Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:19)

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Link for Episode-18: Episode 18 here
Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Next day:
Kunj was pacing in the room restlessly while Twinkle was soundly sleeping not knowing of her husband’s restlessness. He wanted Twinkle to wake up and get ready so that they could get going however he didn’t want to disturb her sleep because the last thing he wanted to do was to ‘disturb’ her sleep causing her headache. He took a deep breath so as to inhale some patience along with oxygen.
“Twinkle wake up!” Well now his impatience overpowered him and he couldn’t help himself but to wake her up, shaking gently.
“Twinkle please wake up. Don’t be sleeping beauty!” He huffed slightly when she didn’t move an inch. ‘Seems like she had taken some kind of sleeping pills.’ he thought in disbelief.
“Twinkle.” He called her out once again but this time shaking her vigorously.
“What happened? What’s your problem! Go away and let me sleep.” She exclaimed annoyingly.
“No! Get up! Now!”
“Why the heck you want me to get up?” She asked opening an eye and she was surprised on finding him fully dressed up and sitting at the edge of bed. “Wait! Where are YOU going so early morning?” She questioned not letting him answer her first one.
“You… You remember yesterday you had decided that we’ll go somewhere today.” He asked. His voice laced with hope.
She was surprised that he remembered and was so much interested. She raised her eyebrows. “So eager?”
“N… No… I was just reminding you. You know in case you’ve forgotten!” He shrugged.
“Fine. I’m up!” She exclaimed getting up and moved to washroom.
Within 20 minutes she came out after taking shower. Her face was beaming with happiness while Kunj was dieing with curiosity. She looked at Kunj and rolled her eyes. “What are you wearing Mr. Sarna?”
He looked at himself. It was his casual clothing. T-shirt, blazer and jeans. “What’s wrong in this?”
“Kunj! If you may go out like this then whole day we’ll be doing only one thing- escaping from the press! If you look like everyday, your day will be like everyday! We’ve to make this different, special remember?” She said walking to the cupboard and after grabbing a plain white shirt, she tossed it to him. “Wear this.”
Without a word, he took it and went to change. He came out as soon as he changed into that shirt.
“Shall we proceed now?” He asked desperately.
“Ya! Just give me 15 minutes. You may go and wait for me in lounge.” She said blow drying her hair.
He frowned making irritating face. “Seriously! 15 minutes?”
“Hey. Don’t give me that look Ok! My 15 minutes are 15 MINUTES ONLY.”
He sighed in defeat and headed to lounge and like she said, he saw her coming downstairs in less-than 15 minutes.
But as his eyes fall on her, he was taken aback. She was wearing a baby pink cotton top and pants with open hair while her front strands were loosely twisted at corner. She looked simple yet beautiful! Her eyes were filled with kohl and lips were covered in gloss. She was only wearing mangalsutra as her jewellery. He had always seen her in saree or frocks so this was something totally new to his eyes.
As she approached him, she saw him wearing that white shirt and a different hairstyle.
Both of them mouthed simultaneously and turned their faces in opposite direction to avoid the embarrassment.
“Chale?” She exclaimed excitedly.
“Uh, 1 minute.” He said and from her neck pulled forward the mangalsutra which was hiding underneath the collar of her top.
“How were you so sure that I’ve worn it?” She asked impressively.
“I never found you without it from the day of our wedding.” He answered confidently making her smile go wide.
“Ok. So let’s go now!”
Kunj nodded taking a deep breath and both walked towards the car. He opened the gate of passenger seat like a gentleman and waited for Twinkle to step-in but Twinkle had other things in mind. She coolly walked towards the driver’s seat and got seated there. She eyed him in awe. “I know you had opened it for me but never mind! Come on in and sit inside as now you’ve already opened the passenger door.” On one hand she chuckled when Kunj huffed sitting inside while on other hand she was surprised that he agreed without arguing.
