TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (11~Born During A Natural Disaster)

Hey guys, I don’t feel like continuing my yearbook ff.. instead I will give u a second horror FF on TwiNj to you all.. what ‏say? Plus this song “apun jaise Bhoot” is actually named as “apun jaise tapori” which is from the movie Munna Bhai mbbs.. do listen to it..

Kunj and Twinkle were standing together in the moonlight, Yuvi wasn’t home so they kept talking in the loneliness. “Let’s go inside,” he said and she agreed. They went and sat in the room and laid beside each other holding hands. “Don’t know when will that moment come when we will finally get together again,” she said. “Soon dear, very soon, but I think you should sleep before Yamraaj Yuvi comes home else he will irritate you and won’t let you be at peace,” he said. “But Kunj, won’t he wake me up for dinner?” She asked. “I will do all that, you sleep,” he said.

“But I m not getting sleep,” she said and he turned to her on the bed and ran his fingers in her hair. “Oh, but what if I sing a sweet song for you? Will you sleep then?” He asked and she agreed smilingly. He sang as she laid closer to him cuddling to him.

” Apun jaise bhoot ko kya malum, sala pyaar kis chidiya ka naam hai, loookkha giri karke apna timepaaaass hota hai, khoon, laash, haddiyaan milta hai bussss apun khuuuuush, yeh pyar ka lafda locha kaye ko kaye ko, are kaye ko re, phir bole to ek din apun ke mohalle main Twinkle aayi, sala apun ka khopdi chakkarrrr kha gaya, truck ke saath bhi sala takkarrr kha gaya
Hey…..,” ( Translation:  A rowdy ghost like me won’t know, what is called as love? Doing useless things I pass my time, I get dead blodies, blood and bones and I get very happy, why to fall in this mess of love? Then one day, Twinkle came in our colony, my blo*dy head started to spin, my blo*dy heart ran into a truck) He said in stylish way making her laugh.

Cha Ayala kya soorat thi vo kya kahte hain
(Oh my… She had a lovely face)
Haan julphen kya julphen thi
(She also had beautiful hair)
Chalti thi ek dum hawa ke mafik
(She used to walk like air)
Aakhein aisi ki ruka de traffic
(Her eyes were so beautiful that it could cause a traffic jam)

He picked a toy and pressed it’s ball making the horn noise, she got irritated. He laughed. ” Apun socha apun ka beda paar ho gaya..Bole to baap, sala apun ko bhi pyaar ho gaya,” (I felt i was lucky since I also fell in love) he said and they laughed. “Din bhar apun uski khidki ke neechuuuu, koi lafda nahi kuch nahiiii…Teen(3) din na Aziz se lada na Usman se panga…busssss choooooop chaaaaap,” (I stood down her window, no fights, nothing, for three days neither did I fight with Aziz nor did I fight with Usman, I was literally numb) he said just like Sanjay Dutt

Aeyy pahli baar ladki dekhi
(For the first time I saw a girl)
Or seeti nahi maari?
(And I didn’t even whistle at her?)

He whistled and she giggled.

Arey aankhen mil bhi jaati to
(Even if my eyes would’ve met hers so…)

“To kya aankh nahi maari, hahahaha,” (so what? I didn’t wink my eye at her) he said and laughed. “Apun ka bhoot bhidu bhi sala darr gaya.. Bola Kya bey Kunj saala.. tu bhi sudhar gaya,” (my ghosts friends got scared and said, “what yaar Kunj? Don’t tell us that you’ve reformed yourself) he said and they laughed once more very loudly. “Phir ek din usko dekh ke Yuvi bola.. ‘aeyy Kunnu bhai vo dekh kya kayamat aareli hai baap’… Apun ka khopdi sanka.. Yuvraj ko pakda aur bola ‘idhar aa shayane tere ko kayamat dikhata hoon’.. Saale ko itna dhoya itna dhoya.. Abhi tak thobda waakhra hai.. Aur aaj tak apun ke saath uska chhatis ka aakhrda hai,” (then one day Yuvi said looking at her “hey Kunnu bhai look what a disaster is coming”… My head began to spin, I grabbed him and said “blo*dy come here, I will show you a disaster”… I beated him so much black and blue that even today is face is misfigured and even today we don’t get along well together) he said with tapori style and venom in his voice.

“Phir tumhari Twinkle ka Kya hua?” (Then what happened of your Twinkle?) She asked.

Phir ik din vo apun ko dekh ke hansi
(Then one day she looked at me and smiled)
Apun bola baap hansi to phasi
(I thought that she’s smiling at me so now she’s trapped)
Lagta hai vo bhi apun pe fida ho gayi
(Looks like she also has fallen for me)
Do din ke baad uski shadi hogayi
(After two days she got married in front of me)

He sung sadly and a tear rolled down his eye. Twinkle too got sad. ” Apun ke saamne vo ghar se vida ho gayi.. Uski doli uthi, apun, apun udhar ich khada tha.. Lekin vo apun ko nahi dekhi..Vo raat apun do baje tak piya,” (she left her house in front of me, I was standing there when her palanquin left but she didn’t look at me and I drunk till 2 that night) he said cryingly.

