Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 12)

Let’s begin…..

Ragsan immediately gets down the car…

Rag:bhaiyya..why r u removing all this?tonight its the wedding..and you r removing it…

San was observing the baadi…as it doesnt look like there’s any wedding…

Guy:no mam…we r instructed to remove
Rag: bt….

She listens the 2 ladies talking

Lady 1looking at rag:na jaane yeh ladki kiske saath ghul jarre udakar aayi hai
Lady 2:ha didnt you listen history repeats i still feel bad for janki
Lady:ha janki was very nice..and this girl..she wasn’t like that sees sanskar)afterall the dirt in the blood never washes away…jaise pita waise betiyan… This girl wasn’t there for whole one day.. She directly came with a guy…. Don’t know w……

San angrily:bassssss……you hv very long toungue we all know abt it.. use it for your own character’s

Rag was in the shock their words hurt her a lot.. Bt she was confused abt wat hpnd there

San: and don’t test someone’s patience

Lady:oh now you will teach us abt this characterless family…extra marital affairs

San: wat you r talking abt? And even blaming someone has a limits…

At the time dadi comes: laado….
Rag looks at her and goes… Dadi hugs her

Dadi: leave us alone..u can’t help by consoling us atleast we can expect a silence

They goes….

Rag:dadi…wat hpnd here?why they were talking like that?why those ppl r removing decorations

Dadi:i think you should go to your home and thank you for bringing back my laado safely and taking a atand for her..!

San had many questions bt he thought he should go back…

He goes…

Rag and dadi gets in….

Sharmishta and dida were crying…

Rag:wat hpnd?

Dadi:go to swara
Rag was getting more and more confused…

Rag goes…

Sw was crying sitting in the corner of the room..

Rag looks the room and she sees swara at the corner

Rag gets worried and goes to her immediately

She kneels to her: shona… Wat hpnd??
Sw seeing her immediately hugs her

Rag:swara..wat hpnd tell me?

Sw:u know…. Rajath!
Rag:kaun woh gunda Rajath…
Sw cries

Rag:u r scaring me swara..tell me wat hpnd?
Sw: he…
Rag:swara(she cups her face and wipes her tears)
Shek from behind:he broke swara and laksh’s marriage….

Rag shocked: ww..aattt?
Shek:Rajath insulted us in evng pooja…he provoked Laksh…he told swara and him are in relation..

Sw: its wrong paapa..i m…
Shek:i know bt…

Rag was shocked + confused

Rag makes swara sit in the bed makes her sleep… She was confused

She goes to terrace

Rag: things gone like according to me….bt why…why i m not happy?i..i thought Laksh will not believe Rajath at once bt he believed…i should be happy…

He phn starts to ring….she sees the caller id RJ
rag murmurs:rajath…

Rajath: you r thinking ryte things gone according to your plan.. Yes at first i was also Shocked abt Laksh’s behaviour he wasn’t looking sad or heartbroken

Rag:wat..she looks around finds none… Wat you r telling…
Rajath:i didn’t need to provoke laksh.. He believed at once…wch i m not understanding!

Rag:bt…wat you told him
Raj:i hv just told me and swara in relationship..he believed like he just wanted to be free…watever i will get my Swara… You wanted laksh and i wanted Swara.. That’s the matter..leave that!

Rag disconnects the call…

She walks down…

And sees laksh in the middle of the baadi

Rag was confused should she be happy as now she can get her laksh…is he her laksh? Didn’t she grabbed him fron her sister…bt her sister also grabbed him from her….

Dadi: wat r u doing here laksh?

Lak:i want to ask something to Ragini

Dadi: even after insulting my family…u want to insult Ragini separately

Lak:no…no dadi i m not for that.. i want to ask something else from Ragini

Rag comes there

Lak:i want to ask you something seriously

Rag was scared thinking that… He got to know abt her plan.. Wch she didn’t even thought it would help her in any way

Lak:watever hpnd is hpnd…and now i want an answer…

At the time everyone gathered there

Shek: laksh… Didn’t you find its that you came to insult my other daughter

Lak:i hv forgot that i m here for different thing

Swara sees him and cries:i hv Loved you laksh.. Bt why didn’t you trust me?

Lak ignores her:Ragini….i want to ask…………….WILL YOU MARRY ME??

Everyone are shocked…

Lak stands on his knee: don’t know when and how….i started to love I love you from the bottom of my heart…i m a stupid to reject you before thinking that you r traditional girl…u don’t hv dressing your caring and loving nature made me believe that love doesn’t see outer does inner beauty…. after swara’s incident i got to know that i was doing the same thing wch swara did to Rajath…Will u marry me Ragini….will you be my life partner.. Will you stay beside me until my last breath….!and i know that you love me bt still i want to listen from you!

He smiles at her waiting for the answer

Shek was abt to go to him sharmishta held him…
Sharmishta:no shekar.. it’s Ragini’s life..i still feel that ragini loves laksh
Shek:wat if he again played with her feelings
Sharmishta:just wait… let’s listen wat Ragini wants…! We never listened to her wat she wants

Swara cries…

Rag was froze..he told wat she wanted to listen..she was happy still there was something wch didnt let her to be happy

More than Ragini there was someone else who was utterly shocked he was none other than SANSKAR

Rag looks at her dadi… Who have her a smile… As wat she wanted is hpng

She looks at Shekhar.. Who had no expression

Rag herself: if i didn’t accept laksh today..i can never get this chance…. This is my life…

She takes her hand slowly

Laksh’s smile got wider….

Rag wasn’t that happy wch she should be… Something was stopping her

Bt still she collected the courage in her and laksh was abt to hold her hand…

Bt someone twirled her…rag hits the hard chest due to the force…

Rag was shocked seeing him.. Yes he is SANSKAR

Where as sanskar’s friend’s were worried they dont know wat is going to happen…

San:i will never let you to accept him

Laksh stands shocked: bhaai….

San looks straight into Ragini: get that….i will never ever let you to take this step….

Lak: it’s our matter…bhaai stay away and why r u stopping Ragini!

San:wn it has Ragini.. It matters Sanskar….

Rag was blank

Lak: why it matters you?
He tries to free Ragini from Sanskar..

San: don’t you dare lucky…
Lak: why it bothers you.. Why it matters you?


Lak was shocked…

Rag looks sanskar..

Everybody are not understanding wat is hpng there…. Wat is stored for next!

To know more stay tuned….

So how was the turning point of the story? Did you expect this will happen???

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