It seemed that Kunj had noticed her surprising state as he spoke. “I would’ve fought with you but it’s your day and I don’t want to spoil it.”
“Oh. That’s so sweet. So let’s start the day!” She practically hopped in excitement.
He cleared his throat. “Uh, you know driving na?” He asked cautiously as to not invite her anger.
She gave him an Are-you-serious look and started driving. After a minute or two, the car was speeding like anything.
Kunj was baffled. “What are you doing Twinkle? Are you trying to kill us?” He yelled in exaggeration.
“Not so fast dear husband.” And to her amusement Kunj’s ear turned into tinge of pinkness with the phrase. “Plus I always drive like this.” She added in a loud voice so that her voice dominates the wind.
Kunj knew there was no use of speaking to her, so he just clutched his seatbelt and sat their angrily.
They went to outskirts of the city which was thinly populated and therefore was quite calm.
He opened the windshield inhaling long breath. The calmness was really soothing and he was experiencing it after a long time.
At the moment he realized that ‘life isn’t the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moment that take your breath away.’
The car stopped with a screech jotting him out of his thoughts. He looked at Twinkle who was watching a gol gappa (pani puri) stall like she hadn’t eaten for days. He tapped her shoulder.
She smiled. “We’re starting from here. Come!” She said motioning towards the stall.
Both came down from the vehicle and well Twinkle technically ran towards the stall in excitement while Kunj was shaking his head in amusement at her childish behavior as this was kind of new side of her which he was exploring after all she had always shown herself as a mature-young lady.
Kunj looked at the surroundings while thinking what more stuff will this girl would make him to do. But as it says, ‘If your girl doesn’t make you to do stupid things then you’re probably with the wrong girl.’
“Bhaiyya two plates with extra chilli water.” She ordered to the stall man.
He reminisced the time when the trio (Kunj_Yuvraj_Rishab) used to have competition of eating most number of puris. He smiled sadly at the memory. She hit him with his elbow as she couldn’t speak with her mouth stuffed fully. Looking at her, he chuckled shaking his head as she was literally picturizing herself as a funny-chubby baby!
“Tell na… What happened?” She asked after gulping it down.
“Something are better in past.” He said and continued eating. She understood and was happy that at least he was getting over those memories and accepting the fact that it was his past and wouldn’t change no matter what!

“Where are we heading now?” He asked out of curiosity as Twinkle was tight lipped once after finishing their pani puri.
“A place where I go whenever I feel sad, hurt or happy. I can share anything with those people. They’re my family.” She chirped.
“I’ll love to meet them then.” He smiled fondly.
As they headed far away from the main city, he saw a well-organized building in an isolated ground. It had a big banner, ‘HAPPY PALACE.’
“Happy palace?” He asked after glancing the entire building.
“Ya. It’s a place where I was brought up after…” She paused debating whether to continue or not.
“I know… No need to tell.” He said noticing her internal turmoil.
“You knew all along! How?” She asked surprisingly.
“Hey don’t be surprised. Dad told me on the day of our wedding.”
“But you didn’t mention anything about my past.”
He chuckled. “Your past! Well according to me there isn’t anything to refer as ‘your past’. It was just…” He shrugged. “Nothing.. nothing special to mention!”
“Uh, okay.” She said uncomfortably.
“Well…” He gulped. “I wanted to know one thing if you’re willing to tell. I mean it’s totally your wish to share with me and…”
She interrupted him seeing his uneasiness. “Kunj ask whatever you want!”
“Okay. So I wanted to know if you had ever met your brother after that day. I mean do you know where he’s?” He asked cautiously.
“He’s no more.”
He raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry.”
“He’s dead Kunj. He’s no more in this world!”
“Oh I’m sorry.”
She smiled. “Don’t be… It’s not your fault!”
He nodded. “How do you know about his demise?”
