Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 6

Hello everyone… Ananya here… A big thank you to all those of you who took out some time to leave comments and likes on the previous episode… I sincerely hope I’m not boring you all with this story…

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 6

A quick recap: Usha revealed to be the culprit of Alisha’s accident, her intentions unveiled, Kunj agrees for the wedding, Chinki’s doubts

“Twinkle!!! I was going to wear that today… This is not even fair!!” Chinki protested, chasing Twinkle, who had just snatched a broche from Chinki’s accessories, and run away laughing, when Leela walked into the room. “Stop it! Enough!” She screamed, giving a ‘you will never change’ look to the girls, while the other girls in the room, mostly Twinkle’s friends, burst out laughing.

As Twinkle and Chinki came to a halt finally, Leela pulled Twinkle towards herself, smiling lovingly at her. “My goodness!!! You are looking so beautiful… My little girl has grown up so quickly…” She spoke, as she admired Twinkle, who was looking like an angel in her golden lehenga, and everyone in the room went ‘Awwww’.
Leela smiled at the kind of response their moment was getting, and then spoke, “In all this, I totally forgot what I had come for… The Sarnas will be here any moment now, and I want all of you downstairs quickly” She dropped a peck on Twinkle’s forehead and rushed down to look out for the remaining work.

Twinkle and Chinki were walking down the stairs with the other girls, chatting excitedly, when they noticed an unexpected visitor at the door. “Yuvi!” Twinkle and Chinki exclaimed in unision, more shocked than surprised. The memories of Yuvi’s proposal came rushing back to Twinkle’s mind.
Chinki knew this confrontation was bound to happen someday, but she also knew, too well, that this was definitely not the right time. Things would get awkward as soon as Twinkle and Yuvi would come face to face, and Twinkle’s mood would be ruined right on her very special day.

“Yuvi!! It’s so nice to see you… Come in…” Leela spoke, walking over to welcome him, while he smiled at her. “It had been so long since I saw you last, and see, today Twinkle is getting engaged…” Leela spoke, and a tear dropped down Yuvi’s eye, which he wiped away quickly. “Time, people and relations change in no time, aunty…” He spoke, and looked up at Twinkle, who was still watching him, dazed.
“Twinkle! Twinkle! I know you want to clear things, but this is definitely not the right time. Let me handle this for now… Go join aunty…” Chinki spoke, nudging Twinkle, pointing towards Leela, who had walked towards the door to welcome the Sarnas.

Meanwhile, Kunj had dressed up according to Usha’s choices, not bothering much. He watched the Taneja mansion decorated beautifully as they walked towards the door. He sighed deeply, knowing too well that destiny had been playing weird games with him, and he had no say in whatever was happening.
Usha and Leela greeted each other, and then they greeted and complimented Twinkle and Kunj respectively. As they walked inside, Twinkle heard Kunj asking Usha, “Ma! Which one is Twinkle?” Twinkle gasped in horror. The prince of her dreams, her love, didn’t even care to find out whom he was going to get married to before he agreed for the wedding. She felt her world come crashing down.

Chinki’s words of caution returned to her mind. Suddenly, she was no longer excited or happy with the happenings. She stood right there, while the others proceeded further, towards the stage. “Twinkle??? Is everything alright?” Usha’s voice brought her back to reality. But, even before she could find it in herself to respond, Usha had dragged her along to the stage, where Kunj stood with an undecipherable expression on his face.

Sooner than Twinkle had expected, the rings were exchanged, and they were now officially engaged. She had been staring at Kunj’s face all along, and the ‘I don’t care’ attitude he was carrying didn’t go unnoticed. Tears flooded her eyes at the thought that he didn’t once look at her, let alone smile or speak to her.
Kunj, on the other hand, could not bring himself to think of anything other than Alisha’s health. She was still at the hospital, and hadn’t regained consciousness, although the doctors were confident that she was responding well to the treatment.

“Kunj!” Usha exclaimed, trying to keep her voice as low as possible. “Put on a smile now, atleast for my sake…” She pleaded, knowing that the slightest mistake could ruin all that she had been working on so far. Finally, she used her ultimate weapon, (what do you think this is?) and immediately, Kunj looked up at Twinkle, and forced a smile on his face, surprising Twinkle. She hesitantly smiled back at him.

“May I speak to you for a few minutes?” He asked her, while everyone around them hooted, but Usha tensed up, wondering where this was leading.
On Leela’s insistence, Twinkle led Kunj to her room upstairs, so that they could finish their conversation in peace.
“Hi…” Kunj began awkwardly, not sure of why he had wanted to talk to her.
“Hi..” Twinkle replied even more awkwardly, and then deadly silence filled the room.