Vo raat apun do baje tak piya

“Saala ek.. ek sapna dekha tha.. aur ma kasam baalti bhar kar aansu roya, arey kaiko nahi royega? Kaiko nahi royega? Saala apun dono ki Aida tha na? Phir aglay din wahi maafik life chaalu, wohi khoon ka pyaasa kunnu wohi buray bhooto’n se dushmani, sab bhooto’n ko itna maara itna maara, sab samjha ke vo dusri maut marega, ‘bhoolne ka hai, bhoolne ka hai’ par Kya karega?” (I had seen one blo*dy dream and I swear on my mom I cried a bucket full of tears for her.. why wouldn’t I have cried? We both were madly in love, right? Then other day the rowdy life continued, once again I became bloodthirsty Kunnu and had enmity with bad ghosts, I beated all ghosts so badly.. so badly that they all thought they would die a second death, they kept saying ‘you will have to forget, you will have to forget’ but what could I have done?) He said sadly.

Sapna toota hai toh Dil kabhi jalta hai
(When a dream breaks so the heart burns)
Haan Thora Dard hua par chalta hai
(Yes it pains a little but it’s alright)
Sapna toota hai toh Dil kabhi jalta hai
Haan Thora Dard hua par chalta hai

Kunj was sitting with his back towards Twinkle and his eyes cried fresh tears. She hugged him from behind. “Phir? Phir Kya hua?” (Then? Then what happened?) She asked softly.

Phir? Phir Kya?
(Then? Then what?)
Aglay din apun ke mohallay mein Tweety aaaaiiiii
(Next day Tweety came in our colony)

She laughed understanding that Tweety and Twinkle are same girl.

Chaila Kya soorat thi?
Heyyyy aankhein aisi ke…

“Aeyyyyyyy tapori aur bhooto’n ka badshah, Tere Dil ka traffic phir se ruka Kya?” (Hey the king of ghosts and goons, did your heart’s traffic stopped one more time?) Twinkle asked and they both laughed and after sometime Twinkle was asleep. He saw that she had slept and smiled seeing her. He wrapped his arm around her back and kissed her temple. After sometime he made her sleep properly and went outside to the kitchen. “As I planned, I shouldn’t let Yuvi wake up Twinkle,” he said and made everything ready within sometime. “Now Yuvi won’t disturb Twinkle,” he said and went to her.

She was moving in sleep as if getting disturbed. He went to her and laid beside her. He caressed her hair until she calmed down and heard the main door of the house opening. “Twinkle!” Yuvi called out. Kunj forwarded his hand towards Twinkle and placed them on her ears and caressed them doing a spell by which she couldn’t hear Yuvi temporarily in sleep. He smiled and went outside and saw him sitting with his hands on his face. Kunj poured water in the glass and then stepped back and smirked.

Yuvi moved his hands and looked at the water and then drank it but then he felt it’s taste was sour. He moved it away from her lips and saw blood in the glass and threw it away. Kunj smirked and then made the water back to transparent. Yuvi sat on his knees near the glass and saw that the water was fine. He slapped his forehead. “It was my imagination, it can’t be,” he said and put the glass back on the table and wiped the floor.

First you used to treat my Tweety as a servant but time made you a servant instead. Kunj thought with a smirk.

Yuvi went to kitchen and got the food and ate it alone and then went to bed and saw Twinkle was sleeping and laid beside her. “How good that you don’t know the truth that not me but Kunj is your husband, and how I did black magic on him that his body became soulless but he still has a heartbeat, his soul is trapped in the store room and body is in the basement of this house, but sadly you didn’t got to know even after I locked you in the basement, that Naman was no one but just an excuse, you were talking to yourself so you made Naman as an excuse, but no problem Twinkle, tomorrow is the full moon night and I will make you mine and then you won’t ever get Kunj back,” he said and slept cuddling to her.

Kunj became angry but controlled on himself.

Go as much closer as you want but I would still be the closest, and this is the last time that you’re going close to her. Kunj thought angrily.


Later in morning, Twinkle was in kitchen preparing breakfast. Kunj was sitting on the kitchen counter and staring at her. “Everyday I have to work for this nuisance Yamraaj Yuvi, but not anymore, tonight he will have to die, and Kunj will have to come back. No one can adjust with losers like Yamraaj Yuvi,” she said to herself unknown of Kunj’s presence behind her. He hugged her from behind and she looked back and saw him and smiled. “Why are you getting angry when you know that we will be one again tonight?” He asked. “I should be angry, he did this with my husband, my Kunj, who did nothing bad to anyone,” she said.

“That’s not it Twinkle, he did so much before that as well,” he said and she turned to him. “What did he do? Tell me?” She asked.

Kunj was a middle class man and worked for his boss Yuvi. One day Yuvi offered him a task which will get him a big bungalow, a big car and a lot of money. “Sir, are you joking? I mean, is this deal for real? I will get so much?” Kunj asked with a smile. “You will not get so much, but you can get so much,” Yuvi told him.

“But how?” He asked. “You don’t have to do so much, you just have to time travel in the future, and it can be done only by some people who are born during a natural disaster, I have tried it on 11 people but everyone died when I did this, now you’re the only one who is left, but this can only be done on a special moment when it is 18th day of month, it’s 18th hour of the day and it’s the 18th minute of the hour, and tomorrow will be 18th of March, be ready tomorrow,” Yuvi said and Kunj agreed.

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