“I haven’t shared this with ANYONE, you’re the first one to know and I’m glad YOU’RE THE FIRST ONE.” He smiled hearing her words while she continued. “I don’t know whether it’s destiny or coincidence but he was brought in the same hospital where I work and along with superior doctors I was assigned to his case.” She paused to wipe the streak of tears which were fallen from her eyes. “He was suffering from brain tumor and was in critical condition. We all tried to save him but couldn’t and you know what he didn’t recognize me… I mean how could he after all he had seen me last when I was eight! He came to know about me after knowing my name and when I called him ‘bhaiyya’… He was truly regretting his deeds and even was begging for my forgiveness…”
“And you forgave.” It wasn’t a question it was a statement which was left from Kunj’s mouth with a wist full smile on which she nodded. “I knew it already.” He sighed. “Twinkle I don’t want to say it but that’s what we call Karma- what goes around comes around.”
She shook her head quickly. “I never prayed for that… I just wanted everyone to live their lives happily. I don’t have complaints against anyone.”
“You don’t have to tell because I know it and believe me you’re the best human being I’ve ever met and I ever could be and I truly regret for doubting you. I’m really sorry Twinkle! I really am.” He smiled gleefully wiping her tears with his thumb.
She held Kunj’s hand in hers. “You don’t have to be sorry for anything Kunj and I’m happy that I would be able to broke that notion in your mind.”
“You not only change my mentality Twinkle but you also held a special place here…” He pointed at his left side. “In my heart.” He blurted out without realizing what actually he was saying.
Soon after he noticed his words and Twinkle’s pink cheeks he averted his eyes stunned on his words.
Silence fell over them for few seconds when Kunj cleared his throat to lighten the atmosphere.
“So shall we proceed inside?”
“Oh ya. Come on!” She smiled excitedly earning a laugh from Kunj.
Both got down from the car and started walking towards the building.
“So this place is an orphanage?”
“Uh, no… Not exactly an orphanage. There are 3 floors. The ground floor is an old age home, the above one for the children who are above 10 and the first floor is where infants…” She stopped abruptly and her face was clouded with sadness.
“What happened Twinkle? Won’t you tell me?” He asked in concern.
“Nothing. Actually every week 5-6 people leave new born babies in the cradle outside and leave. I just feel really sad for them. They’re angels who deserve to be loved but…” She chocked unable to continue while Kunj was busy in admiring her pure soul. She was feeling pain for the people, she didn’t even know! He was already on cloud nine that Twinkle had shared with him the things which she didn’t even share with Kunj’s dad and was contended as now both are like an open books to each other.
“Ok now. Enough of these tears.” He said wiping her tears. “Let’s go inside and meet everyone!” He exclaimed to lighten her mood holding her gently by shoulders.
She smiled and nodded.
As they entered, they were welcomed like a family members. Twinkle introduced everyone to her husband and he received true affection and love like ‘her’ from her family. There wasn’t any hidden intensions behind their love, they didn’t even mention how big of a businessman he’s. They were treating him like a normal person, like a mother treats her son no matter how much successful he becomes!
“Come Kunj. I’ve to show you something!” Twinkle chirped and dragged him to the above floor.
As they were heading upwards, a girl came to Twinkle. “Didi! Golu and Chintu are fighting again.”
She was about to turn when she heard a baby crying from the top floor. She was confused where to go. If she didn’t go down, the kids would hurt themselves in their fighting and she couldn’t even leave the baby crying.
Kunj saw her confused expressions. “Twinkle! You go upstairs and see the baby, I’ll handle those kids.”
“Are you sure?” Twinkle asked with unsureness. “Think about it Kunj! They aren’t like other kids. When they fight…”
“Twinkle! Seriously. You think I can’t handle two fighting kids. Am I that useless?” He asked annoyingly while Twinkle mentally nodded.
“Ok. Go!” She shrugged suppressing her smile.
Kunj headed down and saw Golu and Chintu throwing bad words at each other.
