Two hearts with one beat episode (27)

Hello everyone .sorry for delay..Mumma ka chota sa accident hua. …she broke her little finger. Nothing serious… don’t worry but I was a bit busy..So let’s go..

Last episode: swara was missing so ragsan does the pooja

Swara was in wounds ..she was deeply injured as if someone beat her( I wish I could really beat her..)

Everyone was shocked …she slaps Ragini and blames her ..
Sanskar: stop it swara…who did this to u..
Swara: I am telling u na this Ragini..she did not want me to do this pooja ..
Shekar: swara I daughter …she can never do this..
Swara: no uncle no one will believe me. But truth is Ragini is jealous of me. She did this to hurt me.
Ragini: why will I be jealous of u.
Swara:because I am getting married to Sanskar..u r not getting g good life like me na..that’s why .
Ragini:what proof do u have…
Swara : I have proof. ..
She brings a small boy..
Swara:tell everyone ..
Boy: this didi( he points to Ragini) beat swara didi and locked swara didi in a room …I was playing and saw this…
Everyone gets shocked .
Ragini: I didn’t..
Janki: Ragini what is this childishness..
Mahi: I have always told u ma…u people pamper her a lot..she is a spoilt brat..
Sumi: ragu what is this beta …ur Masti is crossing limits..
Shekar: u didn’t expect this from u Ragini…
Yuvi: papa something is wrong…ragu will not do anything like this..
Swara: u will support Ur sister but if this happens with her u will.blame me na..why don’t u talk Sanskar
Sanskar looks sharply at swara …ragini was looking lost as everyone was blaming her
Sanskar: I don’t think Ragini did this..Ragu can never do this..
Ragini’s eyes became moist due to Sanskar’s trust on her..
Swara: she did this..
Sanskar: I don’t believe..
Swara: Sanskar I am Ur would be wife ..u will.beleive Ragini over me.
Sanskar : yes..I will believe her against this world..

He holds Ragini’s hand with determination

Swara remains numb …
Swara: u think this child was lying
Pooja comes there

Pooja : yes. This boy is lying …see his video..
She shows a video in which swara and Mahi make a plan of making Ragini guilty infront of everyone.. swara is shown giving chocolate to the boy and telling him to.lie against Ragini…
Pooja: I saw her planning so I thought I better take a proof of it.
Everyone was looking at swara and Mahi with disgust..
Swara gets tensed…..Sanskar comes forward and slaps swara hard across her face..she could almost count stars with that slap

Sanskar: chii swara…see ma the girl u chose for me..
Janki bends her head..
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar ..I love u a lot…u r giving more importance to Ragini …that’s why I did this..
Sanskar: say sorry to Ragini…fold Ur hands and say sorry to Ragini..
Swara gets shocked but agrees for Sanskar…she joins her hands infront of Ragini and says sorry

Ragini looks away angrily..
Panditji:beta let’s complete puja..Sanskar beta tie this thread on Ragini’s hand..and Ragini u also do the same.
Swara: I am here now..why will he tie it to Ragini
Panditji: this sacred thread should be tied only to those who Pooja.
Ragsan smile at each other and tie the thread on.each other’s hands

Janki : swara go and get ready for next puja..
Swara goes from.there humiliated
Ragini claps and stop her when they were alone..
Ragini: thanks swara..
Swara looks on confused..
Ragini:. U Helped me a lot ..because of u London dairy brain I got a chance to do Pooja with sanskar..this thread reached me..
Swara: don’t be so happy…very soon I will plan something and Sanskar will be mine..
Ragini: please plan because Ur plans always backfire and I get profit…infact I am excited if u plot something….i wonder how stupid u can be…and how stupid Ur plans are…tch tch tch..
She holds swara’s cheeks …swara winces in.pain…
Pooja comes there..
Pooja: ragu don’t u think this look suits her one doubt is clarified ..I always wondered who is better swara or monkey now it’s resolved..
Rag- Pooja hifi and laugh…
Swara goes angrily…
Ragini: I thought she was faking those wounds..
Pooja: yes she was taking but actually when she came of that room dadi and me covered her with blanket and beat her
she laughs..
Ragini also.laughs..

Swara and Ragini sit for Pooja….( This idea is from one of the Telugu movies.)
Pandit ji: swara and Ragini beta from now on for 24 hours u should have mounvrat…imagine Ur Love in Ur heart and start vrat…remember if this is vrat is broken and if u speak Ur Love will fail and the person u love will be harmed..

Swaragini nod and both imagine Sanskar and start vrat…
Both of them get up to take rounds around temple….. at the same time some goons kidnap Ragini….
Here Sanskar feels something in his heart…he was uneasy…
Here Ragini is dumped in the vehicle..she sees Sanskar and was about to call him but remember about vrat and keeps quiet crying….swara comes to Sanskar and sees Ragini and tries to divert Sanskar but his heart keeps on telling him something was wrong..finally he sees Ragini in the trunk of the car.

By that time the goons take Ragini away..and Sanskar and Yuvi follows them..

Swara: Sanskar stop ..where r u going..
She keeps on screaming..
Mahi comes there..
Swara: Mahi call ur brother say anything and ask her to come back…I want…
Mahi was looking at swara angrily..
Swara: what..
Mahi : could u break vrat inspite of knowing that if u speak Bhai’s life will be in danger
Swara: I don’t care unless I am.married to.him

Mahi looks on shocked..

Here goons torture Ragini but Sanskar reaches there and saves her…
Here Ragini was scared for Sanskar…finally goons run away and Sanskar comes to Ragini angrily and slaps her ….
Sanskar : R u mad..if anything happened to u what will happen to me..I will die without u..u could have called me na..
Initially Ragini was numb but when she saw his concern she couldn’t hold herself..
She hugs him tightly..he also hugs scared that if he leaves her anything will happen to her..

Episode ends..
Precap : marriage……ragsan heart stops beating..will they die.

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