Twenty Four (24) Season 2 18th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 18th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 3am and 4am. Maya says Haroon used me, but he has never hidden this. Jai goes and tells Shivani and Zaara about Anjali Sharma. Zaara tells about some lead, Anjali’s address. Siddharth asks do you think we will get her. Jai says we can find her, the address is close. Zaara says she is like celebrity. Mihir says she has come to Mumbai, and tells her number. Shivani asks them to connect to Anjali. She calls Anjali and says I m Shivani, Anti Terrorist Unit. Anjali asks is this any joke, I think you caught the wrong person, I m fashion designer and came last week. Shivani says I wanted to know about Roshan, we know he sends you money every month. Anjali says he is in jail.

Shivani says he has run away today morning, you would have spoken to him. Anjali says no, I did not meet him since years. Zaara says we got her location, we will trace her if she calls anyone. Anjali calls Vasu and tells him about ATU’s Shivani call, if she comes here then… I m in Mumbai and Shivani knows a lot. Vasu says she won’t know, I m close, I will come there. Mihir says we got her location, the number is on Vasudev’s name. Siddharth says Roshan’s right hand Vasu. Jai tells Shivani that they reached Anjali’s building. Vasu meets Anjali and asks her to come with him to Roshan. Roshan calls Vasu and talks to Anjali.

Anjali asks whats happening. Roshan says I m hearing your voice after a long time, I wish I could meet you. She says I will come with Vasu and meet you. He says its very late now, forgive me for what I m going to do. She asks what. Vasu kills her and asks Roshan what to do now. Roshan sees Jai coming to Anjali’s building and asks Vasu to escape. Vasu leaves. Jai comes to Anjali’s flat and sees her dead. Jai tells Vedant that she is dead, it means Roshan has reached here, the shooter will be still around. Vasu says I can go to neighbor building terrace, Anjali was saying Shivani called her. Roshan asks him where s virus tubes, you will fix one tube at station, I will tell you what to do. Vasu says fine, and leaves.

Vedant tells Jai that watchman is sleeping and did not see anyone coming. Roshan calls on Anjali’s landline and asks Jai how do you feel being behind today, setup the call and make me talk to Aditya. Jai says I won’t. Roshan asks him to do this, as he has five virus tubes. Jai asks him to hold. Prithvi asks Aditya to talk to Roshan, Jai called and said Roshan wants to talk to you. Roshan greets Aditya and says I planned another virus attack, this time at crowded place.

Jai asks Roshan what do you want. Roshan says fine, you are in hurry, I will tell you virus location to stop the virus release, you have to give me Shivani’s death in one hour, I want her dead body at my location. Aditya refuses. Roshan asks him to see hotel people once and think how many people will die, entire Mumbai city and India will be affected by virus, you have 5mins, I will call again, think well and answer me PM. He ends call.

Jai worries. Aditya tells Jai that I m not going to accept Roshan’s demand, why does he want to kill Shivani, not anyone else. Jai says he wants to take revenge, I think we should agree to him, we can get some time and make backup plan. Aditya says fine, but nothing should happen to Shivani. Roshan calls them again. Aditya asks whats guarantee that you won’t release virus after meeting your demand. Roshan says maybe I won’t, if you say no, I will release virus for sure, tell me Shivani’s death or millions of people. Jai asks what to do. Roshan asks him to shoot Shivani, I will tell later when and where to kill her. Jai asks Vedant to come along, they are going to ATU, Roshan wants Shivani’s death instead one tube of virus. Vedant gets shocked.

Vasu calls Roshan and says I reached, what to do now. Roshan says fix tube and set timer of 45min, come back, there is much work. Jai and Vedant come to ATU and see Shivani. She goes to them and asks what happened Jai. Jai tells her Roshan’s demand. She asks what is he asking. Jai says he is blackmailing us. Vedant says its not sure he will give us virus tube if we agree. She asks what does he want. Jai says your death in next one hour, he wants me to do this. She gets shocked. Jai gets the video of the virus timer, and tells Vedant that they have just 40mins now.

Siddharth interrogates Devyaani. She says he came to meet me. He asks about her engagement in London, he was linked to underworld and was working with dealers. She says I did not know it, the Dhruv I knew, he was a good guy. He asks why did you break engagement then. She says I was 18 years old, we realized after engagement that we were not right for each other, we remained good friends. He asks did you meet me. She says you can think anything, we are just friends. He says I m not asking you to trouble you, 400 people in hotel are going to die because of Dhruv. She says I m doctor and I also worry for them, I came to cooperate, I won’t bear it if you deal with me as a criminal.

Shivani tells everyone about Roshan’s threatening, we have one lead. Jai gives the video feed. Shivani says we have to stop the virus release and we have 38 mins now. Zaara says its impossible to find location. Shivani says then call Roshan and ask him to release virus. Zaara says sorry, I mean we can try. Shivani says don’t say impossible, you wasted one min. Jai asks Zaara to magnify the video feed. Vedant shows the reflection on the glass. Jai says its same machine which is at railway station, it means Roshan placed virus at some station.

Roshan asks the man to get video clearly to show entire country. Dr. Dixit tells Veer that Gyan does not have much time, be strong, you can’t see him. Veer goes to meet Gyan. Gyan says those people can’t bear this pain, you know what you have to do, call Shivani. Shivani gets Veer’s call. Veer tells her that hotel situation got worse. She says I can understand, we are doing what we can. He says we can use cyanide capsules, we have stock at ATU. She says I can’t give this permission. He says if you could see Gyan’s state, you would have not said this. Gyan coughs and falls down. Veer tells Shivani that Gyan is dead. Shivani recalls Gyan’s words. Veer sees Chang suffering.

