Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Om silently sneaked into his room to make sure not to wake her up ..he gaped seeing her staring at him …He wanted to avoid the drama..his mission had failed and adding to that if she starts to question it is gonna make him lash out at her …She was about to open her mouth but she stops abruptly seeing his knuckles bleeding as she came running to him ..”What the hell is this..you are bleeding Om ..” her concern worried filled eyes made him forget for a moment their issue as she took his knuckles in her palm aiding to it as she wiped away the tears that fell..She wanted to question him about her discoveries but seeing him bleeding she couldn’t ..she would never be able to see him in pain even if it arises ….how will she then?…….”Jaan ..i am fine it is just a small cut “…”Just shut up ..a small cut ..and it is bleeding so much ” she shouts at him wiping away the tears which fell…as he smiled even if she is angry wants to lash out at him still she cares for him ..he noticed the sudden change in her demeanor from anger to concern as her eyes fell on his cut …”how did you end up getting this” she asked as she kept away the ointment looking at him …as his tongue got tied “A Pervert was trying to force himself on Ridhimaa ” He said not lie but a partial truth as her eyes went wide ..”For Ridhimaa you got yourself hurt ” she lashed out at him …if she was any another girl then she would have supported Om but right now it is about Ridhimaa the girl whose name is currently attached ..the same name which had haunted her many nights since the time she got the call…….

“Gauri whats wrong with you ?..you are a girl right ..so how could you even ask why did I? ..He asked raged it was not about Ridhimaa it was About His Gauri why did she change?…”So now i am bad right..you are right …i am a charity case in your life ” she shouted as her eyes filled with hot tears …”What …Come again?” he screeched as She Stared at him aggressively..as he whispered furiously “Charity case? ..what do you think that i am social worker ” he resented ..”yes i feel like that ..you saved me and asked Ishu to leave me in your place then you feed me in Oberoi money ..protect me ..but gave cold shoulders ..” she breaks out in anger as he was shocked “how did you know?”….”it is not the case Omkara …you feel me a burden…you are out with that Girl half of the day ..and you come back home as if nothing happened ..How long will I keep this to myself ..I believed you Om..even now i believe that you never will cheat on me but when you go out at this time of the hour ?..as a wife as woman what do I think?” she cries …..as he stood rooted to the discoveries but his mind was struck on the point How did she know that I and Ridhimaa were out ..they had always made sure to be away from public eyes …”How did you find out?” God he moaned inwardly that came out wrong she is gonna misunderstand …..”Find out ?” she asked shocked Was he cheating behind her back? She could not help but feel seethe ….”Gauri…Jaan ..it was not i meant ..please Don’t get me wrong ..there is nothing like your are assuming ” he starting telling her worriedly as she cuts him off “what do you think i am assuming ?” as she tied her hand across her chest glaring ….”Gauri ..I know you more than your self so stop assuming that there is something between me and Ridhimaa ‘…….”Let’s talk like adults ” she asks him as he nods …”First tell me What are you hiding from me ? you know me since the time we saw each other in the park but it was the first and last meet before i met you when i came with Ishana ” ..as he gulped worrying ….”Were you stalking me ?” she asks him straightforwardly as he nodded …”Why?” she continues ….”Gauri i am not gonna answer you ..there are some things in life which which should leave the way that it is …because certain things are better that we do not know..but believe me when i say this i am not cheating you ..i am trying to get both of us from invisible tangles …..” he tells and leaves to freshen as she sat on the couch unable to take everything in …”Should I believe him ? or them ? ..Is he guilty ? or is he scared ? …” she wipes away the remnants of tears as she moved out of the room clutching her phone to her chest ..She needs to clear her mind ..the only way is to have talk with him ..but is she ready to meet him ? she should be strong this time …. “Hello ” she calls him..her hand starts shaking terribly hearing the laughter from the other end ….Taking a deep sigh she replies “i am ready to meet you” she whispers and ends the call shivering ……..

In another place A Man With Scars in his face laughs out loudly ..”Let’s Finish this …” He cuts the call as he instructs ..He looks around the place to see girls crying begging pleading for the place as He laughs seeing their misery ….

In the Washroom Om calls Ridhimaa “Mission Starts again Get Ready ..We are on the correct track ” He ends the call ……




I know this was a boring chapter …Bear with me We reveal many things in the next chappy ….

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  1. Nice dr.bt little confused.whats happening btwn om and ridhima and who is that stranger talking with gauri.i think that guy is misguiding gauri. Hope I will get that solution in next chappy.update next part asap.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

  3. ItsmePrabha

    It is Nice..Little confused..as what’s going in between Om And Riddhima..And who is this new one..and what’s he is going to say/do with Gauri..So many questions..Will be waiting for the next..

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