Tumse hi… kaira & keesh Ff INTRO

Tumse hi…

Naira Singhania : A sweet and lovely girl. Loves by her family she also loves her family.Love intrest of karthik goenka⤵

Naitika Singhania : Fatger of Naksh & Naira. Loves his children equally. He is setteld in New Delhi. He stays away from his family after rhe death of his wife. (guys he doesn’t have any problem with them.. he stays away due to businesswork)⤵

Naksh Singhania : Loving brother and son. He loves his sister more than anything.He had just survived a heart break thus he as issues in commiting relationship ⤵

Kartik Goenka : He runs the goenka indutries. An ideal son who never disobeys his families decision. Love intrest of Naira. There love started at college days.He loves his sister & brother⤵

Keerthi goenka : Loves her family morethan anything. She recently got divorced from her husband Aditya who was an abuser. Stays ar goenka mansion⤵

Subham Goenka : Younger of Keerthi and Karthik. He is a nice boy by heart but sometimes he gets jealous of karthik as he is parents pet son⤵

Manish Goenka (right) ; Suwarana goenka (left): Mom & Dad of keerthi , karthik and shubham⤵

Other characters will be soon introduced.. as the story develops..

please support share your ideas & comments with me…

Hope you guys will like it

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