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Kunal: Papa, Ma! We got an appointment from sarna’s. It’s next Monday.

Twinkle: All the best Bhai! We all together work for that.

Kunal: we should and we will.

All the team members worked on the project. Twinkle also helped them to some extent and she got to know all the details of the project.

Finally the deal was finalized between Sarna’s and Taneja’s

Kunj: Congratulations Mr. Taneja. The deal is finalized. We are working on another project now. So, I am busy with that. We can sit and discuss on your project next month. Then you can start your work.

Kunal: thank you Mr. Sarna.

Twinkle also got interview call from SNS textiles. She got appointed in the department of fashion design in the company.

Sarna Mansion

Manohar: Kunj! Our company is going to organize a show and it’s very important for the growth of the company. I want you to help me in organizing the show.

Kunj: I remember Papa! That’s why I have postponed all my appointments until the show gets run successfully.

Alisha: Uncle! Can I become the part of the show. I want to help you from my side.

Manohar: Sure beta! But what about your Dad. He already told me that, he has some important work in Berlin next week.

Yash: Don’t worry monu! Anyway she should stay alone in Mumbai till I reach here. Instead she will stay in Delhi and help you in your work. For her also, this will give some experience.

Manohar: then beta! You are always welcome.

Alisha: Thanks papa. Thank you uncle.

Some days later

Taneja mansion

Twinkle: Mama, Papa! Today is my first day at SNS textiles. Please pray for my success.

Leela: All the best beta!  God bless you. Have Prasad and leave.

Twinkle: Thank you Ma. Bye.

Leela: Kumarji drop twinkle and come. I have to go to gurudwara.

Twinkle: No ma. I will go by Metro. Kumarji, drop me till metro station.

Leela: But why beta! You are having your own vehicle.

Twinkle: yes ma. But I don’t want my colleagues to think that I am coming from a reputed family. If I do so they cant be able to mingle with me. I will also go to the office as a normal employee. Then only I can mingle with them and my work will be done in a proper way.

Leela: your wish beta. All the best. Take care.

Twinkle came to Dwaraka sector 32 and waiting for an auto. It was raining heavily. A car splashed water over twinkles dress.

Twinkle: Oh shit! Now how should I go to the office now? And that too today is my first day.

Then she went to a nearby washroom and turned her suit into a jumpsuit.


SNS textiles office:

The receptionist is waiting for a model and suddenly she saw twinkle in her jumpsuit.

Receptionist: Excuse me, Ma’am, Did you came for auditions for the upcoming event. Please Ma’am this way.

Twinkle was about to tell that she came to work in the department of fashion design, but unexpectedly, she was unable to convey her message and was taken to the green room.

Alisha was the main selector during the auditions. She was stunned by seeing twinkle there…

Alisha: You…? What the hell you are doing here?

Twinkle (hesitatingly): Actually! By mistake..

Alisha: Oh! Mistake… People like you just do mistakes, nothing else right… and from where you got this dress…? Submit this dress with our designers and leave.

Receptionist: Excuse me, Ma’am! Auditions are going to start in a while. Please check the list once.

Alisha: Ok! You got saved this time. If I see you again in this office and leave. Ria, collect the dress from her, and send her out.

Ria: Ma’am, it’s not our..

Alisha: Why are you nagging. Do as I say…

Ria: Yes, Ma’am.

Near reception,

Ria: I am sorry Ma’am. She is the key selector of models for the upcoming event that too she was recommended by our boss. We are really sorry.

Twinkle: It’s ok. By the way, I didn’t come here as a model. I got appointed as an assistant designer in the department of fashion design.

Ria: Oh. By the way, please show me your appointment letter?

Twinkle gave appointment letter to Ria.

Ria: Ma’am! Go straight and take right, there a person named Sunil Vyas sits there, please consult him. He will give you the details of your work.

Twinkle thanked ria and went to Sunil Vyas. He was mesmerized with the beauty of twinkle and he got awestruck.

Twinkle: Excuse me, Sir! Are you Mr. Sunil Vyas?

Sunil: Yes.. What can I do for you Ma’am.?

Twinkle gave the appointment order to Sunil.

Sunil checked the work details of twinkle and then…

Sunil: Oh! You are miss Twinkle, who is going to work under the team of Mrs. Navneet Sarna (Bebe).

Twinkle: Thank you. So, Can I meet her now?

Sunil: Sure, Actually, next month our company is conducting a fashion event, so all our employees are busy with that work. Auditions for models were going on. So, you can meet her after one hour. Till then I will introduce it to your team.

Sunil introduced twinkle to her team and she mingled with the team like she was working in the company for years. Sunil got impressed with her. Meanwhile, Navneet Sarna came to her cabin and she was relaxing (She got vexed with Alisha’s behavior). She ordered tea.

Attender came with tea to her cabin.

Navneet: Thank you Raju! This is very much needed.

Raju: Ma’am, A lady was waiting for you to meet you.

Navneet: Please Raju! I am tired, just send her after 15 minutes.

In a while, she got a call on the intercom,

Receptionist: Ma’am, A model want to give auditions. I told her that timings are over but, she was not listening.

Navneet: You know the rules of this company. Send her away. I don’t want to meet any other model now.

After a while, twinkle enters Navneet’s cabin.

Twinkle: Excuse me Ma’am! Good afternoon.

Navneet: Good Afternoon, Listen, We have already have informed that auditions are over. So, I can’t do anything now. We have selected our models too.

Twinkle: No Ma’am, You are getting me wrong, I was appointed as an employee in your department.

