Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjina comes to dadi and says can i help you with stitching it? Dadi doesn’t respond. She starts going and sees samar sitting in the stairs. she says hi, he says hi. Sanjina says you are doing sums? She says think if i have six oranges, he says i like oranges. She says you have 5 apples. She says so 5+5+1, samar says 11. Vinati sees them and says samar come here, did you do your sums? samar shows her. vinati says my son is so smart, you did it yourself? Samar says she taught me. vinati says lets go to room and do rest of it there.

sanjina comes after shower and dries her hair, ajay is asleep on the bed. He says what are you doing uppal? He holds her hand and she falls on him. He says you, her hair stuck in his button. He says just wait he takes out a scissor and says lets cut it. She says don’t, you can’t cut my hair, i will scream. He puts hand on her mouth and says don’t scream. He says close your eyes, she says what are you gona do? He takes off his shirt and runs.

Sanjina comes to shreya, Shreya says thank God you came. Sanjina says i will help you. Shreya says i have mixed oats in the milk, you just have to cut these fruits. and you have to make omelet. Sanjina says i will do it. Shreya says thank you so much, i will do the bank work.

Elaichi does the pooja and see no thread on the plant. dadi comes to her and says what are you thinking? That how will everyone bind the thread on it? i know you are thinking will sanjina get her spot in this house or not? dadi says i home she lives upto our expectations.
sanjina says they look traditional but they eat eggs? this is weird. Well, i have to make it. elaichi says why would ajay do this to us? Dadi says you don’t have to give up, stay happy everything will be fine. Sanjina breaks the egg on the counter, it falls on there. dadi comes there and says you broke an egg on our counter. dadi and elaichi are really mad. Shreya says this is my mistake. elaichi says sanjina should not be seen in the kitchen. Elaichi says come with me maa, i know the smell of egg really annoys you. Ajay says to sanjina i asked you stay away from the matters of my house, you know we are all vegetarians. Shreya says she didn’t know that eggs are not cooked in the kitchen. I took time to adjust as well. ajay says dont compare her to yourself. Ajay leaves in anger. shreya says dont cry sanjina please. I know everyone in unjust to you here. don’t give up everything will be fine. I took time to adjust as well. I wanted to help you. i cant bind a thread on the plant because bhushan is against it. Shreya says i will take it to ayush’s room. Shreya says yes sure.

Ayush is boxing, sanjina comes in with the breakfast. He says what are you doing here? Please leave i don’t want it. shreya comes in and says don’t shout at her, she is a member now. Sanjina you should go i will give it to him. Sanjina leaves. shreya says i made it, she just took it. Ayush says thank you bhabhi. She says i am really surprised to see your career. he says whatever i am is because of mamma ji and mammi ji. Sanjina says did you lodge an FIR against the man who tried to bribe you? He says no i will see him in the ring. I threw the money on his face. He gets a call and goes out. Shreya starts looking for the money in his room, when she can’t find it. she says you are really professional ayush. I will prove everyone that you are an outsider.

Sanjina sees everyone. samar says to sanjina lets go. Vinati comes and takes samar with him. sheya comes and says to sanjina don’t think too much, you have to make a place in this house. stay with everyone. Come upstairs and sees what zero hour is. Shreya goes. All the family settles on the rooftop. Mama ji says should i start today’s session. Sanjina comes and sits as well. Kirlok starts reading the holy poem, Winds start to blow and the papers start rolling. Sanjina starts reading rest of the poem, everyone is dazed. Misri says wow you know it? Sanhina says my granddad used to read it so i learned it. dadi says good memory. shreya presses a button on her phone. kirlok starts his poem, the song ‘kamli’ starts playing on sanjina’s phone. Everyone is dazed. bhushan says at zero hour phones are silent. Sanjina takes her phone and switches it off. She says sorry i don’t know how.. kirlok says today’s session should end right here. He goes downstairs.Everyone starts leaving.

Precap-shreya comes to ayush’s room and rummages for the packet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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