Twenty Four (24) Season 2 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 1st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Following takes place between 6am and 7am. Raj tells about the teams splitting. Jai says its morning, we have to careful, we will cover this building first, we have to catch him alive, none will do anything without my command. Roshan asks Maddy about Vaidehi. She says I m monitoring the frequencies, she will be here in 10mins. She searches for Vaidehi’s details by putting Kiran’s pic. Kiran is tensed and on the way with Vasu.

Aditya and Prithvi get the bad news of Shinde’s death by heart attack in sleep. Aditya says we will come to talk to minister in some time. Prithvi says I have to be with Antara right now. Aditya says you going alone won’t be fine, I will talk to mom, go with her, we will manage this work. Prithvi goes.

Jai, Vedant and the team proceed and reach the dock. They look through binoculars. Shivani’s mum asks Kabir to get ready for school. She packs his bag and calls Shivani. Siddharth gets the call on Shivani’s phone. He holds his head and worries. He answers the call. She asks who is it, I m Shivani’s Maa. He says Siddharth. She says you have her phone. He says I came to ATU for some work, she is in field and forgot her phone in office. She asks when will she come back, she did not come at night, I need to talk something imp. He asks can I do something. She asks what will you help, we learnt to live without your help, tell Shivani about PTM at Kabir’s school, Shivani has to attend, its imp, don’t answer her calls on her phone, you lost his right. He says yes. Zaara comes and says Sir, its something urgent. He goes.

She says its big problem, Vasu took Kiran from the park, trackers are in park. Siddharth asks agent Das how can he lose Kiran, she is a civilian. Das says Vasu made some other girl wear Kiran’s jacket, he paid the girl saying he is testing jogging apps. Siddharth asks do you call yourselves agents, jokers, idiots, find Kiran. He asks Zaara to get the video feeds, I have to inform Jai. She says there is no communication with Jai’s team. He says I don’t care, find her. Jai sees Roshan and signs the team. Kiran worries.

At 6.19am, Vasu reaches the dock with Kiran. Vedant gets shocked seeing Kiran and passes binoculars to Jai. Jai sees Kiran ad gets shocked too. Vedant says how did Kiran reach here, our operation got compromised Jai. Jai says you cover me Vedant. Jai goes towards Roshan. Roshan opens arms and asks Vaidehi to come. Vedant shoots a goon and protects Jai. Roshan says don’t be scared, Vaidehi, come. Jai shoots and beats the men. Roshan asks who is it, and alerts the goons. Jai catches Kiran and says don’t move, else I will kill her. Roshan says don’t do anything to her, none will shoot, she is my daughter. Jai says down the guns. Roshan keeps the gun and asks the goons to keep guns down. Roshan says let her go Jai, its not her mistake.

Jai says it was not Shivani’s mistake, or that 400 people in hotel, I admit she is innocent, but you made me helpless, tell me where are other four tubes of virus, else I will shoot her. Roshan says wait, I have two tubes here and two are in city. He asks goon to get the tubes. He says Jai, leave Vaidehi. Jai gets the box and checks it. He asks Roshan the location of other tubes. Roshan asks Maddy to say two locations to Jai. Maddy sees Kiran’s details, that she is Jai’s daughter. Roshan asks Maddy to come fast. Maddy keeps a gun and goes out. She goes to Roshan. She says she is Jai’s daughter, not yours. Roshan gets shocked. Maddy shoots at Jai and Kiran. Kiran gets shot at her hand. Jai and Kiran get behind the car. ATU team comes and counters Roshan’s goons. Roshan escapes. Jai calls Vedant and says Roshan is nearby, seal the building.

Minister says we did not say many people, we have to inform media. Naina says he was strong man, it’s a shock, I will always remember her. Prithvi smiles seeing Naina’s lies. Naina asks how is Antara, did anyone talk to her. The man says she locked herself in room and not coming out, she went in shock. Naina asks did she say anything. The man says nothing. Naina says I will try to talk to her, my husband also left me this way, maybe she can talk to me. She asks where is her room. The man says that way…. Naina goes.

Kiran is treated. Jai asks are you fine, luckily bullet just touched your hand. Siddharth calls Jai and says Kiran… Jai says we will talk that later, one imp thing, we got two virus tubes, Roshan’s goons are shot, Roshan and his techie Maddy have hidden in dock, where is the backup team and send satellite feed on my phone.

Driver tells Bomik that its his daughter’s entrance exam, I had to drop her, I will say I can’t come, she will manage. Bomik says no, give keys to security, wish her best of luck from my side. Antara is in her room. Naina comes to meet her. She asks where is my watch. Antara says I need to talk to Prithvi. Naina says don’t be mad. Antara says the same. Naina says give me my watch first. Antara shouts where is Prithvi. Maid asks is everything fine. Naina says yes. Maid goes. Naina asks Antara to listen. Antara shouts. Naina goes.

Roshan and Maddy hide. Maddy says we can’t leave from here Roshan. Aditya and Bomik talk to a doctor. Bomik starts coughing and leaves. Aditya says sorry, we will connected with you later. Aditya goes to check Bomik and asks are you fine. Bomik says yes, I m fine. Aditya says I will follow up with WHO. Bomik says I should go to lab, maybe I find some breakthrough, I met Devyaani at the hotel, she is annoyed with me, if possible, you talk to her, she will feel better, I will leave. Aditya hugs him. Bomik leaves.