“Listen kids!” Kunj shouted. “You aren’t allowed to curse each other. Got it!” He added in a firm yet soft tone.
The kids looked at him and then to each other. “Ok as you say.”
He was surprised. They weren’t at all like Twinkle had said. They were really obedient kids.
But then they started again shoving Kunj’s internal thoughts a-side.
Chintu: You son of a batch!
Golu: Shut the fudge up!
Chintu: You kick head!
Golu: I’ll kick your astronaut!
Chintu: What the helicopter do you think of yourself!
Kunj was totally blank now! What a thing they were!
Just then Twinkle came running. “What happened?” She asked them lovingly.
“Di. I want to play cricket with Chintu!” Golu said.
“But di I don’t want Golu to go to that far away ground.” He said with a pout. “I want to play in the house with him.”
“Ok. Ok. So Chintu wants to stay in the house and Golu wants to play outside. Correct me if I’m wrong!” Both kids shook their heads cutely assuring Twinkle to continue. “Ok… So why don’t you play in house cricket or in the backyard of the house? Yes, by doing this you don’t have to go too far to the ground like Chintu wants and the place will also change like Golu wants because backyard is a totally new place where you guys haven’t played cricket yet. What say?” She asked hopefully.
Both children looked at each other and agreed smilingly. “Sounds good di.” They both exclaimed in union and ran out while Twinkle heaved a sigh of relief.
Twinkle than moved her gaze to Kunj who was still standing with a blank face. “Now don’t tell me that I didn’t stop you or didn’t warn you!”
“You saw those kids! You saw their language!” He exclaimed unbelievably.
She smiled sadly. “Kunj those kids who don’t have parents or anybody to teach them the difference between the right and wrong, they become like this!”
“I’m sorry Twinkle. I shouldn’t be saying this… But even you lost your parents at young age right but still you aren’t like them.”
“That’s because, my uncle who dropped me here was my mentor. He taught me the basics and then after coming here, a lady… Savtri kaki inculcated good values in me and taught me good things but now she’s transferred to other branch… Kunj ‘Orphan’ doesn’t mean ‘ONE WHO DOESN’T HAVE PARENTS’ it means ‘ONE WHO’S ABANDONED BY PARENTS’.”
He smiled bitterly. “Like me?”
She was speechless now! She had unknowingly scratched a healing wound of his!
She sighed. “No. Not like you Kunj! Because you’ve your supportive and understanding dad and you should be thankful to that.”
He slowly nodded. “Ya! I’m.” ‘I really am grateful as because of him I’m standing here with you like this.’ He thought with an unknown smile.
“Come let’s show you the rest.” She said trying to divert the topic.
It was like a huge playroom where there were many kids. Some were studying, some painting, some talking and laughing and it was a beautiful sight. “You know Kunj, before I shifted from here, to my apartment I used to play with them for hours. And being with such cute babies give us so much pleasure. It’s a stress buster for sure. They’re such angels who are so pure at heart.” She said smiling while Kunj was just staring at her maybe this time his gaze was reflecting loveliness. “Come let me introduce you to them.” She exclaimed and then shouted “Bachcho” to get the attention of kids.
A small baby came running to Twinkle and hugged her legs. “Mumma!” She called out in a cute baby voice.
Kunj was terrified as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes were widened and if possible his eyebrows were out of his head now. “She called YOU mumma!” He gasped after managing his voice.
She rolled her eyes at his unbelievable behavior. “Kunj! All the small kids here call me mumma! Because I used to dress them, feed them and also played with then A LOT.”
He let out a sigh of relief and murmured. “Sorry.”
She picked her in arms and pointed towards Kunj. “Baby… Say ‘uncle’.”
The kid shook her head vigorously in a ‘NO’. That’s when Twinkle was about to taunt him- even a kid didn’t like you, when the baby said, ‘PA…PA’ leaving Twinkle and Kunj’s face flushed with red.
