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So  let’s begin  ( 2 months after that night of marriage)

Kunj  looks at Tara  but he avoids any eye contact with her also 👀 

Kunj: I don’t care if Twinkle goes away from my life but I don’t know why my heart feels bad  for that ..

Tara  was confused 🤔…

Tara : I am afraid if Twinkle snatches you from me 💔 you know nah that without you i will die 😩 …You & me will go on Twinkle’s engagement , I want to secure that Twinklr  will marry Yuvraaj !😟..

Kunj nods yes😦..

Twinkle  was in her room in front of the mirror 😭 she was getting ready for her engagement but she was not happy ..her eyes was full of pain & tears 💔…

Twinkle : Why Kunj  …why I can’t stop thinking about you… I fall in love with you in few days  despite you love Tara …I don’t want to marry Yuvi but I want only you….❤ but if you don’t want me to come back in your life 😳 I will not come back😭….

Then she imagine Kunj  ..she gets happy 💗 but he disappear & she gets sad again 😭..

Everything was ready for the engagement 😍 Yuvi  was desperately waiting for Twinkle  …then Twinkle  came down just like a princess  but she was lost in her & Kunj’s  memories 😍 ….Yuvi  comes to her & holds her hand 💔..

Yuvi : You are looking so beautiful …i can’t take my eyes from you 😘..

He takes the ring & was about to wear her but….

Kunj : Stop this engagement right now🙄

Twinkle  turns & see Kunj …she gets so emotional as she runs to hug him 😍❤ She hugs him titly & cries 😭💗❤ but Kunj  doesn’t hug her back …

Kunj :Twinkle  , I came her because your engagement can’t happen without me 😞..

Twinkle  gets shocked & interrupts the hug 😭..then she see that Tara  also come along with him 💔..

Twinkle :Oh I was thinking that you came her for stopping my engagement but💔….no problem Mr. Manik malhotra welcome to my engagement 😭❤..

Her eyes was full of pain but Kunj  wasn’t able to have  any eye contact with her 😭..

Yuvi finally make her wear the ring & she does the same 💔💔 She again looks at Kunj & tears falls down from her eyes 😭…

Yuvi :So now it’s time for a romantic dance with my love❤

Yuvi takes her in the centre & kiss her cheek 😘 wich disturbed Kunj 😠..

Yuvi  starts getting close to Twinkle 😍 but her eyes were only on Kunj  💗

They start to dance & Yuvi  puts holds her belly titly 🔥 wich makes Kunj jealous 😂…

Kunj :He is so chipku type 😞…

Tara holds his hand ❤

Tara :Let’s dance nah 😘..

They also come on the dance floor 😍 now Kunj’s eyes were on Twinkle  😍 they both looks at each other ❤ just then the light gets off😱…

When the light came back Kunj  was holding Twinkle’s belly very titly❤ meanwhile Twinkle’s arms were around his neck🔥🔥 they both were very close to each other & the music continues 🎶🎶🎶

Kunj & Twinkle  were lost in each others eyes👀😍….

Kunj’s p.o.v“Why every time I see in her eyes I can’t stop myself ….why I came so close to her ❤ I don’t love her but why this strange attraction ?😔”

Twinkle’s p.o.v :” I love  that day when we got  married  because you became mine 💗”

Kunj’s mom :Tara  you are here …let’s go my son is waiting for you  😌

Twinkle :Aunty ji listen…

Kunj’s mom : Don’t call me me mom💕

Twinkle  was 😱😱😱meanwhile Kunj’s mom  holds her to the mandap & make her seat with Kunj who was really happy 😍😃…

Twinkle p.o.v:”Shadi se to me baghi thi aur yaha pe bhi mujhe shadi karni badegi😩😩 everyone are thinking that I am Tara but wo kaha he … I don’t want “hum dil de chuke sanam 2” bane humari zindagi me ..🙈 so plz God send Tara now  “..

Tara  was coming to the mandap where Twinj were getting married  😱😱

Kunj tries to holds Twinkle’s hand but she avoid any romance with him 😒…

  • Twinkle : Why he is doing romance here , I don’t want to marry him 😢 plz Tara  cone fast  …

Kunj’s mom  ties their gath-bandaan🙂 

Pandit : Dulha & dulhan phere ke liye ready hojaye☺..

Kunj & Twinkle  stand up & starts the pheras 😍 Twinkle  was helpless to saying anything …

Kunj’s p.o.v :”Tara I promise to give you all the happiness & love that you deserve ❤ I hope I will be a good life partner & I will able to love you every second 😍”…

Twinkle  was having strange feeling like every bride have during her marriage…😍..

Twinkle’s p.o.v :”Oh god mujhe ye strange si feeling kyu arahi he 😓 I don’t wanna marry him to ye little excitement kyu horahi he 😶 plz kuch galat mat karna …Tara ko bejdo god🙏”..

They were completing their pheras meanwhile everyone puts flower on them 😍❤ 


Twinkle interrupts the moment & looks at him with sad face 😔..

Many more to come & I hope you will enjoy so plz do comment & support ❤️

Sidhant Gupta as Kunj 

Jasmin Bhasin ad Twinkle 

Zain Imam as Yuvraaj 

Niti Taylor as Tara 

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