Hi guys , I am here with a new update ☺️ Ok so I read all your comments & all of you love twinj so do I ❤️ but there will be a lot of twist so keep reading & supporting 

I love you !!!💕 

Twinkle breaks the kiss💋& emotionally cares Kunj’s face 😍 & kiss his forehead💋….

Twinkle: I can’t lie anymore 😢 I love you so much & kab tak me apne emotions ko control karungi hah😢 I don’t love Yuvi 💔 I love you so much ❤❤❤

Kunj gets happy & at the same time emotional😍😢…

Kunj:I love you too Twinkle ❤ now I can’t imagine my life without you 😢 I was thinking ke Tara mera saccha pyaar hai but you are my true love 😍❤..

Twinkle holds his hand & kiss it😚 …both share an eyelock 👀👀…

Yuvi claps 👏👏👏…

Yuvi:Twinkle  why you did this to me ? Agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti thi to shadi ko kyu hah bola?😔

Twinkle looks on 👀..

Twinkle:You know nah I don’t want to hurt anyone’s emotions 😢 I am sorry but I love Kunj ❤…

Yuvi looks on sadly 💔 & goes to Kunj who looks on 😶…

Yuvi: Promise me that you will keep Twinkle happy & never hurt her 💔

Kunj literly smiles ☺

Kunj: I promise to keep her always happy & never hurt her or leave her ❤….

Twinkle gets happy & looks at him 👀😍

Twinkle & Kunj gets happy because Yuvi accept their love 😚😚 & they hugs him 🎉…

Tara’s eyes full of tears 😢 she was totally broken 👀 & leaves for there crying 😢 Twinkle & Kunj were so happy that they forgot Tara😮…

Twinkle was quite emotional 😍 & then Kunj sits on his knee & holds her hand titly ❤️

Kunj: Twinkle ,the most beautiful girl in the world 😍 who stole my heart ❤ you wanna be Mrs.Sarna & spend all your life with me ?💍

Twinkle nods “yes” & hugs him😍😍..

Twinkle : Yes , I want 💍

They interrupts the hug ❤️ & Kunj kisses her

Yuvi : So tomorrow there will be your marriage 😌

Twinkle looks at Kunj & remembers their marriage & all cute moments with him 😍she was so happy but Kunj’s smile was vanishing 😕

Apart from this Tara was recalling when Twinkle kisses Kunj  & their confession 💔💔💔 all her room was a mess 😲.

Tara:I will not leave you Kunj, Twinkle you were my best friend & you snatched my love from me 💔 woh mere sab kuch tha & now how I will live without him  😭

She breaks down 😭😭😭

Twinkle was in her room & she was so happy 😍 …she remembers how Kunj proposes her & gets shy 🙈😍…

Twinkle: Best day of my life ❤ sab kuch solve hogeya, I will get remarried to Kunj  😙😙😙I am so surprised ke Kunj itna romantic bhi hosakta hai🙈

Just then someone hugs her from behind 😍😍& kiss her shoulder 💋 leaving her speechless 😍..

Kunj: You will see now a romantic Kunj  😍 I want to spend my whole night with you miss Twinkle  before marriage can I ❤?

Twinkle: One night? I want to spend my whole life with you ❤…

Kunj cares her face 😍 meanwhile she closes her eyes because he was getting close to her 😍….

Kunj: I want to enjoy & have fun with you 😍we never had fun 😂 bas ready hojao ..we are going to a place where people have fun 👈…

They look at each other & smile😍

After some time they reached the club 😍 Kunj can’t take his eyes from Twinkle because she was looking gorgeous 😍 

As he pulls her to a corner  where he holds her belly & push her close to him ❤…

Twinkle: Manik leave me nah 😻 everyone are watching us 👀…

Kunj comes more close to her 😍 she was feeling shy ❤…

Kunj: Dekhne  do nah👀…

He comes close to her 😍 very close ❤ she closes her eyes 👀 this time Kunj didn’t kiss her on lips💋 but he kisses her neck 👅meanwhile she holds  him titly 💋😍…..

After giving the neck kiss 👅Twinkle smiles shyly 👀…

Kunj: This is the start…abhi to bohat kuch baki hai💜….

They go on the dance floor & a sensual song starts 😙 Twinkle & Kunj dances very close😍 he puts his hand around on his belly 😍 & she around his neck 😍 they both were lost in each other❤…..

Yunhi pehlu mein baithe raho
Yunhi pehlu mein baithe raho
Aaj jaane ki…
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

(Background music🎶🎶🎶)

After the song finish 😍 Twinkle interrupts the eyelock 👀…

Twinkle: Kunj me fresh hoke ati hu👈

Kunj smiles & she leaves ….just then someone hugs him from behind 😵 leaving his surprised😶…

Tara :You still love me nah?❤

What will happen now ? Get ready for a wedding full of twist & turns 💕💕💕

Sorry for the short update but I have my exams but next time big wala update ☺️

Love from Amaya❤️

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  1. Very nice epi ..
    But i think there is something fishy ..
    & what about tara …is she is going to be a villain ?
    Post next soon

  2. Awesome episode 😄😊😊
    Please post soon 😘😘😘

  3. Amazing episode
    Post soon

  4. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Ab kia hoga. Hope Sab theek ho
    Very curious to know.
    All the best for your exams.

  5. amazing epi dr

  6. Ramya

    Amazing and interesting

  7. SSK

    Amazing episode dear 🙂

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