face: Ragini

Sanskar picks Ragini in arms

Kavitha: she is stressed out

Sanskar takes the rounds with unconscious Ragini in his arms while priest was chanting mantras and he fills her forehead with vermilion

Priest announce them as husband and wife…..

He was about to go when his eyes falls on dadi who was looking at them

Dadi raise her both and signs stay blessed smiling through tears

He gives her a genuine smile


“enough Ragini you are not innocent as you look..look Sanskar don’t believe her she is the bad omen for anyone.. She loves to play with someone’s feelings”ringed in her ears

“may be next there is some other target for her”

“Ragini i told you before only that i would agree to your decision…but you insulted me a daughter is an pride for the father..but You…”

“before i do something to you leave from my sight”

She wakes up with jerk

She was in the car and she looks to other side where Sanskar was driving in his one hand

And his other hand has protectively held her palms…

He feels her moments and looks at her

Sanskar: thank God you are fine…i was so worried for you.. He smiles

Ragini: worried or happy?

Sanskar looks at her because she sounded sarcastic

Ragini: everything happened like you wished

Sanskar: again you are misunderstanding me

Ragini: whenever i think to trust you.. At that time you do something that i can’t trust you for a little moment

Sanskar stops the car: then what did you expected..i should have let you insulted

Ragini: why it matters you.. Its my life.. Everyone does whatever they want with me.. Like i have been born only for getting hurt….

Sanskar: i know i did WRONG

Ragini: wrong? She smiles sarcastically.. and you didn’t tell me why it matters you..

That’s it..

Sanskar: I LOVE YOU DAMN IT…(Ragini shivers.. He controls) tum mujhe samaj kyun nai rahi ho… What should i do to make you trust me… Tell me

Ragini: free me…!!

To be continued….

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