Twenty Four (24) Season 2 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 10pm and 11pm. Dhruv tells Roshan to meet in 15 mins, I have changed location. Haroon asks Roshan what did Dhruv say. Roshan says he agreed, 2000 crores. Haroon gets happy and hugs Roshan. Roshan says we have to leave right away. Haroon tells this to Maya and hugs her. Jai says I will get car and goes out. He calls Gyan and tells about Dhruv’s call, deal will be done in 15 mins, alert delta team, no one should be left alive there in ware house. Shivani says we will try, Kamat and his team will try to reach there. Jai turns and sees Maya. She asks are you still with ATU. He says yes but Maya…. She says you lied to me till now, why did you not tell me. He says I did not trust you before, and then I did not tell you so that you don’t fall in any problem. He asks for phone. He asks her to get her dad and reach the ATU backup team. She takes phone and goes. The goon looks for his phone. Maya keeps phone back in the jeep.

Gyan says Kamat maybe close to Dhruv, they may reach the place. Siddharth says ask them to double up agents. Haroon asks Jai to sit at backside, I will drive the car. They leave. Zaara tells Mihir that my view about Jai was wrong. She says Veer would be proud of his dad. Siddharth asks Kamat to stay alert, its time. Aditya calls Shinde. Shinde says I was preparing for press conference and threatens. Aditya says I m not scared of your threatening, Prithivi’s personal life has nothing to do with this govt, Prithvi won’t go anywhere, good night.

Prithvi talks to pharma heads and says we have confirmed news of terrorists leaking deadly virus, we have alerted security forces, but we called you here to get research and medical support. Aditya comes and thanks them for coming. He says I know you all are annoyed but… Bomik says whatever our views on health bill, we are on full support, please tell us what to do. Aditya says I m sure Prithvi told you about this serious threat, Dr. Mehta will explain you. Prithvi gets a call and goes. Dr. Mehta shows the video of the deadly virus. Everyone get shocked.

Naina calls Shinde. He says I can’t talk now, I m going in press conference. She says I know, I was refreshing some old memories, and blackmails him about one of his past crime. She warns him not to threaten Aditya, I have many stories for your press conference, remember you are not born in politics, you have come crawling, so choose enemies by your status. She ends call. Shinde tells his assistant what Naina said, maybe he is alive. His assistant says we did not get him since 10 years, how will we find him. Shinde asks him to make someone follow Naina.

At 10.18, Dr. Mehta says we have two virus infected patients, we kept them in quarantine, we will send you case details. Prithvi informs Aditya that Shinde cancelled press conference. Aditya tells everyone that they have few hours to make vaccine to stop this virus. The pharma heads say its impossible, making vaccine takes many years. Dr. Mehta says I have those patient’s blood samples. Dr. Reddy says this process is time consuming. Aditya says I know this, but we have less time, our intelligence agencies officers are risking their lives to protect us, we have to do this, its our duty.

Jai, Haroon and Roshan reach the warehouse. Delta team reaches close and sees the men guarding the warehouse. Kamat talks to Siddharth and says Sir we are in position, I have send you pics, send it to other Delta teams. Jai asks Dhruv where is Meher. Dhruv says she left, she did not wish to see you again. Jai asks about what test. Dhruv says I tested it. Haroon says it does not matter. Roshan says I test everything that I distribute, I m going to ruin this country, so testing that virus is necessary. Dhruv says sure, and tests the virus. Dhruv asks for their account authorization code. Haroon gives the code. Dhruv transfers the money and says your 1000 crores transferred. Haroon checks and tells Roshan that the money is transferred. Dhruv says my scientist landed and will meet you. The virus is tested.

Jai signs the delta team. Kamat tells Siddharth that Jai gave the signal, it’s the go. The delta team proceeds. Dhruv says deal done from my side, now its your side. Haroon asks whats remaining now. Roshan aims at Jai. Haroon asks what are you doing. Roshan says your game is over, thanks for freeing me from the jail. Kamat shoots at Roshan and his gun falls. Haroon asks whats happening. Roshan says Jai is after this, I told you. Haroon attacks Jai. Dhruv and his men escape in the cars. Haroon goes to stab Jai and asys you cheated me. Jai says listen to me Haroon, ATU came here, surrender to them. Haroon says I trusted you more than my brother. Haroon stabs on Jai’s hand.

Jai gets over Haroon and says listen to me, you agree to me, you won’t get saved. Haroon says I don’t want to get saved. Jai stabs Haroon. Roshan gets shocked. Jai shoots at the Roshan and flees in the car. Jai calls Gyan and asks where is backup team. Kamat says backup is reaching. Jai says its imp to catch Dhruv, Meher is lost, we have to catch that man, Haroon and Roshan are down, virus consignment is in that shade, get that in custody immediately. Dhruv is on the way. Kamat sends his team to follow Jai’s tracker in jeep. Siddharth asks Shivani to keep Pm on standby, we can give him good news shortly.

