Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 9

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Previous Episode:

In KPR Office:

Abhi was walking lost in thoughts of Rhea and had teary eyes. He reached Pragya’s cabin and knocked on the door to get permission.

Pragya – Yes, come in.

Abhi enters the cabin and she is surprised to see Abhi taking permission before entering her cabin. Also, she notices him lost in some thoughts.

Pragya – Are you alright?

Abhi still didn’t t respond and was lost in his own thoughts. So, Pragya gets up from her seat and jolts him which brings him back to his senses.

Abhi – Haan, What happened?

Pragya – I am asking if you are alright and you are lost in your own world. What happened?

Abhi – I saw Rh…

Abhi suddenly stops speaking.

Abhi POV:

No, I won’t share anything about Rhea with her. Because of Pragya and that Prachi, I lost my Rhea. Ahe was my only purpose of living after Kiara’s death. I won’t forgive them and Pragya has no right to know about her. I will myself find regarding the whereabouts of Rhea. Now, I will get back whatever I lost in 2 years.

Pragya again jolts Abhi.

Pragya – Again you are lost in thoughts? What is going on?

Abhi – Nothing. I saw someone after a long time.

Pragya was curious to know who that person was, but, ignored it as she wanted to continue with work as she didn’t want any distraction that could cause loss of her business. She starts to instruct Abhi regarding the work for which she wants his assistance as her assistance was also on leave. While she was explaining the work, Abhi was completely lost in her beauty forgetting all his issues. After some part of the explanation, Pragya looks towards him to see if he is listening or again lost. But, seeing him so close after a very long time, they both share an intense eye lock, and flashbacks of all their moments run past them. Both get emotional and teary-eyed.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and this breaks their state of trance. They get back to normal positions as Sushma enters the cabin.

Sushma – Pragya beta, I am going shopping and a cab is also coming in some time. I just came to inform you that I am leaving and might not come back to office. We will directly meet at home.

Pragya – No issues aunty, I am also leaving for a meeting and then directly come home.

Sushma – Okay then, keep mind calm and stay alert(looking towards Abhi).

Pragya notices this and nods in agreement. Abhi didn’t notice as he was lost in Rhea’s thoughts.

Sushma – Ok then, I should leave. Meet you at home Pragya. Bye.

Pragya – you also take care and enjoy your shopping. Bye.

Saying this, Sushma leaves from there and Pragya again continues with her work as there was some time to leave.

Pragya POV:

What has happened with him? Sushma aunty speak regarding him indirectly and he didn’t respond back. Also, not paying attention since he came back after lunch. There is something that happened surely and I need to find it out.

Pragya – Suniye, please come in the car, we need to leave for a meeting.

Abhi obeys Pragya without saying a word. This made her more suspicious of his behavior.


On the other side, Sid and Rhea reach outside the “Food and Fun” Restaurant. Rhea has a broad smile on her face seeing her favorite restaurant. Seeing this Sid gets happy.

Rhea – Wow, I came here after ages. You know sid, this is my favorite restaurant.

Sid was delighted to know that and thanked Abhi (from the heart) for suggesting the place to him.

Rhea – Sid, where do you get lost in between?

Sid – Nothing.

Rhea – So, I was saying that this is my favorite restaurant. But, how did you know?

Sid – I was stalking you!

Rhea – Oh really. You will say and I will believe it.

Sid – Why? Can’t I stalk you? You are my wife.

Listening to the wife, Rhea gets a little uncomfortable and just nods. Sid understands this situation.

Sid – No Rhea, nothing like that. I was just pulling your leg. I got the suggestion from someone that this restaurant is good and I also wanted to visit it for a long time. But, didn’t get time.

Rhea – workaholic Sid. You know, you are very sincere.

Sid – I know. Come, let’s go inside.

They both go inside the restaurant and the whole restaurant was decorated for a party. Seeing the party atmosphere after so long, Rhea is delighted.

They go and sit at the table and order their food. Rhea was very happy and excited to try her favorite dishes at her favorite restaurant after so long.

Rhea – Thanks a lot Sid, for bringing me here. Also, there is a party here. So it will be fun.

Sid – Yes. Do you like Parties?

Rhea(in excitement) – A lot. I used to regularly visit parties with my college friends. I love parties.

Sid – That’s great. I usually don’t like parties.

Rhea – Why? That day we met at the club only. And you are saying that you don’t like them? then what were you doing there? (Rhea-Sid’s first meeting – same as the show)

Sid – That day, my work got completed early and was in Bangalore, so my colleagues suggested that we should explore the city. So, we decided to come to the club that day.

Sid(to himself) – And that was the best decision.

Rhea – Did you say something?

Sid – Nothing.

