Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 22 : When She Enters The Hell Like a Tigress

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Chapter 22

When She Enters The Hell Like a Tigress

Gauri returned back to the room to see him freshened up and lay on the bed wide awake .Keeping Her phone on the night stand She lays on the other side of the bed .They Need to Catch some sleep .Both lay in two sides lost in their own world they did not have a wink of sleep .She moves her head to other side to find her looking at him without a word he stretches his left hand for her to moving in glaring at him nevertheless she goes into his arms The only place she felt safe and ya being in his arms is the only way to doze off . Om tightens his hold around her as she buries her face in the crook of his neck inhaling his aroma enfolding herself more into him relishing the moment ..He takes a deep sigh and lets out a chuckle as Gauri looks up frowning .She cocks her brows as he tells “Am I Forgiven ?” …”No” She counters back and goes back to her position as he chuckles loudly enveloping her more into him Kissing her forehead as her lips curve up  .His Wife is an enigma  .

She Looks at her Form in the mirror .Dressing in a White Shirt Neatly tucked in With Black tight jeans with a belt wrapped around her waist , Her Long Wavy Hair Loosely braided and pulled to a side with few fringes left out she was all set for her meeting . “Let’s Start ” She breathes out taking her phone from the nightstand placing a kiss on Om’s forehead who is in a slumber she leaves to meet her worst nightmare .

She Takes a Deep breathe standing out in front of the godown .. She walks in With her head high putting up a brave facade …”uff Chirrayai ..Welcome to the cage my birdie ” Kali laughs out sitting in the middle with thirty men surrounding him sideways in a circle as Gauri looks straight into his eyes fuming …Kali eyes her from top to her bottom with his lustful eyes as Gauri bristles …”Itni gussa not good for health birdie ” he laughs out laughing seeing her going red in anger …            


“Let’s Get into matter ” Gauri comes directly to the point …” Hmmm so Where is your bodyguard …That B**d ” he spats out in disgust as Gauri throws daggers at him …”Don’t you dare speak a word against him…She yells back …”Calm down birdie ..save your energy ..we have a long way to go ” he tells her lustily …”Ohh So Mr.Thakur Yep …You are right We have a long way but it is you who needs the energy Thakur sahib ” She laughs out …”So much Confidence Chirrayai  ..No one is here to save you ..you know that right? “…”Kali ..I myself is enough to protect me …I guess you remember our En..Coun…ters” She tells him with a smirk  emphasising the Last word more as Kali closes his as the visuals come a past him …

He let’s out a sarcastic laugh “Oh I see you can escape with thirty men surrounding you that too they are carrying guns do you know that?”…”Oh you sure it’s thirty around you Thakurji?” She smirks as he looks at her laughing ” oh Chirrayai …Seeing me you did not go mad right?”…Gauri ignores the question as She asks him “What evidence were you talking about from the last few weeks ?” She comes to the point …”Patience Birdie ” …”Kali I do not have time to waste my precious time with b****d like you ” she tells with her lips curved up as Kali Fumes in anger standing up pushing away the chair he walks forward glaring at her …Standing in front of her he furiously yells “How dare you call me a b****d?” …As Gauri Chuckles making his anger rise …”Ohh ..Bravery ahaan …Let’s cut your feathers “…he tells with a smirk …he claps his both hands within seconds Gauri is held on Gun point by One of his men as the other rest point the gun towards her side surrounding her … as Gauri’s eyes goes wide…

“Kali please …Let’s have talk ..No guns just verbally… Kali ..tell them to take away…I am scared…Kali please ” She begs him on the verge of tears as Kali starts laughing like a manic “This is what i want ? ..Beg chirrayai…fall on my feet for your life…plead …come on ..come on…” …”Kali please” Gauri starts crying as Kali laughs seeing her in distress …”My avenge just started chirrayai “… 

In turn Gauri starts laughing out loud as Kali looks at her shocked …and Smirks “Did you go insane ?” Kali asks her …unable to stop laughing She tries to talk in between …”What do you think your are ? …For me to go freakingly insane ?…” She asks him with sniggering …She continues not letting him speak ..”Kali..Kali…Poor you I guess you have gone old you know …that’s why you are forgetting my words?” … “What do you mean ?” Kali asks confused … as Gauri laughs “You sure you have thirty men ?” While Kali looks at Shocked at First and his lips curve upward “Yes “as Kali says his eyes goes wide spellbound seeing the scene in front of him .

The Guns Direction turns to his side …Surrounding Kali as Gauri Gives a Lopsided grin seeing his feared expression as Kali stutters “What the hell?…You are my men ..Shoot her ?” He points at Gauri While ..”Correction Thakur Sahib ..They were your men a day before now they are my men “…”How?” Kali Whispers as Gauri takes her sit crossing her legs in front of him …”Just Like you brought my men i brought yours ” she tells him …as She continues “Idiot you paid my men a few bucks while i doubled their pay ” She tells him pointing out the people around her as Kali grits his teeth …”You blo*dy sadaks …feeding on my money ..How dare you back stab me ?” he yells at them as Gauri laughs “Money Thakur …Money “…

“You” He yells at Gauri …”Sssh Thakur …Anger is not good for health ” She throws back his words …”So let’s start ” She tells him as Kali fumes …”Why did you kill my father?” She asks him as Kali gives a sly grin “What makes you think i would answer Missus ? Moreover I guess i have told you who killed Mr.Khanna ” …Gauri fumes losing her patience “Answer you dammit ?” …”Never” …Gauri moves forward and Slaps right across his face as Kali seethes and raises his hand but by two men captivates him either ways holding him …   “Do you think i am gonna believe that crap ? I know him ..he will never do that ” …”Ohh so much trust chirrayai ” ..a punch lands on his nose …as blood drips from Kali’s nose due to the punch of GKS  Forcing him to yell in pain and go on his knees as the men held him . 