“What did she say?” Twinkle asked quietly after getting out of shock.
“She said PA…PA. Means DA…DY.” Kunj smiled mischievously. “Come baby. Come to papa.” He said taking the baby into his arms. After holding the baby, he didn’t know why but he felt blissful, a feeling of extreme happiness and satisfaction took over him. He played with the baby and made her say ‘papa’ again and again in her little baby voice. He was happier than Twinkle had thought.
“You know Twinkle! After today what I saw in the hall, I mean the way you handled those fighting kids, and the way you handled these babies, I’m sure about one thing.”
He stepped closer and brought his face near to her ear. “That you’ll be a very good mother.” He whispered and left smirking.
She looked at him, the emotions in his eyes, the hope in his heart, the smile on his face made her blank. Yes she wanted him to be happy but without HER! Unknowingly she was moving closer to him! Unknowingly she was giving him a hope which would eventually break in the end leaving him broken! She didn’t want that. She could never want that! The harder he’ll fall for her, the more hurt he’ll be and the tougher it’ll be for him to get up!
There isn’t bigger pain than bearing an untold story inside you. And Twinkle was bearing same pain!
She rushed to him abruptly. “Kunj! I want to go home. Now!”
He looked at her confusedly. “What happened Twinkle? We came just now. Please stay a bit more!”
“Kunj actually I… I’m not feeling well.” She said avoiding to make eye-contact with him.
He stared at her unconvinced but then got up unwillingly. He didn’t want to go home but Twinkle’s health was far more important. He put the baby down. “Wait a minute all of you.” He announced and rushed out. Within five minutes he came back with chocolates for all of them. The kids were overwhelmed with joy. After all they find happiness in little things of life.
Once after distributing chocolates among all kids, he encircled his arms around her shoulders. “Come on. Let’s go!” He said smiling and both walked out.
There was complete silence in the car. Kunj found it surprised but then thought it was maybe due to her health, she wasn’t talking.
“Are you Ok?”
“Yeah! Feeling better now.”
“Are you sure? I mean you should go to doctor because it’s second…”
“No… It’s alright Kunj. It was just a minor headache. I’m fine! Don’t worry.” She smiled.
He nodded. “Okay.” He paused to look outside of the window. “Twinkle. Whenever we’ll get time, we’ll come here. It’s such a paradise! Looking at those kids, I realized that one doesn’t need money to be happy. Happiness comes from within us. And that baby was…”
He stopped when car came to a halt. “We’re home.” As she was about to step outside she turned her face to him making him stop. “Oh ya! Tomorrow we’re going somewhere Ok.”
His eyes widened in shock. ‘More surprises.’ Little did he knew what was going on in Twinkle’s mind.
Thank you very much for reading!
Assalam-o-Alaikom peeps. Hopefully you all are doing well. I’m really sorry for not updating yesterday itself, actually was busy in some work. By the way the response on previous episode was really low. I don’t know why, but if you guys aren’t liking it or enjoying it then please let me know. Also some of you were asking about the number of episodes which are left… Honestly I don’t have idea about it but if you guys are losing interest then I’ll try to wrap soon.
Last but not least thank you very much to all those who have commented and written encouraging words. Thank you very much:*
Don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page because that’s all we (writers) want from you (readers).
Next episode will be posted by Thursday In’shaAllah and yeah do guess where Twinkle will take Kunj in next episode. I’ll like to know what’s going on in your minds XD
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Ananya I actually wanted to thank you not only for this comment but of all comments you’ve dropped here throughout. I mean the words you use are so much special to me. Thank you so much dear for appreciating me… My skills:* thanks a lot<3
      Keep the love coming like this*___*

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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh Ananya. I didn’t know your exams are going on, it’s Ok dear you just prepare for your exams, stories and everything else can wait:*
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      And don’t you dare say anything to comment, I was smiling while reading it. Thanks a lot dear<3
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