Twenty Four (24) Season 2 25th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 5am to 6am. Jai, Vedant and ATU team enter the house and see the party going on. The youngsters are partying. They talk to a girl Vaidehi. She asks do you have warrant. Jai says why are you drugs in party, is this house on your name. She says I will call my mom, you came without lady cop. She calls Anjali. Jai gets her call on Anjali’s phone. Jai tells Vedant that its Anjali’s phone. He shows the phone to Vaidehi and asks are you Anjali’s daughter. She asks how do you have her phone, where is my mom. Jai says there is a bad news, sit, I will tell you. Vedant asks Mihir to clone a phone. Jai tells Vaidehi that someone killed her mum Anjali Sharma, and we came here following a lead, I m sorry, where is your dad. She says he is dead, he died before my birth.

Jai asks any relative. She says I m alone. Jai asks do you know Roshan Sherchan. She says I need to go to bathroom. Vedant tells Jai that phone is cloned. Jai tells Siddharth that we could not know of Roshan, but we got his daughter. Siddharth asks are you sure. Jai says 100%, Maya said about this safe address, and Vaidehi is around 18 years, she is Roshan and Anjali’s daughter, Shivani was close to know this, thats why Roshan killed her and Anjali, Vedant has cloned her phone, if she gets any call, we will know of it.

Roshan and Maddy meet the goons. Maddy asks them not to use phones. Roshan says this is our game’s last step, if anyone does mistake, everyone has to pay big price. Antara sees the camera footage and gets shocked. She cries. Zaara tells Siddharth about matching the fingerprints and there are 100 matches. Siddharth asks her to filter by age, marital status and location. He asks her to send this list to that girl and see if she recognizes anyone.

Devyaani tells Soumya that Dhruv did not say a word, I m going home, call me if ATU needs me. Soumya says I m following my orders, you can’t go there. Dr. Pathak asks Devyaani did you come to volunteer. Devyaani says I know of the hotel situation. Dr. Pathak says Dr. Dixit is managing there, I thought you are going there. Devyaani says I will go there. Dr. Pathak thanks her. Veer shows the photos and Natasha identifies the man. Veer informs Zaara. Zaara tells Siddharth about Abhay. He asks her to send team, and isolate Abhay before he infects anyone one.

Abhay coughs and tells his wife that his throat is back. She reminds about their son’s sports day. He says I will come, don’t worry. His nose bleeds. Doctors check Dhruv and says he is going in shock. They try to give shocks and revive him. Dhruv dies. Doctor says he was stable all night, don’t know what happened now, inform ATU. Aditya calls Devyaani and asks how are you. She says I m treated like a suspect, do you think I can do this. He asks her to come, we can talk. She says no, I m at the hotel, doctors are needed there. He says no need to do all this, come back. She says no, I m needed here. He says I love you, I hope you know that. She says I love you too. He asks her to be careful. She wears the medic suit.

Vaidehi cries in the bathroom. She sees Anjali’s pic. She sees a number inside her phone’s flip cover and calls on it. Mihir gets the outgoing encrypted message detected. Kiran tells Siddharth that she wants to go to Veer, he is alone there. Mihir tells Siddharth about the imp update, Vaidehi has sent an encrypted message. Vasu shows the code to Roshan. Roshan asks Vasu to call her. Maddy asks them not to be mad, all agencies are finding us and you want to call a girl, who is Vaidehi. Roshan says shut up, I can kill anyone for my family. Jai asks Siddharth to prepare a female ATU unit and make her talk to Vaidehi. He asks Siddharth to make Roshan talk to any girl, I don’t think he knows his daughter’s voice, he would have not seen her in 18 years. Roshan calls Vaidehi.

Jai asks Siddharth to make any girl talk as Vaidehi, don’t let call disconnected. Siddharth asks Kiran to talk. Siddharth writes the text and Kiran talks to Vasu as Vaidehi. Roshan talks to Vaidehi and says I m Roshan Sherchan, you know who I m. She says dad. He asks where are you. She says Starlight apartment. He asks her to keep phone with her, he is coming. Roshan worries that Vaidehi is in Mumbai. Maddy says I really did not know of her, I just checked Anjali’s records, and Anjali did not come with her from London. Roshan holds her neck and says I was leaving my daughter here because of you. He asks Vasu to go and get Vaidehi. Maddy says ATU would be there. Roshan says you mean my daughter will cheat me. Maddy says maybe she herself does not know of it. Roshan leaves.

Zaara gets Roshan’s location and tells Siddharth. Siddharth informs Jai. Jai says that area is big, narrow the target, I m sending Vaidehi to ATU, she will make us get Roshan, don’t involve Kiran in this case, she is just a kid. Siddharth says Roshan spoke to Kiran and thinks she is his daughter. Jai says we are leaving for ATU. Mihir tells Abhay’s location to Raj and says according to his building CCTV footage, he did not leave from his house. Raj says we can easily contain Abhay. Abhay tells his wife that he is going to chemist, and leaves. Raj and team reach his building to quarantine him. Abhay is in lift and talks to an air hostess/neighbor, who says she is going for her work and excited that its her first international sector day, it means 800 passengers. Abhay coughs. Raj reaches his flat and asks for Abhay. Abhay’s wife worries and says you can’t enter the house, I will call police. Raj says we are police. Raj asks for Abhay. His wife says he was unwell and went to chemist. She coughs and her nose bleeds. Raj asks team member to contain the apartment. He asks Amit to check if Abhay is coming down by stairs.

