Tumhari Pakhi 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan being at home. Anshuman and Pakhi are on the way. Anshuman says yo had to bear so much insult because of Ayaan, you should punish him. Pakhi says I want to handle Ayaan by my way, will you feel bad. Anshuman thinks about Mr. Rana’s words and says I will not feel bad, Ayaan crossed his limits. Pakhi is upset. They reach home. Pakhi thanks Anshuman and tries to open the door of the car. Anshuman falls on her and music plays………… Anshuman asks Pakhi to be strict with Ayaan. She steps inside the house with Anshuman.

The servants welcome Pakhi. Ayaan hides seeing Pakhi. Anshuman looks at Pakhi waiting for her step. Anshuman leaves. Pakhi taunts Maa ji and scolds her for helping Ayaan in his plan. Anshuman sees all this standing far. Pakhi says you

would have asked me to leave from house, I would have respected you even then, but you have lost the respect. Pakhi says I have warned you before, but this time you have crossed the limit. Maa ji says you are misunderstanding me, I was helpless. She says I did this for Ayaan. Pakhi says quiet, why are you taking Ayaan’s name. He is a kid, but you are grown up, you have done this.

Pakhi says you would have told us if he asked you to do anything. You can hide your act, not your wish. Maa ji falls on Pakhi’s foot and apologizes to her. Maa ji accepts her mistake. Pakhi says stop this drama, get up. Pakhi says i don’t want any drama in this house, I can see everything, remember I have not forgiven you. The servants are tensed seeing Pakhi’s anger. They clean the house seeing her. Ayaan also runs to his room seeing Pakhi angry.

Ayaan says she will not leave me, she is a dracula. Pakhi looks at Ayaan’s room and walks away. Its morning, Ayaan imagines Pakhi as dracula. He shouts don’t beat me, leave me. Ayaan hides under the bed and says she can’t come here. He sees someone coming and hides. The servant comes to him with juice. Ayaan scolds him and asks him to leave. Ayaan thinks why did Pakhi not come till now and thinks she will punish me.

Pakhi is making the breakfast ready. Anshuman comes to her. She behaves normal. Anshuman thinks why is she not angry on Ayaan. He says if you want to punish Ayaan, you can, I won’t say anything. She says I told you I will handle him myself. Ayaan gets junk in his cupboard. He says Pakhi has done this. He scolds the servant. The servant says you have done this for her, but it fell on you. Ayaan thinks what to do. Anshuman is thinking what is Pakhi upto, I felt she will be angry on Ayaan, but she is angry, I have not seen such a complicated case, she has taken this as a challenge, she is calm, what is she thinking, she has some big plan.

Pakhi is cooking in kitchen. Anshuman comes to her. He says ummmmmm…. She says you here, do you need anything. He says is no one helping you, are you fine, you should be angry on them. She says they are busy, I thought to make food today. She asks him to give salt. He steps at her saree and as she moves away, her saree loosens. Anshuman is shocked seeing it. Pakhi stops and music plays…………… Saiyyan ……………………….. plays…………

Anshuman tries to run away but she stops him and shows her hands. He says I will send Maa ji. She says it won’t look good, you do it. He says how can I. She says I will tell you. Music plays………………….. Pakhi laughs on him and tells him how to tuck the saree. Bol dil se………………… plays……………….. Anshuman get closer and have an eyelock with Pakhi. She closes her eyes. He tucks the saree and she looks at him.

She turns and he stares at her. He says see Pakhi, don’t do much work in kitchen, don’t divert your mind, its not good. He says I know you are angry on Ayaan, yo should be, he has done wrong. He says you have full right to punish Ayaan, you should. She says no, I told you I will handle it my way, I m sure now Ayaan won’t do such mistake again. He did not come infront of me, we will see how long he runs. Ayaan hears this and thinks what will Pakhi do.

Maa ji tells Anshuman that Ayaan is not at home. Pakhi finds Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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