TWINJ: Punar Vivah Part 19

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Hiiiii everyone. Hope you are well. Thank You so much everyone for your beautiful comments.
Her is the link to the previous part incase anyone missed it =

UV and Abhay took Kunj to the terrace. Kunj= Why have you brought me here ? I thought you had called me as you had some work with me. Abhay and Uv looked at each other and smirked. UV= What is happening between you and Bhabhi these days? Kunj smiled which was noticed by his brothers. Abhay= Bhai tell us? Kunj= nothing we are just good friends. UV= Really??? It don’t seem like that? Abhay= Bhai I have noticed ever since Mr Singals party you and Bhabhi have come close? Kunj began to speak = During Mr Singals party Alisha came there with her fiancé. She consoled me and we began to care for each other more after that and shared secrets with each other. UV and Abhay smiled. UV= You love each other. Kunj stayed quiet. Abhay= Bhai each time you and Bhabhi look at each other I can see parks in your eyes. UV= maybe your confused but I can tell that you both love each other. They stayed quiet for a few minutes. Kunj= Our 1st wedding Anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks do you think I should confess my love to her then. His brothers smiled and they began to discuss something (muted) After 15 minutes they all went back to their rooms. UV and Abhay were happy that their brother finally found true love. Kunj was also happy = YES I LOVE YOU TWINKLE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I CAN’T WAIT TO EXPRESS MY LOVE TO YOU! He entered his room and saw Twinkle was sleeping. He went towards her and kissed her forehead and slept besides her.

Next Day
Kunj woke up and saw that Twinkle was not in the room. He looked at the time and it was 8o’clock. She was probably in the kitchen making breakfast. He quickly got out of bed and got dressed. During breakfast Twinkle avoided eye contact with Kunj and this lasted the whole day. He wondered what was wrong with her. This continued for 3 days. She would wake-up before him and would go to sleep whilst he would prepare for his meetings in the study with UV and Abhay.
Later on that night Twinkle walked into her bedroom and saw that no-one was in. She breathed as Kunj was not there. She took her night maxi and went to change. When she came out she saw that the door was closed. She saw Kunj approaching her and was going to walk away lowering her gaze. He held her by her arm and pinned her to the wall. Kunj= Why have you been avoiding me all day? Twinkle= No it’s nothing like that. Kunj= really twinkle?? I have noticed since the morning you haven’t even smiled at me. Twinkle stayed quiet. Kunj held her shoulders= SPEAK PLEASE. Twinkle= Kunj after that night’s incident… she was cut off by him. Kunj held her from her shoulders tightly and spoke looking into her eyes.= You call that an incident but I thought it was the feelings we have for each other. Twinkle looked at Kunj who was deeply looking into her eyes. She could see the love he had for her. She tried to go but Kunj didn’t let her go. His grip was too tight. Kunj= I won’t leave you until you tell me why you have been ignoring me. Twinkle stayed quiet for some time and then spoke. Twinkle= Kunj I don’t know how you will feel if I say this and how this will affect our relationship but I have some feeling for you! Kunj was happy to hear this.

I know that you probably don’t care for what I feel as you said that you won’t be able to trust or love a girl after what Alisha done. I don’t want to give myself more pain by knowing that you won’t reciprocate to my feelings. The past few days with you have been so good that I keep and getting attracted to you. But you don’t have to worry I will keep my distance from you! she said with tears in her eyes.and was about to go only to be held by Kunj again. Kunj= who said I don’t have feelings for you? Twinkle looked at him shocked! He nodded his head. I know that I said that I won’t be able to trust or love a girl again but you changed my perception. I just can’t imagine my life without you now Kunj let go of her and they had their eyes locked on to each other. ……….. (silence for a few seconds)I LOVE YOU TWINKLE kunj confessed. Twinkle looked at him in disbelief and he shook his head and smiled.She quickly jumped hugged him in happiness I LOVE YOU TOO KUNJ. I can’t live without you. They stayed in each others embrace like a fixed jigsaw until Kunj remembered something. SIYAPAA he said. Twinkle broke the hug= What happened? Kunj= I planned to propose to you on our 1st wedding Anniversary where I would have confessed my love for you. Twinkle smiled as he thought that for her. Kunj= but anyway they say whatever happens, happenes for the best.He kissed her forehead and they smile and hugged each other again.

PreCap= Twinkle going to Maya and Rajbeer wedding functions and Kunj missing her and some romance during Maya and Rajbeer wedding.

I hope you all enjoyed it.
I wasn’t going to do the confession in this part but I decided to. Please tell me how you found it. Comment both negative and positive.
(Adeeba I will post my FS soon hopefully)
Loads of Love Simiyy

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  1. SidMin23

    Superb and finally twinj confess their love waiting for their romantic moment now.

  2. SidMin

    Awesome … the cutest . .. proposal ever
    Loved the episode. …
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    Loved it…
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  7. Aamna_2690

    Haye Simiyy!
    Episode was lovely??
    It was to cute??
    Their confession uff ??
    It was the best part??
    Just loved it❤❤
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    Loads of love ??

  8. Simmy episode was fantabulous
    Twinj’s confession was awesome
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  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wow simmy fabulous! loved simple confession.??
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    see you!?

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

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  11. Presha

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    What should I tell to you,,???..
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