Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 23

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Hello everyone! Thank you for all of your love and appreciation for my stories! It’s so overwhelming to hear from you all! Happy reading!

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 23

A quick recap: Twinkle and Kunj check in into their room at Udaipur. Kunj appears to hate the hot weather, while Twinkle enjoys the beauty of the place. He is surprised time and again by her love for his music, and brings up the issue of her trust on him, only to be pleased with her answer.

Twinkle watched the chaos in the wings increase by the minute curiously, realising how she had absolutely no idea of the amount of work that goes into a show of this scale. She was standing right outside Kunj’s green room where he was occupied with getting ready, a number of people buzzing around him, helping him, resolving last minute issues and what not. She could see the crowd beginning to gather and wished she could go and grab a place for herself, but she also wanted to see him before he went on stage. The wait was making her restless, the loneliness that she felt even among so many people troubling her incessantly, when she saw the costume designer and her team leave. She entered quickly, hoping there weren’t too many people inside. “Hi!” Kunj greeted her, spotting her reflection in the mirror in front of him. She smiled at him and nodded, watching him glance down appreciatively at her in her simple gown as she walked nervously towards him, swooning over how great he looked and trying not to show it on her face.
(This is for you, Vags. Hope you can now see what I pictured when I wrote this!)
He stood up and turned to her, reminding her to stay safe and come back there as soon as the concert ends and she nodded impatiently. He had already told her that several times earlier that day, and she knew it was only out of concern, but she didn’t want him to think of her a careless little girl. He giggled at her, knowing he was annoying her now, enjoying the way she cringed at it. “All the best!” She said finally, hoping he wouldn’t think she was too clingy, but he smiled warmly at her and acknowledged it, telling her that it did mean a lot to him.

Twinkle had literally run outside, wanting to be as close to the stage as possible, but could only manage to get to the tenth row or so, disappointing her. She could hear excited hushed conversations of people around her, each one trying to guess the songs that Kunj would perform that evening, the colour he would be wearing and so on. She smiled to herself for she knew the answers to all the questions in their minds, and felt extremely lucky that she did. She recalled hearing Kunj sing on the night of their wedding and wondered if it would be the same dreamy experience, if he would look for her in the crowd, but immediately shook off the latter thought, not wanting to burden herself with expectations. She felt her heart beat quicken when his voice was first heard, she could feel the winds begin to blow slowly as she spotted him walk to the centre of the stage with his first song and then the crowd went crazy. There was hooting and clapping all around her as he thanked people for showing up in huge numbers and told the crowd that that concert was a really special one to him. Twinkle’s heart skipped a beat at the thought that it could be because she was out there, listening to him, but her mind dissuaded it, supposing that it was something he probably said every time.

Twinkle found herself getting lost in his soothing voice as the show proceeded, surprised when she realised that she had been swaying along to the tunes of the romantic number he had been singing, when he looked right at her, secretly glad to have found her after looking for her since he had stepped on stage. He quickly scrutinised the place she was standing, relieved that there were only decent looking girls around her which meant she was safe. He knew his eyes would come back to look at her repeatedly post that, his heart finding solace in the fact there was someone out there who was his own. She blinked her eyes rapidly to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, her happiness knew no bounds when she realised it was yet another of her dreams coming true. He grinned at her with a slight nod before he looked away, making her want to scream like the other girls had when he had walked to the front end of the stage. She realised that she had probably looked like a dork to him, not even smiling back, and cursed herself mentally, even as she figured that he probably wouldn’t even remember when so many other things were happening around him. She was amazed that she wasn’t aware of how three hours had passed by when Kunj wrapped up the show. She caught him glancing at her one last time right before he walked into the wings; she smiled back this time around, sighing as she watched people begin to leave.