Navneet: Oh! I am sorry. My mood was bad. By the way, give me your appointment order. Take your seat.

Twinkle gave the appointment letter. Navneet went through the appointment letter.

Navneet: Ok! Ms. Twinkle Taneja. So, you are the daughter of Taneja’s. So, what the need to do work in our company.

Twinkle: Yours is the reputed textile company in the city, and I want to work on my own without any recommendation. Also, I think we can help each other by mutual growth.

Navneet: OK. But you are not looking like an employee. You are looking like a model. So,…

Twinkle: I know Ma’am, But actually, my dress got spoiled on my way to the office. So, then and there I have converted my salwar suit into this jumpsuit. But Ma’am, I will take care of next time.

Navneet: But how should I trust you.

Twinkle: Ok. Ma’am, I will explain.

Twinkle explained in detail, how she converted her salwar suit into a jumpsuit in a span of 10-15 minutes. Navneet got impressed with her Idea.

Navneet: Hmm. Impressive. Ok. You might have heard that our company is going to organize a fashion event next month. So, you have to help me with designing dresses for the models. Based on your work, your further place in the department depends.

Twinkle: Sure Ma’am, I will give my cent percent. Thank you!

Navneet and twinkle got close within 3-4 days. And both are working closely. During work, she used to tell about Kunj many times.

One day twinkle and Navneet were working as usual, but Navneet felt somewhat dizzy and fainted by holding twinkles hand very tight.

Twinkle: Ma’am, Please open your eyes.

Twinkle called a dispensary. The doctor checked her.

Twinkle: Doctor! What happened to her?

Doctor: Nothing to worry, she just got stressed due to work. If she takes proper rest, then she will be fine.

Twinkle: Thank you, doctor. And what about her medication.

Doctor: For a while, I gave her injection. She will get conscious by morning. Her regular medication is enough with proper rest.

Twinkle: Ok doctor. Thank you.

Twinkle took Navneet to Sarna mansion, by that time Kunj just came to his house and saw unconscious bebe. He asked the driver what happened to bebe.

Kunj: It’s ok. Let’s take her to their room.

Kunj was going to enter the house along with bebe but meanwhile twinkle also gave support to Bebe. Kunj and Twinkle entered Sarna Mansion at a time. After that, workers in their house helped bebe to go to her room and rested on her bed. Twinkle went out, to bring the handbag of Bebe.

Meanwhile in bebe’s room:

Kunj: What happened bebe. How are you feeling now?

Bebe: I am fine beta! Don’t worry.

Kunj: why are you taking stress, we are there with you. We will take care of the event.

Bebe: but beta!

Kunj: No if and but! Do as I say. Ok. I am there. You just give inputs, don’t take the stress. And finally, you are not going to the office till you get fine. Whatever you do you will do from home. Alisha is there, she will take care.

Bebe: its ok beta! Don’t stress Alisha. My assistant is there. She will take care. Where is this girl who brought me here? Twinkle….!

Meanwhile, Kunj gets a call and he was attending the call in the balcony.

Twinkle: Yes ma’am, I went to bring this soup to you. This will give strength. And ma’am, please take medicines on time. Ma’am, I want to suggest you that, please don’t take stress everything will go on as per your orders. Our department will take care of. We will be always there with you ma’am.

Meanwhile, Kunj was listening to their conversation from the balcony.

Bebe: Ok beta! But on one condition…

Twinkle: Yes ma’am!

Bebe: Since the day I met you, you are as of my daughter. So, as all my family calls me, you have to call me Bebe.

Twinkle: ma’am, they are your family. why me?

Bebe: Don’t hesitate beta! You are the only employee whom I have felt close.

Twinkle: Thank you, Ma’am. Sorry, thank you Bebe.

Kunj in his thoughts: Bebe didn’t feel anybody this much close. But she became close to her within some days. But who is she?

Kunj astonished to see the same girl who he has noticed in the café.

Bebe: Kunj! Twinkle, this is Kunj. My nephew. But for me, he is more than that.

Twinkle: Hello sir. In her thoughts (Oh! So, this is kunj whom about bebe used to tell)

Kunj: Hello.

Both got mesmerized with each other looks.

Bebe and twinkle have a long talk and by the time its been 10.00 PM. twinkle made bebe rested on her bed and kept the soup bowl in the kitchen. By that time, Kunj also came to the kitchen to take water.

Twinkle: hello sir, bebe used to tell about you a lot. She loves you a lot sir.

Kunj: I know. She is the first love of my life. If anything happens to her. I can’t bear that.

Twinkle and Kunj had the formal talk.

Twinkle: Oh my god! It’s 10.30. I have to leave sir.

Kunj: But how will you go. Is it safe?

Twinkle: Its ok sir, I will book a cab.

Kunj: No problem, I will get you dropped.

Twinkle: Its ok sir, I am fine. Sir, Bebe is sleeping. Please tell her that I will be back tomorrow morning.

Kunj: Ok. Fine. Just send me your cab details.

Twinkle: Sir?

Kunj has realized what he was speaking: Hm. You are our employee. So, we should take care of our employees. So, that’s like we will pay your cab bill. That’s our company’s policy.

Twinkle: Ok sir. Sir your number?

Kunj: Ok. Its, 9*******43.

Twinkle: Ok sir, I have shared with you my cab details.

Kunj personally monitored the details of twinkle. Also here twinkle was thinking about kunj.


Will these two realize the relation between them….?

Please suggest how we can go further…..?

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