Gauri kneels on her one leg as She laughs “Oh Thakur Didn’t I tell you that you need energy ..never underestimate the power of GKS ..Once learned Never forgotten ..Seems like you gotta bad memory power …Let’s rewind to Few years back …” as Kali spats out the blood from his mouth …”Oh Thakur is your left leg fine ?” She asks him with a sly grin as Kali scowls at her remembering . 

“Kali please Leave me ..please Kali ..Let me go ” Gauri pleads him as he drags her across the haveli the first time she had come to bareilly with Khanna ..Gauri decided to have a look around alone thus attracting the eyes of Kali as he captivates her at the moment   …dragging across her along the hall he pushes her in the bed locking the room he slyly walks forward as Gauri scrambles to the end of the bed …as Kali nears her he was about to pull her to himself as Gauri pushes him down making him falling flat on his butt as she takes hold of the gun which was placed on the side table …clutching it tightly with her both hands she points at him with shivering hands as she stutters “Let me go…or i will shoot ” ..She tries to move out of the room while Kali laughs getting up from the floor “You will shoot me?” He asks her in a challenging tone as She nods daringly …”Come on Birdie..Shoot me ..” he encourages her as he steps forward as Gauri moves backward sweat forming across her forehead dripping down across her temple as she tightens her hold around the gun …”Don’t move forward i’ll shoot “…”Shoot Birdie..I am waiting” he opens his arms taking a step forward …The Bullet punched it’s way across his left leg causing a gaping hole that quickly filled with blood gushing out as Gauri opened her eyes shocked ..She had shot him not once but thrice …Kali falls to the ground yelping in pain as he was soaked in red …throwing the gun far way in fear Gauri opens the Door and leaves the place running far way possible from the monster .

Kali clenches his jaws Gauri Smirks ” I hope it is fine Thakur ..Sahiiib ” She prolongs the sentence as Kali closes his eyes in disgust ..His having an artificial limb on his left leg because of this girl who dared to slay him…as Gauri smiles looking at him tormented …

“How is your right leg Thakur…ji.?” She asks concerned as He Clenches his teeth …Remembering the time She had shot him and escaped during Khanna’s Deceasing Time But luckily for him it did not cause a huge loss except he had to be bed ridden for almost a year .

“oh Kali …Where did you get this scars for your ugly face she continues ” taking out her gun which she had safely placed inside her socks in the right ankle running around his face as Kali tries to pounce on her but held back by the men holding him…”Remember…go goo…back in time ..” She tells him hurriedly batting her eyelashes …As Kali clenches his knuckles …After Searching her for years he had found her in the chawl ..as he entered her house the daring women did not flinched a second in fear seeing him instead she had been dauntlessly slit a piece of glass across his face leaving a scar behind thus escaping his clutches .

“Can Remember?” She asks chirpily a he groans in anger …”But Kali Where I went wrong was I never knew that my men can be taken for money …i had choreographed perfectly that day remember the marriage day .. i got late from work knowing that i would not get a rickshaw through my men i passed the information of me being out in the open knowing even at least two would be traitors but everyone turn out to be traitors instead of killing you they joined hands with you  in kidnapping ..very bad “..She twitches her lips disappointed …Sitting front of him …”But Thakur GKS is not the one to accept defeat so easily …when they took me to the mandap …Did you notice that i had a piece of Glass ?” She asks him with a twinkle in her eyes as Kali’s eyes goes wide “You were planning to slit my neck ?” he asks bewildered as Gauri claps her hands “yes Thakur good guess ..what did you think that i’ll commit suicide …if i had wanted to die why wait for so long..i wanted to take my revenge of killing my father “…”You are joking do you think that you could kill me?” Kali asks her sternly …a trigger sound is echoed deafeningly in the confides of the go-down …as Kali cries in pain holing his palm ..GKS shot his palm ..”You ..B***th* he shouts furiously …”Sshhh Kali …Does the other palm too needs a decoration?” …

“Okay where did I stop ?…ooh killing you in the mandap… ” She muses …”But..Kali i tried thinking either scenarios How did Om end up in the mandap?..Any idea?” …She asks him…as He laughs  despite his pain “So the Wife Doesn’t know about her husband right?”…as She narrows her brow “What do you mean?” …”Let’s leave all that…Do you know that he is cheating behind your back?” a slap lands on his cheeks as Gauri glares at him “Never Call My Om a Cheater He would never cheat me with a another women ..He was always mine to begin with” She tells him clenching her teeth …”So still you believe after the photographs i have sent you?” …Gauri laughs “Kali they were just hugging …hugging ..even if you had send me a picture of them kissing i would believe my Om    ..Got it?” She yells at him …

“Oohh Chirrayai your are so innocent ..so you do not believe me right ..Let’s leave that matter ..Who cares whether the sahib is two timer…” another slap lands on him …”I Said Never Call him Names …Kali shouts venomously “you will have to pay back for the slaps …”…”Only if you survive “She tells jovially …”Do you know that I know Omkara before i met you?” This caught Gauri off guard as She remembers very well he told her he knows Kali because of her…Seeing her wondering Kali laughs as he continues “Do you know the reason behind your father’s demise ? .. I have proof …” Kali Falls unconscious as Gauri whacks him with the back of the gun hearing the commotion outside .

Omkara Barges into the Godown with Ridhimaa and his men with guns but they were shocked to see the place clean …He hits his forehead with the gun “Dammit we missed him again “…”But we gotta a clue Om ..they had been here ” Ridhimaa replies getting hod off Kali’s phone and Seeing the blood in the floor . With two off his fingers Om creases his forehead as he think “Why Did you take Kali Gauri?” . 




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