Siddharth is sad seeing Shivani and Kabir’s pic. Staff asks for his sign for Maya’s release orders. Jai makes Kiran sit in the car. Jai says Roshan is hiding here, block the exits, he has no more options. Kiran says Papa, I m going to hotel to meet Veer, take care, love you Papa. He says okay, love you too. She leaves.

Maya asks can I leave now. Siddharth gives the papers and says this was conditional apology letter that you will help ATU in catching Roshan. She says I helped you, I have said whatever I knew. Siddharth says no, if you said on time, then my wife would have been alive today. She asks where is Jai. He tears the papers and says you can’t meet Jai. She says you all are playing game with me, you all are fooling me. Siddharth says take her to jail. She says I will take revenge from Jai, ATU has to pay a price for this. She is taken away.

Naina tells Prithvi that he can’t stay there for much time, try your best, get Antara out, she is in shock, she can say and do anything. Prithvi goes to Antara. She hugs him. He says its all over Antara, now everything will get fine, what could be better than he died in death. She says I killed him. He gets shocked and asks what. She says yes, I killed him.

Maddy asks Roshan not to make a call, ATU will know our location. He says exact location. She says you can die, I will leave. Roshan holds her neck and says stay here if you want to be alive. He calls someone and asks is work over. Zaara gets Roshan’s location and sends to Jai. Jai asks the team to go to other team. Maddy asks what now. Roshan says wait for ATU. Mihir gives delta team’s updates to Siddharth. Zaara says Roshan is still there.

Raj says we have snipers at the roof. Jai says cover me, none will enter till I sign. Raj seals the building exits. Jai shoots at the goons. He signs the team to come. He calls out Roshan and says its tough for you to get saved now, surrender yourself, come out, don’t forget your daughter is still in our clutches, come out, else we will attack. Roshan and Maddy hear him.

Devyaani calls Aditya and talks to him. He says thanks for calling back. She says its big tragedy, I can see that. He says situation is under control, ATU is managing everything, I don’t think others will get infected. She says that’s good, but we can’t do anything for the people infected here. He asks did you get to know about Dhruv. She says yes, dad told me. He says sorry, would have come there, but security issues, can’t you come here. She says I m needed here, I may come after giving brief to volunteer’s new batch. He asks her to surely come. Devyaani tells Soumya that she has to go to PM. Soumya says I will call the car.

Vedant and Jai sign the team. They shoot smoke cans into the building. Roshan asks Maddy to come. They run. He sends some link by his phone. Siddharth gets the link on his phone and checks. He gets shocked seeing Kabir and Shivani’s mum caught by Roshan’s men and kept at gunpoint. ATU team blasts the door and gets inside. Roshan calls Siddharth. Siddharth scolds him and says if anything happens to my son… Roshan says ATU is coming inside my building, if you don’t send them back, I will send your son’s such video which you can’t see. He asks his man to remove Kabir’s eye. Siddharth says stop, I will do something.

Roshan asks him to send dockyard’s live satellite feed. Siddharth worries for Kabir and sends the satellite feed to Roshan. Maddy gets the feed and says ATU team is still there. Roshan says they will leave. Siddharth calls Abhishek and asks the team to switch to other channel, Roshan may have hacked. He asks them to come to building’s front. Abhishek says Jai is there. Siddharth says Jai is inside building, maybe he is not getting feeds, take the unit and go there, Roshan should not be lost. Abhishek and team leaves. Roshan gets the way clear.

Soumya asks Devyaani to come. Devyaani did not see her medical suit pipe broken. Roshan and Maddy run out. Abhishek and team reach the building entrance. Roshan flees with Maddy. Jai and his team does not get Roshan on any floor. Jai asks Abhishek what are you doing here. Abhishek says Siddharth has told me about seeing Roshan at front side. Jai asks what, go to your position. Abhishek leaves. Jai calls Siddharth and asks why did you move Abhishek from his position. Siddharth says I gave orders by the info I got, I will handle it, maybe my team did mistake. Jai says its wrong info, find out who gave wrong lead, I m commanding officer here. Siddharth says ya I will check.

At 6.55, ATU looks for Roshan. Jai calls Vedant. Vedant says we did not get Roshan. Zaara asks how is Roshan not there. Siddharth asks are you sure we tracked right building. Mihir says we will see how he escaped. Siddharth says I will see that, you scan the area. Siddharth goes to his desk and checks feeds. He erases the satellite imagery. Roshan calls him. Siddharth says I did what I said, where is my son. Roshan says you will get him when I get my son. Siddharth says I can’t get her, she is in ATU. Roshan says you are the head, make plan to get Vaidehi out. Siddharh gets call from Aditya. Aditya asks is this true that Roshan fled. Siddharth says yes. Aditya says ATU has his exact location, how did this happen, I want to increase Vaidehi’s security, Roshan will try to free her, keep me posted. Siddharth says I know yes.

Jai asks Mihir about Roshan fleeing. Mihir says I m trying to get backup feed. Jai says fine, upload on the phone. Jai asks Abhishek to continue patrolling. Vedant asks Jai did Maddy hack ATU’s satellite feed. Jai says its not so easy Vedant, something is wrong.

Vedant says we got Shivani’s body. Jai asks does Siddharth know this. Siddharth takes Vaidehi and says I m ATU head, I came to take you. Vedant asks Mihir to check on Siddharth. Mihir says he is not in his cabin. Jai says lockdown ATU. Aditya says I m just making Roshan feel sad, I will not negotiate with him. Bomik gets infected by virus. Kiran goes to meet Veer wearing the broken medic suit. Devyaani sees Aditya’s nose bleeding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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