Tumhari Pakhi 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 18th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya telling Anshuman that she will be asking for a child. She asks her to call Pakhi and meet her. He meets her at mall road. He gets hiccups and Pakhi asks him to bend. he bends and she holds his nose and asks him to breath. His hiccups are gone. Anshuman says are you crazy. He says the hiccups stopped. He brings her to a shop. He says we get the best shawls here, so I thought to buy one for you. He asks her to select a shawl for herself. Pakhi smiles seeing Anshuman does not know anything about women shopping.

Anshuman makes her try a shawl and covers her. She feels happy and smiles. She says shall I say something, she says I like shawls a lot and I have many. She says I want to take something else. He says I know what will you like, come with me.

He says you are right, you won’t have enough diamonds. He says diamonds are girl’s best friend. He says tell me what you don’t have. She says its nothing like that. He asks then what will you ask me in next 24 hours. She laughs saying oh so this is the reason that you are taking me to expensive shops.

She says I will give you two hints, then you can guess what I will ask you for. Anshuman calls Lavanya and says Pakhi is going to give me hints, I m looking a fool walking with her on the road. Lavanya says keep me updated. He ends the call. Pakhi eats tamarind and says this is my first hint. She says its a small thing but makes husband and wife relation more strong and makes increases happiness and if they don’t have it, people makes news. Anshuman thinks about it.

Anshuman says she is talking about child, I m sure. She says my second hint, she shows him baby socks. He says baby socks, OMG. She ties his hand by wool and someone meets Anshuman and says you here. Anshuman says lets talk in office tomorrow. Pakhi says your last hint, its that thing that completes a married woman. He thinks about her words and says it means child. The wool gets tangled and their hands get stuck in it. Bairi jiya…………. plays………………… They have an eyelock. Bol dil se……………………. plays……………….

She removes the wool from his hands. They come home. Anshuman is worried looking out for her in the room. He looks at her combing her hair and standing in her night gown. She looks at him and he runs. She stops him and asks what are you doing here. He says I was seeing the polish of the wood. Pakhi says you can see that in morning, come lets sleep. He says I will be in office in the morning, I will see this now. She says fine, come soon. He leaves making an excuse.

Anshuman says I m living in my house like a thief, I can’t sleep in my bedroom. He sits on the sofa but can’t sleep on it. He comes to his room seeing Pakhi sleep. He comes and lies in the bed happily. She keeps her hand on him and he gets worried. He moves her hand slowly and she turns. He gets relieved and keeps a big pillow between them.

Its morning, Anshuman is sleeping and wakes up. He sees Pakhi staring at him. He asks what are you seeing. She says you look very cute while sleeping like a baby. She asks did you see the polish of the pillars at night. He says yes. She smiles. She says give me my gift. Anshuman is tensed. She gifts him something and asks him to open the gift. He says whats this. He opens it and she smiles happily. Its nested boxes and he opens it.

He gets angry. She says don’t be angry, you will be happy when you see the gift. Anshuman thinks about Lavanya’s words and is worried. Pakhi says I think this is the last box. He sees a Krishna’s box. He looks at Pakhi. He says look Pakhi, I m not ready yet, I think we should talk. She says what, but you did not see the gift yet. He opens the box and is shocked to see sindoor. He says its sindoor. She says yes, what did you think. He laughs saying you wanted this, awesome, its nice. She says I want you to start my each day by this sindoor. He says not a problem at all.

He is happy and says its really nice. She says so fill my Maang by it. He does it and music plays……….Pakhi closes her yes. Bairi jiya………….. tumpe piya…………… Bol dil se……………….. plays…………. Pakhi smiles seeing him. He says it fell on your nose. She tries to clean it. She says you clean it. He cleans it touching her. She says will you fill my maang daily and fulfill your promise. he says yes. She says thanks for this gift. he says you are welcome. He leaves.

Pakhi talks to Anshuman and says are we going to bring Ayaan. Anshuman says I don’t want you to go, but Pakhi goes to take him. She meets Ayaan and is happy…

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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