Kamat goes to get custody of the virus and tells Siddharth. He says Sherchand brothers are shot. Roshan gets up and stabs Kamat. Kamat locks the virus box and ties the handcuffs to the metal wheel aside. Roshan tries hard to free the virus box. Haroon is still alive. Kamat falls dead. Roshan tells Haroon that I will save you, and shoots at the handcuffs. That does not break. Roshan says nothing will happen to you. Haroon asks Roshan to shoot him. Roshan says I will take you from here. Haroon dies. Roshan cries and shouts. He sees the virus with Kamat. He removes his jacket and makes a man wear the jacket. He gets phone from the man, and asks the man to hold the bomb. He takes a virus sample and leaves. Siddharth informs Kamat that Delta team is reaching him. The warehouse blasts.

Siddharth and everyone hear the blast. Shivani connects to Delta two Arif, and asks him to make them talk to Kamat. Arif tells about the warehouse blast and gives live feeds. ATU sees the live feeds. Siddharth asks where is Kamat. Arif says I m sorry Sir, we have lost Kamat. Siddharth gets upset. He asks about virus. Arif checks and says virus briefcase is here, the briefcase and this chain is unbreakable, someone tried to break it. Shivani says we spoke to Kamat, what happened there. Arif says it seems maybe Sherchan’s man has thrown a grenade. She says Kamat said both Sherchan brothers are dead, can you confirm. Arif says Haroon is dead, and second body is burnt, he is wearing jacket similar to Roshan. Zaara confirms seeing Roshan’s pic sent by Kamat. Arif asks his team to get kit to open the briefcase.

Zaara asks him to give closeup of briefcase code mechanism, she will try to crack code. Zaara tries to crack code by remote cryptography. The goons wait for Roshan and Haroon. Maya rushes to her dad and tells him to get up fast, they have to leave, ATU team is waiting for us, Jai asked us to go there, Jai is with ATU, he came here to catch Haroon and Roshan, he promised he won’t let anything happen to us. Omkar says my life is full of farms, ATU will put me in jail, I m fine here, you go with Jai, he loves you. She says no, come with me. He refuses. She says I knew you will think about yourself, when will you think as father rather than thinking as selfish man, you are coming with me. Jai follows Dhruv. Jai’s jeep gets stuck.

Aditya asks Prithvi did you talk to mum. Prithvi says no, how did she convince Shinde. Aditya says we know how low can Shinde fall, I need to know what mum told him to cancel press conference. He calls Naina. She gets glad. He asks what did you tell Shinde. She says he has done many crimes, its an old story. He asks did you do any deal with him. She says our govt is safe, and even your Prithvi. He asks her to come fast. She says I have some work, I will come. Jai calls Shivani and says I m stuck, where is other delta team, we don’t have time and have to catch that man.

At 10.51, Maya sees the goons and asks Omkar to wait here. She tells the goon that Haroon called her, she does not have jeep keys, he will get angry. He says you can take this jeep, I will take you, this will be fine. She says fine, I forgot my jacket, I will just come. She goes to Omkar to hide in the jeep’s backside, we have to reach ATU, I will keep goon busy, come. She talks to the goon and thanks him. Om hides in the jeep. Maya leaves with the goon and Omkar. Delta team follows Dhruv. The officer says we have the target in sight. Shivani says we want Dhruv alive.

Dhruv sees the delta team following him and reaches the dead end. Delta team asks him to switch off car’s engine, come out. Dhruv gets down the car. Officer asks him to sit on his knees, we will shoot you if you try to run. Dhruv’s man shoots at the officer. Dhruv asks his man to come. Someone attacks on Dhruv. Dhruv asks who is it and looks around. Dhruv’s men get shot and his car tyres are shot too. Dhruv rolls down in the jungle. Dhruv sees Jai and runs. Jai shoots at him.

Roshan says Jai cheated. The goon aims at Maya and says Haroon is dead, what game are you playing. Shantaram is found. Khosla tells Naina that Shinde has power, not mind. Shinde says you know what you have to do. Shantaram says I will bring Shinde’s truth out. Arif tells Siddharth that there are just 5 tubes. Siddharth says there has to be six. Bomik says its air borne virus. Aditya says this virus’ vaccine is very important. Roshan flees and says I will not leave this country, after Jai played this game. Shivani sees someone coming in ATU.

Update Credit to: Amena

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