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Kunj in love dilemma ?

Tara  holds the knife ??..

Tara :Why I am being so stupid , Kunj  will never leaves me because he loves me ❤ I am his love not Twinkle  …i don’t let anyone come between us , no one✖✖….

Kunj  was thinking about what is happening to him ?Why he is thinking about Twinkle so much ❤️

Kunj: Twinkle & Tara both are very different , both are unique ….. Tara is a role model of every girl but Twinkle is bindass who lives her life with her own rules ?

Then he remembers his marriage & first night with Twinkle???


Kunj after listening Tara’s words trows the sindoor in Twinkle’s forhead leaving her speachless ?? & makes her wear the mangalsutra angrily ?…

Tara  goes from there crying ?? Twinkle & Kunj look at eachother angrily ?..

Kunj: I hate you for this Mrs.Twinkle Sarna …in this relation there will be only hate because you snatch my love from me ?? (he holds her titly )..

Twinkle: Same here Mr.chipku …mujhe bhi koi shonk nahi he tumare sath apni puri life spend karne ki ….?? .

They look at eachother & Kunj holds her more title ??

After the marriage they arrive at home & comes to Kunj’s room which was decorated with ?? & he closes the door surprising Twinkle ??..

Twinkle :Oh hello why you closed the door, open it ..kahi tum ye to nahi sochre ki tum mujhe force karoge aur mere sath kuch galat karoge ??!..ooh don’t dare to touch me …I know karate ..ah ?

Kunj starts open his wedding-dress & comes close to her & holds her titly meanwhile she looks on ? he comes close to her lips meanwhile she closes her eyes ?…

Kunj :Oh so you wanna give me a punch …ye karogi tum tumare husband ke sath ?? Agar mene tume kiss karliya to ?…kya karogi ? (He comes more close to her lips)?..

Twinkle pushes him away but he holds her again ?…meanwhile she was feeling uncomfortable ?..

Twinkle :Listen Mr. Sarna tum itne sanskari to nahi ho ,me iss shadi ko nahi manti & recently I broke up with someone so I promise to myself to not kiss a guy ?.. 

Kunj laughs ? she looks on ..?

Kunj :Oh god tum itni bhi stupid nahi ho …but tum maha stupid ho ? because you separate me from my Tara , kya zaroorat thi apni shadi se baghne  ki…?

Twinkle  holds her mobile & looks at him ?…

Twinkle : You are right ..I am maha stupid but I choose  whatever is right for my life …don’t worry after some time we will get our divorce & you will unite with Tara & plz chill ,take the breakup like a light think & be free ? hmm let’s dance ?..for some minuits forget about our hate ??‍♀️?

Kunj was completely suprised with he talk ? she plays the breakup song & dances like a crazy with her heavy lehnga ? Kunj  firstly stares her but she pushes him …& he let himself go with the song & they both dance & laugh because the lyrics were really funny ??? meanwhile they were dancing Twinkle lis s her balance & Kunj holds her ??


Twinkle was in her room & was very sad ?? it was raining outside ??

Twinkle: I hate you Kunj nooo I love you but I hate that I want you ❤ I don’t want to think about you but why my heart beats for you ah?Why??????

She wipes her tears & goes out in the rain ??? she close her eyes & thinks about her marriage with Kunj & all ❤❤❤ ….

She can’t control her emotions as she scream “I love you Kunj “❤❤

Then someone pulls her ?? he was Kunj ?? he holds her belly titly meanwhile she was shocked ??

Twinkle :What are you doing here ? Plz leave me ?..

Kunj holds her more titly ❤❤ she gets lost in him ??….

Kunj : I will not leave you ❤

They share an eyelock ???

Twinkle :Plz leave me ?❤(she said in a soft voice)???..

Kunj gets lost in her & come very close to her ???..

Kunj :Because…..❤❤❤

They were so close & the rains continue ????????…

Kunj  & Twinkle  were lost in eachother eyes ??❤❤…

Twinkle :Bolo nah….why you don’t wanna leave me ??

Kunj holds her very very titly ?? He cares her face meanwhile she feels his touch ?? he was completely lost in her ❤❤ he comes close to her lips , she close her eyes in because she was shy ?? & Kunj kiss her ?? meanwhile the rains continue ???❤❤❤

Twinkle interrupts the kiss? & gets shy ? meanwhile he was looking confused ?

Twinkle :Ab bol bhi do?…we kissed each other ?? why ???

Kunj : Because….i…….?I….I don’t know?

Twinkle pushes Kunj meanwhile he was surprised ?

Twinkle :Again you are taking advantage of my emotions?I was thinking that you love…..but again you proved it that I am nothing for you ?? nothing …

She walks away ??? 

Kunj : Shitty!!! Why I am not able to tell her what I feel for her , I don’t know why I kissed her but I was so attract to her that I was not able to stop myself ….Tara how I will tell you  that I kissed Twinkle ??? omg my life is a mess, I don’t know what I want ? I love Tara or Twinkle ?????

Twinkle  goes to her room & cries & wipes her tears ?

Just then Yuvj  arrives & holds her & pulls her close ? Twinkle  was feeling uncomfortable?…

Yuvi:I can’t stay away from you now so our marriage will happen in 4 days ?are you happy?

Twinkle was ???…

Twinkle’s p.o.v:”What ?? My marriage in 4 days !!! Kunj  doesn’t  want me in his life so it’s better to move on with Yuvi at least he loves me ? ”

Twinkle :Yes ,I am happy (she made a fake smile ?)

Yuvi  hugs her in happiness meanwhile she doesn’t hug him back ?

On the other  hand Kunj was also emotional?….

Then Tara  comes & hugs Kunj  from behind ?? leaving him surprised ?

Tara :Kunj you know nah how much I love you ❤❤❤ after Twinkle’s  marriage we will also get married ?

Kunj looks at her & he was about to say something but Tara puts her finger on his lips ?

Tara : Shhhhh , kitna romantic atmosphere hai , you,me & bearish ??? I love you so much , more than the air I breath & I know you love me so much, if you leave me nah ….. I will die because I can’t imsgine a second without you ?

Kunj was feeling quite emotional & Tara comes close to him , cares his face & gives him a dog kiss ? leaving him speachless ? she goes from there meanwhile Kunj looks on ??

Next day , Kunj didn’t sleep all night because he was in big dilemma ….

Next day Twinkle  gets ready for haldi faction ….her eyes was full of tears ? she doesn’t want to marry Yuvi because she loves Kunj  ❤❤?…

She wipes her tears ? , she was struggling to tie her blouse’s dori , then Kunj comes & see her in yellow & gets mesmerized??? & he see her dori was still opens….

Kunj :Wait I will help you❤

Before Twinkle  could say anythink  he goes to her & holds her dori & ties it ❤ meanwhile Twinkle was ???..

Twinkle : Thank you ❤

Kunj :You are looking very beautiful ?

He goes leaving her surprised ?

He was in corridor & thinks about Nandini , Tara & all??

Kunj :I cant continue like this , I have to choose between Tara & Twinkle so I will listen my heart ❤️ because heart never lie ?

He closes his eyes & remembers all his moments with Twinkle & Tara & then open his eyes ?

Thats mean I LOVE ………


So Kunj will choose Twinkle or Tara ?? Or there will be a twist because the story it’s called TERE ISHQ MEIN MARJAWA so plz comment & continue to support me ❤️



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