Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay sanjana and mishri hide ajju’s body. Bhushan and everyone knocks at the door. After some time mishri opens. Bhushan says what were you three doing? Why you took so long. sanjana says the door was jammed.
Shreya says don’t lie sanjana. She is lying so she could save me. I slipped with pooja stuff and it fell down. They were scared that you will scold at me. Dadi says its okay. Lets go now.
They all do the pooja. Shreya says check table’s leg first. It maybe weak. Amar checks and says yes it is weak. Bhushan says how did you know? She says i know these catters. They once sent the same weak tables at my mom’s place. Kilrok says bring those bags and put it under table.

Mishri says to sajana what if we get caught? Sanjana says when everyone is asleep we will hide it somewhere else. Sanjana says God will save us don’t worry.
Everyone enjoys the milkshake. Kirlok says vinati must have made it. Vinati says mammi helped me. Kirlok says i think everything in our house will settle down. Samar goes under table. Vinati says dont go there the table will fall. Samar says my car is under it. Vinati says let me help you. Sanjana says you sit i will help you. Elaichi says everyone should go sleep now.

Sanjana says don’t worry God sent you to save me. Mishir says i killed him. Sanjana says everything will be fine don’t worry. she hugs her.
Everyone is busy with arti.
Ajay sanjana and mishri put ajjy in a bag and take him to store room. They come out.
Ajay says lets go out or everyone will doubt. We will meet again tonight and decide what to do. Mishri says i am really scared. Ajay says i am here with you don’t worry.
They join the pooja again.
Shreya comes to store room and says you thought you could fool me? You know nothing about my secret. she recalls jumping from the cliff. She has an actor there there.
She had bought the doctor too. Shreya says i will show you your worth sanjana. Bhushan hates me because of you. You will have to pay for this. now the real game has started.

sanjana says you know God mishri did this to save me. please save us. dadi says to shreya what happened? God has given you everything. Sanjana says nothing just praying it feels so good.
Elaichi says everything went so well. Shreya hits a pot with her stick. They al ask are you okay>? She says yes. Kirlok says how the vase came her.e

Precap-Ajay sanjana and mishri are outside with dead body. Kirlok comes out with torch and says why is the door and car open.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Well, we all knew Shreya was not blind! At least this show is quick to reveal things. Let’s see her blackmailing them again and see how they handle this.

  2. Mah doubt is absolutly crct
    Shreya is fooling all again
    Holy crap..! Hate her t core

  3. I kept hoping that the writers will avoid going for the obvious where Shreya is not blind. It’s so sad that tracks are so easily predicted these days.

    I honestly felt the happy times with Ajay and Sanjana should have lasted a little longer,with the romantic scenes in between. Instead they are in a full roller coaster ride with this whole new easily predictable drama.

    It’s a shame! Happy moments are so fleeting probably last one episode and the absolute ridiculous scenes last 2months!

    It’s gonna be a repetitive all over again with Shreya vs Sanjana.

    Please move out from this predictability as you are only going to lose viewers.

    Kumkum Bhagya is doing well though it has a predictable storyline but their strength is the relationship between Abhi and Pragya. .regardless the problems there is always something to look forward happening between them.

    Please writers, you get us all excited and the next minute we lose interest. It’s a beautiful show of family and togetherness please don’t ruin it with ridiculous storyline.

    Shreya needs to be sent for a mental evaluation, that is what one will do in reality. It’s sad how Dr are shown to be easily bought with absolute zero ethics.

  4. As expected sriya is blind…. Wht abt ajju??? Ethana easily ajju ka chapter katham???

    1. sryy… not blind

  5. how cheap they will go now…..I think this shreya and ajju r together …and he is not dead…..

  6. To hell with Shreya but her effort will bone no fruit Sajna is not alone

  7. I knew shreya is imitating than she is blind. but what wonders me is that how easily ajju is dead by that rod hitted by mishri

  8. Omg I know sheyra was up to no good was and will always b a wicked b*t*h even her husband question her about the table after all she did how u guys cud still let her come back in the house knowing her intentions I starting to lose interest in this show it don’t make any sense San hay expose sheyra mashing up the family and you guys still want her in their life after she betrayed them no wonder y BhuSan doesn’t want to be around her and plus he still don’t trust her y be with a woman who try to mash up a happy home I done with this show the writer always twisting up these stories steups another thing it was to good to be true I no she wasn’t blind so u know sanJay secret so because u feel u will expose them u will won back d family again u are not a good daughter in law ur an evil b*t*h

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