TU’s Ooshi and her craziness (must be read by all)

TU’s Ooshi and her craziness
(Must read by all hopefully it will be little informative or good or entertaining for all)
😊😊😊 After a long time I am going to do craziness here and I am very happy for it. It’s like Laddus are lying in my heart.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa RahmatulLahi Wa Barakatuh (for Muslims) and Salam (for non Muslims). Don’t get offended please.
So starting with the reason actually I am going on a break of some months from all social sites including Facebook (maybe because it’s free so possibly I will be there but may be not) so before going thought to give a treat to all my family members (but there will be some choosed people (by God) who will read my article including many people from my whatsapp chat list as I will share the link of my article there too).
As it’s all started by thoughts when I was eating so at the moment there was revolving a recent matter valetine’s day. Now the article will take a religious turn but all read it it’s not offending type. Indeed have knowledge/information. Maybe U don’t know that.
O Muslims we are Muslims. And should not celebrate this day because it’s history/ reason is against Islamic teachings. Now maybe there will be some people who doesn’t knows the history so I am totally going to tell U all all details (I know).
There was a christian named valentine and he allowed the people to have physical relation without marriage. And he was hanged for it. So the people started celebrating the day of his punishment as valentine’s day. And it has the worst (to us) meaning and activities in European countries.
Now the simple and innocent hearts who doesn’t knows the history of it and the people who knows it’s history celebrate it as a day of Love,so as I used to before knowing it’s history, if that’s the case and if U still wants to celebrate it with taking the thinking of valentine to be wrong or not actually following his thinking then instead of saying happy valentine’s day say I Love U my Dear and don’t say it once in a year but once in a weak at least as the person whom U say this is Ur partner in life whether it’s mother, brother, sister or whoever. And do U know that person’s role in Ur life. That person’s existence in Ur life makes Ur life easy, U know that there’s a person with whom U can share everything of Ur life. Who is always with U but in all this a truth we neglects is the person will not be with U always and then U will get tensions/sadness and the reason of not getting tensions/sadness before was that person’s existence. While sharing Ur life with that person U shared Ur tensions with him/her so U never got tension as there was someone to share Ur life’s burden but now there’s no one with whom U can share Ur LIFE burden. It’s extended so the conclusion is say I Love U my____ once in a week at least. And saying I Love U once in a week (at least) will not make U resemble any non Muslim even if U say it on 14 feb.
And not do what world do but do what U should do indeed what Ur religions says U to do and the same for non Muslims. Follow Ur religion to the extent U find Ur religion to bring simplicity in Ur life. As per Muslims all teachings of Islam brings simplicity and peace in life although it’s not easy to follow that teachings because the teachings demands from Muslims not to get lazy and demands sacrifice of their wishes. So now it’s Muslims’ choice does they want to bring peace in their life or wants to continue with their wishes.
Now it’s my turn to define myself and there’s one thing about myself which I specifically want to say. So the thing is
I have the feature/ability to adjust with the circumstances but I don’t have the feature to change. Changing is not my nature. I doesn’t like to have this break but I made my mind to have it between when I was thinking to write these lines I remembered that in this break I will not be able to continue my serials I follow through written updates but let’s leave it. The point to be noted in it is I was thinking about not being there on whatsapp and Facebook and didn’t even remembered it and when was thinking to share the news at my home with my family I remembered I will not be able to continue with serials.
And my this feature is an alarm for all specially Bhai and Habeebee. About TU I have told it many times on TU that TU will never get rid of it’s Ooshi so as with Bhai and I will never leave my Habeebee ever.
Again telling my TU that as there’s a treat before the break the same way there will be a treat when I will be back. Between don’t U dare to think that U get rid of me. In between I really want TU to be a human for my such talks but it’s just a forum but still I will be here always as…. (list is veryyy… long so use dots).
In between my Dear heartily friends (specially MB this short form can understand by MB and Habeebee) will reading that what craziness there Ooshi is doing here but don’t worry. It’s not the first time. I used to do craziness here and had done much already so my home is used to it now.
At the end
Love U Bhai.
Love U Habeebee.
Love U and miss U Di.
Love my Vishkanya family and miss them.
Love my Home. Love TU.
Love U my children. (Not actually)
And last but not least
Love U my Friends.

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