Tumhari Pakhi 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Riya says we found divorce papers, why papa? Ayan ask why are you divorcing Pakhi? is maa not good? doesn’t she love you? she takes care of everyone, she is very nice, Veer says she is very nice but I don’t deserve her. Jiji recalls the flashback in which Veer said to her that Pakhi’s heart is with Anshuman only, Jiji says she saved your life, Veer says she is like this, she helps others that you cannot help but love her but that doesn’t mean Pakhi loves too, Pakhi didn’t want to marry me, he says I loved Keerti for many years and it hurts a lot so I will not let this happen this time. flashback ends. ayan is hitting Veer, Pakhi says to Ayan that Veer is not bad, he is very nice, I don’t love him, Ayan says if you don’t love him then I am angry with you, he leaves., Veer says I will talk to Ayan, Lavanya takes Pakhi with her.
Lavanya brings Pakhi to room and see this room, when you first came in this house, I asked Anshuman to be away from you, nobody wanted you stay here but now we love you so much, today you think that you cant veer a chance but please try to heal your wounds maybe love finds its way, Pakhi says for giving way, I should have space, Anshuman is with me, he is in my voice, in my breaths, I see him when I close my eyes, Anshuman is with me, now I am anshuman and I am Pakhi, Lavanya says how will you live alone and loving second time is not bad, Pakhi says its not but I cant love anyone else, I am mixed with my Anshuman so I cant separate myself from him, I find peace living with Anshuman, let me live like this only, Lavanya smiles.

Scene 2
Veer comes to Ayan. Ayan hugs Veer and ask him to not go away, I will not do any mischief but don’t go.Veer says how to make you guys understand that it is important, Veer ask what game you like, Ayan says I like football and hate volleyball, Veer says so if I ask you to play volleyball, will you be able to it? Ayan says no, Veer says same way, Pakhi still loves Anshuman and she has given her whole life to him and we should respect that, Riya says you are divorcing her fro her, Veer says no its a mutual decision and our relation will not change, I will come whenever you need otherwise Pakhi is here and she will take care of you, Riya says when you both care for each other so why cant live together, Veer says its not always like nice to be together, its Pakhi’s life and she has taken decision to love Anshuman only so I think she is right and we should respect that, Riya says I will miss Ayan and Pakhi a lot, Ayan says I will miss you Veer, they all hug.

scene 3
in night, Veer is in his room when Pakhi comes, she finds divorce papers, Veer says this is formality, sign the papers, I don’t think that relation break or form easily, he says Pakhi you have done a lot for my family, from tomorrow you will be able to live a free life, without any baggage, I am able to do so then I will feel lucky, we used to fight but now we are friends, now we have respect for each other, he says by signing, our friendship not break, the relationship you want with me, for that we have to finish this relation first, its not like I will not meet you after divorce, I will not leave you easily, he ask her to sign, you don’t have to think, he gives her pen, Pakhi takes it with hasitation, she takes divorce paper to sign and looks at Veer.

PRECAP- Pakhi says to Veer that he can make her learn ironing and making sandwich, Veer says I don’t have much time, I have to leave, Pakhi says all will miss you, Veer opens his arms, Pakhi hugs him.

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