Tumhari Pakhi 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anuja asking Veer to kick out Riya if he wants to become Ayaan’s father. Veer calls out Riya and asks did she fit the wheels in Ayaan’s skateboard. She says yes. Anuja scolds her. Veer brings Riya to see Ayaan’s state. Riya says I don’t know, I did not do this, he came to me to get the wheels right, he was not giving me keys. Pakhi says yes, Riya fitted the wheels infront of me, its not her mistake. Anuja says Riya fitted it loose so that Ayaan meets with an accident, she is after Ayaaan. Riya says she is wrong. Pakhi defends Riya and asks Anuja does she have proof. Anuja says I will call court people and show everything, decide in 10mins, will you kick out Riya or shall I get orders from court, Riya should not be close to Ayaan.

Riya says fine, you guys don’t believe me, I don’t care. Veer cares for Ayaan. Pakhi says Riya did not do this, I know, its an accident. She says Maa is emotional for Ayaan and she is blaming Riya for all this. Anuja tells Lavanya that Riya will be going and court’s decision will be in our favor. Veer says he is not sure whether he knows Riya. He says after seeing all this, I can’t be sure that Riya did not do this. Pakhi says what are you saying. Veer says Ayaan is hurt, I have forgiven her always, whats this, Ayaan burnt her designs, he is small kid, but she is 18, she can’t do this to win, this behavior is not acceptable, I can’t trust her now.

He says sorry, I think time has come to take a decision. Anuja says Veer is trapped now, for Ayaan’s safety Riya has to go. Lavanya says I think we should not wait and call the court people to see Ayaan’s state. Veer comes to Riya and packs her bag. Riya asks what are you doing. Pakhi comes and stops Veer. She asks him to think again. Veer takes the bag and asks Riya to leave for everyone’s good. Riya says so you feel I did this, this is nor right, you can get me here anytime and kick me out whenever you like. Veer says I have one answer, please leave.

Riya says you trust Anuja, and not me, you call me daughter, all acting, you care for Ayaan, that’s all. Veer says you will be living in hostel. Riya says I don’t need your help, I will help myself, you will not get Ayaan’s custody. Veer says I will find another way, but I can’t compromise on Ayaan’s safety. Pakhi asks Veer to stop her and stops Riya. Riya says stop your drama now. Riya cries. Riya says Veer is kicking me out, I understand I m not emotionally attached with you all, thanks a lot to show me this low side of yours. Pakhi apologizes and stops Riya.

She says Ayaan will ask you, find out, he loves you, so he came to you. Riya says no, Ayaan will also say this. Ayaan comes and stops Riya. He says don’t go Riya Di. Riya looks at him. Anuja runs to Ayaan. She asks him to come to his room. Ayaan says leave me and goes to Riya. Ayaan says the skateboard wheels got loose, but you did not do it, I just fell. He says he fell by his mistake, its not her mistake, don’t go, if you go, I will also come with you. Pakhi smiles. Ayaan asks Veer to stop Riya and not kick her out of home, she did not do anything, she fixed the wheels on my insistence.

Ayaan asks Riya will she stay with him and holds her hand. He says please don’t go, else I will also leave this house. Riya cries. Riya hugs him. Anuja is shocked. Ayaan thanks her. Ayaan takes Riya back to their room. Ayaan acts to make Riya smile. She asks him you fight, you don’t like me and burnt my designs too, then why did you stop me. He says he got the spice in his life. She tickles him and says she will call him Golgappa and pull his cheeks. He says no please. He runs and she catches him. She hugs him and says I did not do anything with skateboard wheels. He says his balance went out and he fell.

He says even if she did, he would have not done anything, as he has burnt her designs. Pakhi and Veer see them hugging. Pakhi says kids solve problem with their innocence. She says life is always simple and we make it complicated. Lavanya and Girish have a talk about Anuja and Aryaman. Girish says she is wrong. Lavanya says she will support Anuja. Anuja comes in Ayaan’s room and looks for some proof to kick out Riya. She says she will make Riya leave this house and takes her purse.

Veer gets two tablets for Ayaan. Pakhi says lets gift the new one to Riya. Veer says fine. He asks Pakhi to give it. She says why me, you give. He says no, you give. She asks him to make Riya know he loves her. He says I m like this, else I would have told Kirti my feelings. She says I will gift wrap this tab and bring it. She goes to Ayaan’s room and sees Anuja with Riya’s purse. Pakhi asks her what is she doing with Riya;’s purse. Anuja is shocked.

Anuja tells Pakhi that Riya won’t come near Veer, I will not let you get any hope. Anuja comes to know Riya loves a married man and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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