Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Elaichi says how can you doubt us? inspector says we need to complete our investigations.
Kirlok says last time too we told you that ajay and ajju had a fight but then he never came here again. Inspector says if we need ajay and sanjana will come to police station for investigation. Kirlok says if needed i will bring them there but they have nothing to tell you.
Sanjana says how can we play with trust of everyone. Ajay says how did the dead body got misplaced? Mishri comes in and says i took it form there. Ajay says what? Don’t you trust us? Police found it. Mishri says I didn’t leave it there. I was so scared i got a text from an unknown number then i heard you talking. I did as the texting person asked. They asked me to drive the car. When i drove and reached there, the dead body wasn’t in there. I don’t know where did it go. Sanjana says who can that person be? Mishri says i deleted all of those texts i was so scared. Mishri hugs sanjana and says please forgive me i didn’t trust you people. Sanjana says it is normal.
Elaichi comes in and asks why are you crying mishri? Because inspector said ajay and sanjana might have to come to police station. Mishri says yes. Elaichi says nothing will happen to them. Now come and take your medicines. Sanjana says who is that fourth person?

Shreya says in heart now my real game will start. Sanjana ruffles ajay’s hair. She gets a text, she gets really worried. She says who is this who knows everything? sanjana comes out and calls the number. Shreya turns it off and sleeps. Sanjana says the bell rang for a second and it came from near shreya’s room. She tries again but the number if off. sanjana says is shreya behind all this?

Elaichi asks sanjana to come, she says shreya’s hand is burnt. Elaichi says you could ask me to make you coffee. Shreya says i don’t like to bother you people for everything. Sanjana says vinati bhabhi do you have the burn heal? Vinati brings it. Sanjanaa says in heart i am so mad i was doubting her. A lady comes in and say heal us too shreya bhabhi. She says you are living here so peacefully in your family? You don’t repent my brother’s death? Everyone stands up. Shreya says who is it? amar says what are you talking about? and why are you blaming sanjana? She says my name is saima. Dadi says who are you? She says your daughter in law is a murderer she has killed my brother. Sanjana says I haven’t killed anyone. She says you have killed my brother ajju. Ajay says sanjana have not killed anyone and ajju never had a sister. Saina says we were not allowed to go out of family. That is why he never told you about me. He left his gf with you and you backstabbed him. Sanjana says dont say that about my husband. Saina slaps him.

Precap-Saina says this ring was found near my brother’s dead body and it belongs to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  2. I think this is shreya’s plan

  3. Again sherya strat …. I think ajju Aur sherya mile hua hai but kya ye family kabi khush nahi raha sakti kya …. abi to sherya ka plan fail hua hai phir se start hua naya drama …

  4. Not worth watching for a while.Why are the villains never punished?so dusappointing

  5. I’m tolerating this track with the hope that Sanjana will realise Shreya is behind everything and work on exposing her pretending to be blind.

  6. You are right, amandsS, I’m just tolerating for the same reason. These serial writers don’t have much of a wealth of ideas on storylines that’s why they drag plots on for so long n get viewers fed up. They know we still watch anyway!!!! Coz we make comments!!!!!!! They get a kick out of it. Good that sanjana suspects shreya, some hope there.

  7. ihope sanjana realises that shreya is just pretending and willexpose her.

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