“I know we haven’t met each other before” Kunj uttered in a hurry, but stopped as he noticed Twinkle’s eyes widen. “Oh I mean…” He began, trying to cover up. Twinkle couldn’t believe that he didn’t recall seeing her at college even now.
“It’s alright!” She spoke and let out a humourless laugh. “You are a celebrity now… It isn’t like you will remember all those you see” She added, and continued, “Back in college, things were different…”

“Right! Ma had told me that you were my junior in college, but we never got to know each other… That’s what I meant…” He said, while she giggled. “Of course!” She said. She knew him too well, and had made out he really didn’t remember or know anything about her, but was happy he was making the effort.
(Or was he not?)
“About this wedding…” Kunj began, but in vain, for the room went absolutely silent again.
“I know there’s a lot of knowing each other we need to do… But it’s alright… I agree things are happening way too fast, but I’m sure we’ll manage” she spoke as cheerfully as she could.

“I’m a huge fan of yours by the way! I love your music!!” she spoke, just as Kunj smiled and was about to go out. “Thank you” Just that. He was walking out again, when she called out, “Kunj?”
He stopped dead in his tracks. He had felt an unknown sensation right then, but before he could comprehend it, she spoke, “Don’t look back. I just want you to know, that I’ve realised that you probably aren’t sure about this wedding, and that this was forced upon you… I know we can’t jump into the courtship phase already, but we can be friends, right?” Kunj listened quietly, a million thoughts racing in his mind. He didn’t turn around, while Twinkle was desperately waiting for him to reply. They just stood there, both in their own dilemmas.

That’s it for now guys. I’m a little late I know… Hope I’ve been forgiven…
What do you think? Will Kunj agree to become Twinkle’s friend?
The other story will be out, probably on Monday.
P.s. A very happy birthday to you Vibhu!! Hope you had a great day! Lots of love
See you all soon
Love you ??

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  1. Sameera

    Even I am desperately waiting like twinkle to know kunj answer ????
    Marvellous chapter again a master blaster from ananya ????
    Seriously man day by day neither twinkle nor kunj i am loving usha what an women she is ??????
    Amazing lovely scenes poor yuvi felt bad for him ???came in those girl engagement whom he proposed ???
    But lovely scenes all over twinkle heart sank too seeing kunj doesn’t even knows her ..
    Don’t know what’s gonna happen further
    Can’t wait post soon
    Love you too ???

  2. Manogya Sharma

    Hi ananya
    This is Manogya
    Firstly episode was wonderful
    Secondly congrats for your clearance in jee advance as it is not easy
    I couldn’t get guts to comment you because of some issues
    I am also preparing for same and now step in 11th I don’t know the best book for it plss if you don’t mind can u guide me
    its a humble request

  3. Hi Ananya di
    this is Manogya
    episode was fab
    will be frnd with me I want to talk to you personally plss on what’s app

  4. it was awesome…
    I think kunj will accept her friendship..
    post next soon

  5. Kiya1234

    Fabulous episode yaar loved each and ???????everything perfect sorry for late ???like always
    You shows that you are Ananya ???.. amazing episode waiting for next post soon okay bye

  6. Hi ananya di finally u here was waiting for u so much and I really felt bad fir twinkle plsss do posts soon love u take care

  7. Fabulous episode dear
    Kunj twinkle ki frship accept kr lega i think
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear plzzzzzz
    Luvvvvvv u

  8. Vibhu

    Amazing update dear
    I think kunj will agree for this friendship
    I felt really bad for UV actually .?
    But never mind, it’s always about twinj ???
    Thnku for the birthday wishes. I really had a blast ☺?

  9. Sidhhant Roy

    Awesome episode

  10. Sapphire

    Amazing episode.. Loved it.. Waiting for Kunj’s answer.. It’s a really good story.. I’m loving it..
    Post soon..

  11. SSK

    That was brilliantly penned down Ananya. I loved the update. Twinkle is sad on knowing that Kunj didn’t recognized her and even don’t know who is getting engaged to. Felt really bad for her. Hope Kunj give her positive answer and tried to understand her side as well. Please post soon the next episode dear. I am really happy to read the posts as hardly anyone is posting it these days.
    Please post soon dear. 🙂
    PS- Sorry for the late comment. 🙂

  12. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    Kunj is having some unknown feelings.
    Love it.
    Amazing dear.

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