Tumhari Pakhi 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi starts with Girish..Lavanya coming to meet Jiji ..She welcomes them and Jiji calls Sukhi..She tells him guests have come and to bring water..sukhi replies guests but where..Jiji says here pointing at Girish..Lavanya..She asks lavanya where she resides and Girish replies close in the next road..she indirectly taunts them saying when Girl is married she should not stay close to her parents place…Riya comes to meet them and jiji does not like her short dress…Kuhu is happy to hear Riya is of same age as her and also impressed by her modern look..Kuhu happily says i’m of same age as you but jiji answers back saying you were 2 years when i brought you from that orphanage..Lavanya meets rest of the family and Jiji says they are having Muh dikhayi rasam of Pakhi..She tells her about the traditional oufit of their family…Lavanya tells her that now pakhi don’t wear these kind of lehenga and is shocked to see Pakhi all dressed up like a bride..

Jiji smiles looking at Lavanya and says now she is Veer wife and Hamari Pakhi…They does the Muh dikhayi rasam as per her wish and command.Jiji praises pakhi for her beauty and blesses her..Veer is happy and feels a bit awkward as Jiji wants pakhi to give a heir to their family..She then asks veer about his gift ..Veer says he did not buy one but Jiji gives him a gift box..she asks him to tie it for Pakhi..a very awkward moment for both of them..Jiji next asks if all of them have done the rasam..Nandini points to Girish..lavanya but Jiji replies they are outsiders not family..Later they have a family picture without Girish.Lavanya which made her sad…

Kuhu trying to do same style of hair as Riya but gets scolded by Jiji..Pakhi brings tea for Jiji in her room.Jiji scolds Kuhu for not taking the tray from Pakhi…Jiji gives pakhi a box of sindoor as its from Devi Maa..she asks her to mix this one with her old ones and apply it as its for husband long life..later Pakhi is shown on the terrace remembering her moments with Anshuman..Veer comes there and says Sorry to her..he explains why he can’t say no to Jiji ..how she has raised them alone when their parents died.she has never married for that reason …Pakhi understands that he dont want to hurt jiji but says she is having lots of expectation from their relationship..She tells him they should tell her the truth about their marriage and walks away ..

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Ayaan Bumps with Pakhi who had a big jar with Pickle in her hands…She tells him to be careful and veer comes there asking Pakhi what is she doing..pakhi tells him its pickle and she is going to put it in the sun..Veer takes it from her hand and calls for Sukhi..Veer asks him wat’s going on here and asks him to put the pickle in the sun..Veer tells pakhi you should take care..Jiji misunderstood everything and Thanks God for fulfiling her two wishes..Lavanya having an emotional moment with Girish thinking of the past..their happy family time and tells him how today she felt like a stranger in her own house..Girish consoles her and asks her to move on with these changes..same like Pakhi is doing gradually accepting the new changes in her life..

Pakhi..Girish convo about jiji’s expectations..Pakhi tells him that they are only the kids parents nothing more.How she can’t give more to this relationship..Girish tells her you should give this relationship a chance..

Precap..Jiji telling Veer there should be love between husband..wife..to take good care of pakhi and to shower her with lots of love…on the other side Pakhi saying i can’t give Anshuman place to anyone in my heart..Veer looking at Pakhi’s pic saying i’m ready to give Pakhi all the world’s happiness but for this she will have to accept my love…

Update Credit to: saveeta

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  1. Wowow..! Amazing 😉

  2. nice… wish pakhi moves on and accepts veer’s love…

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