Twinkle stood at the door to his green room and watched admiringly as Kunj calmly posed for selfies with some fans who had managed to sneak in. She was surprised that a couple of them had recognised her and greeted her too as they walked out after they were sure they had got all the pictures they wanted. “I’m going to watch all your shows in the crowd!” She announced excitedly as she walked in, making Kunj smack his forehead. “No, you won’t!” He argued, realising that she was only trying to tease him and joining her giggles. “That was such a brilliant concert!!” She exclaimed as the laughter subsided, almost jumping with her elation. “See! I told you you’ve begun to sound more in love ever since Twinkle came in!” A familiar voice spoke, making them turn around. Twinkle glanced at Kunj who was looking embarrassedly at his drummer. He definitely didn’t want Twinkle to find out that his entire team thought that way, for he didn’t know for himself whether it was actually true or why. “Aww! Look at you blushing!” The drummer added, and Kunj immediately dragged him out and had a disagreement with him, most of which only sounded like muffled words to Twinkle. She no longer had control over her thoughts, just the possibility that Kunj was affected by her driving her crazy. She knew for a fact that he wasn’t in love with her, but if she had actually been able to bring some positive impact, she thought it was wonderful. Kunj however, never brought up the issue in front of her when he got back, breaking her high hopes. It probably wasn’t true at all, she mused, it was, perhaps, just the team’s attempts to make her feel better about herself.

Kunj had behaved absolutely normal with Twinkle as he led her back to their hotel room, telling her passionately about the concert and the crowd’s response, getting to the point where he had spotted her just as they got to their door. She smiled at the rest of his team who appeared to be waiting for him there as she headed inside alone. Kunj walked in a few moments later, asking her to accompany him to a little success party that were having downstairs. She refused blatantly and insisted that he should go ahead and enjoy, reasoning that she was really tired and didn’t have it in her to go to a party of the kind that she had never been to before. He had agreed reluctantly and asked her to order food for herself and go to sleep right after, without waiting for his return. In reality, she had been really worried that the team would say something awkward again. She sat by the glass door as she had the previous night, pushing away her apprehensions and replaying Kunj looking at her from the stage, blushing at the idea. It had been near midnight when she heard commotion right outside the door. She opened it to find Kunj trying to help his pianist who looked really drunk, to her feet. She came forward to help him even before he asked, making him sigh gratefully.

Kunj looked at Twinkle tapping fervently on the bed side table when he walked towards her after freshening up. “What is it?” He asked, sitting beside her on the bed, jolting her out of her reverie. “What are your plans for tomorrow?” She asked, playing safe and not wanting to bring up the previous incidents that were actually what she had been thinking about. “It’s a rest day! I get those very rarely, so I’m just going to sleep all day long!” He replied sheepishly after pretending to think deeply. She chuckled to hide her discontent and said, “Well then, I’ll be doing some sightseeing around the town, just thought I should let you know.” He blinked at her, now appearing to be thinking more deeply and said, “No! Not you alone, I’m coming along too!” She tried to convince him that he needn’t have to trouble himself but he wouldn’t listen. “I agreed to your demand of watching the concert among the crowd, now you must comply!” He said, flashing a victorious smile, knowing that she couldn’t refuse that, and he was right.

“These ancient ruins? This is what your plan is all about?” Kunj asked confusedly when Twinkle brought out her list of places she wanted to visit, mostly consisting of palaces and forts. She insisted they weren’t ruins, but he evidently didn’t see why she was so interested in them. Twinkle felt sudden bouts of pain attack her. So far she had managed to pretend nothing had happened, but Kunj arguing with her brought back the memory from an hour ago when they were helping the pianist. Just as they were about to leave her room, they had heard her speak in her sleep. “Kunj, how could you say that you don’t love Twinkle? She’s so sweet! Anybody could be in love with her!” she was saying. Twinkle felt her world come crashing around her. She had known that truth all along, but was never prepared to hear him saying it. She felt vulnerable when Kunj’s eyes had shot up to look at her when they heard that, but had managed to hold back her tears. But she couldn’t keep her calm anymore. “You don’t have to come. I told you that already!” She said emotionlessly, walking to her side of the bed and pulling the duvet over her head. It took Kunj a minute to fully analyse whatever had just happened. He quickly got onto the bed from his side and inhaled deeply before gently tapping on her shoulder. “Twinkle! Would you listen to me for a minute, please?” He asked, keeping his voice low but persistent. He waited patiently, giving her enough time to wipe away her tears and sit up. He hugged her tight when he saw her looking grief stricken, his action surprising both of them, but he tried to calm her down nevertheless. He knew something was terribly wrong, and even if she didn’t want to discuss it, she needed comforting, and he would do it for his best friend, she had done so much for him after all.