Rhea then explains regarding her first visit to this place and the food she likes here. Sid was peacefully listening to her and lost in her.

After some time waiter serves the food and Sid also brings out the tiffin brought by Rhea.

Rhea – You are going to have food from home in such a grand restaurant.

Sid – Yes. You came only to give me this tiffin and didaa also sent this with so much love.

Rhea – But, I ordered all my favorite dishes here. I think you should try them. You will like it.

Sid – Okay. I will try them too along with the tiffin as we should not waste food.

Rhea – Ok then, I will also have some Ghar ka khana.

They both serve food to each other and talk to each other while having food.


Ranbir leaves Kohli Mansion and reaches a private place where he books a luxurious table for Candlelight Dinner and does some customized preparations for Prachi himself.

Ranbir POV:

Hmmm… Now this place seems perfect for candlelight dinner. My chichiki is going to love this surprise. I think I should go to the mall and get a gift for Prachi. Then, it will be a Perfect Date. No one will be there to disturb us. Not even that Sid. I am happy that he is busy with Rhea. Ranbir, concentrate on Prachi, not sid.

Ranbir then leaves for the mall to get a gift for Prachi.


On the other hand, Abhigya leaves in the car for a meeting. Abhi was silently driving without speaking anything.

Pragya POV:

Something has definitely happened to him. He can never remain silent while driving. And now, we are all alone and he is not speaking a word to me. Weird!!

Pragya then gives some commands to Abhi regarding his driving and directs him regarding driving. Abhi silently follows her commands. Pragya gets angry seeing Abhi not reacting to her.

Pragya – Stop the car. Now I will drive it. You don’t know anything regarding driving.

Abhi (coming in full form) – See who is saying. I am the one who taught you driving.

Pragya feels relaxed seeing Abhi reacting normally.

Pragya – you are a bag of misunderstandings. You will never change.

Abhi – It is you who misinterprets every situation and then leaves me.

After this they both get silent (pain of separation).


In Mall:

Ranbir enters ladies section and gets confused seeing so many things at a time. Sushma is also doing shopping at the same place. At a place, Sushma forgets her purse which lends to Ranbir. He goes to the Lost and Found section to submit it where Sushma is already present and very tensed. She sees Ranbir and looks at the purse in his hands. She goes towards him.

Sushma(Relaxed) – Thank god! Finally, I found my purse.

Ranbir – So this is your purse?

Sushma – Yes. And thank you for bringing it here. Otherwise, It could have landed in the wrong hands then anything would have happened.

Ranbir – Mention not. But, I want to know where you forget it so that I don’t give this to the wrong person by mistake.

Sushma – I don’t remember where I left it. But It has my passport in it. You can check it.

Ranbir opens the purse and checks her passport and verifies that he is giving the purse to the correct person. Then handovers the purse to her.

Ranbir – So, you are Sushma Khanna and you came from Australia.

Sushma – Yes. I came here with my daughter. What is your name?

Ranbir – I am Ranbir kohli.

Sushma – Because of you I got my purse back. Is there anything I can do in return for it? It will be a pleasure.

Ranbir – Actually, there is one thing in which you can help me.

Sushma – Yes please tell. I would be more than delighted to help.

Ranbir – Sushma aunty, I came here to buy a gift for my wife and I am very much confused about what to gift her. There are so many things here and I don’t understand anything.

Sushma – Ohh… I will definitely help you with it.

Ranbir – Thanks a lot aunty.

Sushma – But tell me, on what occasion are you gifting her. Is it her birthday or your anniversary?

Ranbir – No no, I am taking her out for a surprise candlelight dinner.

Sushma – That’s very romantic. Let us figure out what can you gift her. Come let’s go.

They both have a pretty good time shopping and Ranbir gets a perfect gift for his chikchiki. After completing their shopping:

Ranbir – Thank you very much, aunty. I won’t be able to get a gift for my wife if you were not with me. There are just so many things in the mall.

Sushma – My Pleasure Ranbir. Just love her like the way you do now. Forever.

Ranbir – She is a person whom no one can hate. She made me a completely responsible man otherwise I was a full Casanova in college. She came and made me serious about life.

Sushma – Interesting. I would love to meet her.

Ranbir – Yes, someday you will also meet her. By the way, how are you going to go home?

Sushma – I will book a cab.

Ranbir – Even you have done so much shopping. It will not be safe for you to go along with these bags in the cab. Come I will drop you.

Sushma – No. It’s ok. I will go by myself. You are getting late for your date.

Ranbir – No issues aunty, It is a surprise for her. And it won’t take long. It will be a pleasure to drop you home.

Sushma then agrees on the insistence of Ranbir. They both leave in Ranbir’s car.

Precap : Abhigya, Pranbir and SidRhea lone time…

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