Devyaani meets Veer. Veer tells about the pain he is going through, I m feeling strong. Devyaani says Dr. Dixit said you permitted him to try pain management pills on you. He says I was just trying to help. She asks did you talk to Jai, I saw him at ATU. He says yes, now I have no time to spend with him, I misunderstood him, I realized today, the man who loves his family and children so much, just such man can risk his life every day to save many families. She says you are lucky to get such dad, some fathers forget family for their ambitions, take care.

Raj looks for Abhay. Abhay drives. Raj stops him and says I know you are ill, the hotel in which you stayed, it had virus, your family is also infected. Abhay tells Raj about his neighbor, she is an air hostess. Raj asks Amit to stop the exposed person. Amit and team stop her on time.

Dr. Bomik calls Aditya. Aditya thinks its Devyaani. Dr. Bomik says I m her dad, I feel we did wrong with her. Aditya says I tried to talk to her. Dr. Bomik says Dr. Mehta took Dhruv’s blood samples before he died, but we need time to test Jai’s theory, and takes help from Aditya. He warns about virus news spreading in morning, and we have to put health bill on hold, we need support of pharma companies. Aditya says don’t worry, I thought of it, ATU is close to catch Roshan, his daughter is with us, I m sure this situation will be in control. Dr. Bomik says thats great news, our daughters are our strengths and weaknesses. Aditya says I wish I could meet Devyaani at hotel, but I won’t be allowed. Dr. Bomik says you are PM, I m her dad, I will meet her. Prithvi goes. Antara calls him and says I wanted to hear your voice. He says I m glad to hear you in this madness. She asks for his support and trust. He says we will be face everything together. Shinde can’t harm you. She ends call and cries.

Vasu talks to captain. Captain asks themto reach fast. Zaara tells Mihir that Vasu used his phone, but for short time, I did not get locations. Mihir tests the location of the man with whom Vasu spoke. Zaara calls Jai and gives him update. A maid comes and greets Shinde. She sees him not responding. She runs out to Antara. She says come with me, Shinde maybe, he is no more. Antara acts to be shocked and rushes to see. She sees Shinde and checks him. She cries.

Zaara and Mihir tell Jai about the place. Jai asks his team to switch of mobiles and walkies, we will communicate in just signs. Roshan reaches the harbor. Maddy tells about Vaidehi’s location. Vasu asks how will I identity her, she was 3 years old when I saw her last time. Maddy says there is an idea, we can be safe. She downloads software in Roshan’s phone and says ask Vaidehi to download this link on her phone. Roshan calls Vaidehi. Siddharth asks Kiran to answer the call. Roshan asks Vaidehi to download the link in her phone. She downloads. Kiran gets shocked seeing the call changing to video call. Roshan sees Kiran and says Vaidehi, I m seeing you after many years, Vasu will come to take you, he can’t come to your house, you go to the nearby park and Vasu will pick you, are you scared. Kiran says no. Roshan says we will meet soon. He asks Vasu to go to jogger’s park.

Bomik meets Devyaani and says I came here as I m worried for you. She asks did you come as you got worried or to keep an eye on me that I m making plan with Dhruv. He says its bad news, Dhruv died. She argues and says you did not trust me. He apologizes. Veer looks on. He asks how much will you punish us, situation is changing, Roshan will get caught, you don’t need to stay here. She says I m needed here, I m here out of my own choice, you have to understand this, thanks for coming, I need to go. She gives medicine to Veer. Veer says you said your dad does not care for you, he is here just for you, I may not meet my dad now, but you have chance and time to join relations, don’t waste it.

Kiran gets ready. Siddharth asks her to keep the tracker, our agents are in park and will atch Vasu, wear this hood so that Vasu identifies you late, park is just 2mins away, don’t worry. Kiran leaves. Dr. Dixit gives message to Bomik from Aditya. Bomik says I will reach PMO in some time. Medic team guy collides with Bomik. Bomik’s medic suit breaks. Devyaani looks on. Bomik leaves.

Kiran reaches the park. She looks for Vasu. ATU agents keep an eye on her. Siddharth talks to agent about Kiran. Agent says she is jogging, everything is fine. Vasu takes Kiran from there. Agent says Kiran is not seen. Vasu says Vaidehi, I m Vasu. Everyone try to find Kiran. Vasu makes Kiran change the jacket and takes her. He says sorry Vaidehi, was that your fav jacket. She says no, it had my phone. Someone else runs as Kiran in the park and fools ATU.

Zaara informs Siddharth that Vasu has taken Kiran. Siddharth scolds the agents at park and calls them jokers. Aditya and Prithvi get news that Shinde died by heart attack. Roshan asks Vaidehi, not to worry, its all fine. Kiran worries. Antara tells Prithvi that she killed Shinde. He gets shocked. Jai and his team proceeds. Jai says no one will do anything without my command.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. jai family is completely trapped in roshan mission…. so pity of Kiran…

  2. Thanks amena for the update. ..

  3. Shrutipriya

    First Veer and now Kiran the whole family is trapped. Jai lost his wife in the first season and now I don’t want him to lose anyone. ATU officers are really jokers tjey can’t even see who was under that jacket. I don’t really think that Mallick is dead there are only four episodes left and I don’t want Veer to die. I think Devyani is hiding something. Dhruv died just few minutes after she met him. Let’s hope for the best. But I really don’t want Jai to get hurt. But ab Kiran ka kya hoga..???

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