That’s it for now, guys. I had intended for Twinkle’s side of the last conversation to be included in this episode too, but it has already run too long with me getting carried away in the concert part, so you all will be seeing it in the next one. In my defence, this wasn’t an intentional cliff hanger. 😛 Lots of love!


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  1. Now waiting for the next (excited ) 🤩🤩

    1. Ananya_DSK

      I’m glad Riya, thank you!

  2. Presha

    Bro !!!
    Uh can’t even defend yourself !!
    Uh know i so hate cliffhanger but still !!!
    Non the less i absolutely loved the episode !!!
    I mean the fan girl in twinkle is just wow !!!
    But still i felt really bad for her , she tries so hard to control on her feelings but still one or the other person bring out the same topic and uh know it hurts !!!

    But i am happy that though kunj doesn’t knw but he wanted to comfort her !!!!

    All the little happenings in the concert btw them was so cute , absolutely loved it !!!
    Post soon !!
    Lots of love !!

    1. Presha

      And not to forget there first hig , uh see i read this episode a lot of times but still cant get over this !!

      1. Ananya_DSK

        Aren’t you the sweetest! Thanks again! Here’s sending you a hug too!

      2. Presha

        Yes virtual hugs and kisses for you to , need to maintain social distancing uh see !!! 😂😂😂
        And abt teasing uh really enjoy teasing us , but i can wait bcoz i knw its worthy enough !!

      3. Ananya_DSK

        It’s fun, so why not? 😛 I really hope the next one will be worth your wait!

    2. Ananya_DSK

      Haha! I know that too well, and maybe, just maybe, I enjoy teasing you all too! 😛 Thank you so much!! I totally get your worries for Twinkle, let’s hope things get better for her real soon! I really, really hope you’ll like the next episode as well, I’ll try to post it as soon as I can. More love!!

  3. Vibhu

    Ohhh yaarrr … This really ended very soon. I wanted to read more. 😅
    Well, I am acting as an obsessed reader, ain’t I? 🙈
    But, I just want to tell u that you’re really really good at describing little scenes which are filled with emotions.
    🤗😍 (Signs of amazing writers)
    I did imagine twinkle when her dream of attending kunj’s concert got fulfilled. ❤️
    And this last scene has left me in a complete awww. 💞
    Post next part sooner.
    I’m eagerly waiting 🥰

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Really? Did it end so soon? For it is one of the longest episodes I’ve ever written! But your response is overwhelming. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode! Also, I hope I don’t ever disappoint you with this. The next episode is kinda stuck actually. I’ll try to post it super soon! Stay tuned!

  4. Vibhu

    Also, has anyone every told you that your stories are really different.😊
    With no fancy scenes or highly dramatic tracks, you keep it all simple! ❤️
    And that’s the kind of stories I love to read. 🤩🤗
    Each story of urs is a treat to read! 🙈
    Much love!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      My goodness! Are you for real?? That is honestly the nicest thing I’ve heard today! Thank you so much!! I’m a little inclined to these kind of stories, and am so happy that you like them! More love!!

  5. I love this ff so much….for the dress it was super cool.. Actually I intended on attending lauv’s concert at sunburn this year and all my plans came crashing down due to the epidemic.. So I was delighted with the idea of a concert at the first place…. The Episode was so sweet…. I really liked the way kunj was concerned about twinkle…. I am really eager to see twinkle’s point of view of the incident.. Yipeee they shared their first hug… Loads of love ❤!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Vags!! I’m glad you liked the dress. Oooh I sure agree the epidemic ruined most of our plans, I hope the story made you feel teensy weensy bit better. I know, they finally hugged, yayyy! I hope you’ll like the upcoming episodes too. More love!!

  6. nice
    loved it

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Melody!

  7. This was awesome, truly awesome.
    Loved every bit of it!!
    From Twinkle waiting restlessly for his concert to the cliffhanger,
    Waiting for the next part.
    Lots of love

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Kiara! It really means a lot to me! The next episode will be out hopefully soon. More love!!

  8. Awesome epi….
    Really cant wait for next epi……felt so bad for twinki…..
    BT either kunj isn’t at fault……

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Piya!! I know these are testing times for Twinkle, but let’s keep our hopes high. The next episode will be out in a couple of days.

  9. Awesome shot …
    Luved it….

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Yashika!

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