Zaara gives the train schedules and crowded station list. Jai asks her to scan the locations, maybe they find some lead. Shivani tells Jai that Gyan is no more. Everyone get upset. Mihir and Zaara cry and hug.

Siddharth asks is this a joke, what nonsense, why will we agree to Roshan, why does he want to kill Shivani. He says he wants to take revenge as we caught him last time, he wants Jai to kill me. Siddharth says he won’t give virus tube even if we agree. Maddy tells Roshan that they are monitoring train station cams. Roshan asks her to stop them and gets angry on Jai. Zaara tells about the train station cam hacked and sending new feeds. Jai asks her to find new machines. Roshan calls Jai and says its impossible to find virus, ask your people not to find virus tube, Shivani will die today. Jai sees Shivani and goes. Zaara says someone from Roshan is blocking us to see feeds, Roshan can know it if I try. Jai says Roshan got to know of it, do something if you can without letting Roshan know, else don’t do anything. Zaara tells Mihir that there is something, even Jai is worried.

Shivani sees Kabir’s pic and cries. Jai asks her not to worry, they have got many threatening calls before, wear this bullet proof jacket. Zaara gets the lead and tells about Roshan’s location. Siddharth asks Vedant to leave with the team. Jai asks the team to scan the weighing machines at Dadar station. Siddharth tells Jai about Roshan’s location, they got to know by his bank transaction. Roshan calls Jai and says its time to kill Shivani, reach with her, many people will die, get her. Jai says it was Roshan’s call, I will get car. Siddharth asks Shivani not to go, we found Roshan, and virus will be traced too.

Shivani says I have to go, we can’t take chance, if anything happens to me, take care of Kabir and Maa. He says nothing such will happen, you will catch Roshan as you did before, I know you will kick me out of this office tomorrow morning. She leaves with Jai. Siddharth gets worried for her. Abhishek tells Vedant that he is 10mins away from station and will send updates. Vedant talks to Zaara and Mihir, and asks them to take approval from Siddharth, Shivani is busy right now.

Aditya calls Shivani. She says Jai and I left to reach Roshan’s given address. Aditya says I have no words, I admire your courage. She says our team is close to Roshan, we will control everything. He says yes, you are a role model for all agents, we will talk again soon. Siddharth calls Jai and tells about Vedant going to Roshan’s address. Vedant and team reach the building. Maddy and Roshan reach the video feed of station. Vedant says we are going by stairs, and shoots some guards at the building. Shivani says I told Dhruv about making him exposed to virus, but he did not get scared. He asks her not to worry and not think anything. Maddy says someone has breached firewall, they would have checked our database.

Roshan says will they reach us. Maddy says we can’t take chance, we have to reboot system. Vedant says we are close to Roshan. Roshan calls Jai and says you did not agree to me. Jai says we are reaching, tell me what to do. Roshan tells him to wait near the building gate. Vedant blasts the door, and shouts Roshan is not here, its just a fake info sender. Roshan sees Jai and Shivani in the car, and says you did not know me well. Abhishek checks the feed to find the weigh machine, and says we lost camera feed of the station, we can’t stop virus on time. Some shooters aim at Shivani and Jai. Shivani says I don’t think we can do anything now and gets down the car. Roshan calls Jai. Jai asks what are you doing this. Roshan says you are feeling scared now, right? Even I used to feel this every moment in jail, when I saw Haroon dying.

Jai shouts kill me if you want to take revenge. Shivani tells Roshan that he will get what he wants, tell me exact location of virus, else I won’t go ahead. Roshan says fine, I will tell you where is the virus, its in weighing machine on platform number 4. He asks Jai to tell his team not to reach that weighing machine, I m seeing it by 5 cameras, if anyone sees it, I will release virus by detonator, Shivani come ahead now, in the middle of the godown. Shivani goes ahead. Jai tells Abhishek to take team to platform number 3, stay alert.

At 3.54am, Jai and Shivani go inside the godown. She says tell Siddharth that Kabir has allergy with groundnuts, give him my phone, it has message for Kabir. She cries. Roshan asks Jai to put phone on speaker, get the pistol out. Jai cries. Shivani says you gave me training, and taught me to live and die for country, when I got a chance, just do it, we can’t afford that Roshan kills thousands of people, come on, what happened to me, I have to do this if you can’t. Roshan says no, Jai has to kill you. He sees them on live feed and asks Shivani to get on her knees. Shivani cries and sits on knees. Roshan asks Jai to aim gun at her head. Jai’s hand gets shaken up. Shivani holds his hand and makes him put gun at her head. She hugs Kabir’s pic and closes eyes. Roshan asks Jai to pull the trigger. Jai cries seeing her. She says I m ready. She sees Kabir and her mum, and smiles. Kabir waves bye to her. Shivani cries and waves to him. Jai shoots her down.

Siddharth asks Jai how did you do this. Jai says Shivani… Siddharth beats Jai and asks don’t dare to take her name. Siddharth cries for Shivani. ATU gets to know of Shivani’s death. Devyaani meets Dhruv and says many people will die, virus got released and holds his hand. Veer gets the cyanide capsules sent by Shivani. Jai tells Vedant that this mission will end with Roshan, and maybe this is our last mission. Jai and Vedant take the team and reach Roshan’s new place, while Roshan is trying to make a deal with foreigners to sell the virus.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Was it necessary to kill Shivaniji to prove her loyalty and patriotism pl give some good example to follow not sacrifice by death

  2. Shakshi you are just truly amazing. I am a big fan of yours. Your acting skill just superb. I literally cried while you were saying bye to your son. I love you don’t die .

  3. Where is 24th September 2016 written update?

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