Tumhari Pakhi 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 14th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman about to tell Pakhi his truth. He gets Mr. Rana’s call to asks him to come immediately to sign the agreement papers. Anshuman asks Pakhi to wait for him. She agrees. Tanya says Pakhi can’t go from here making a place in Anshuman’s heart. Anshuman comes to sign the papers. He signs the papers. Pakhi looks at the A and R rings. Tanya comes to Pakhi to speak against Anshuman and tell her the truth. She says you love Anshuman a lot, how did you do this, you are great, I can’t even think such things. Tanya tells Pakhi everything that Anshuman planned against her.

Anshuman thinks of telling the truth to Pakhi, and not cheat her. He signs the papers. Tanya shows Pakhi the photos of the function when Anshuman got the award. She tells her how the

media came to know about you and Anshuman has to promise them to bring you here. He can do anything for his image. His real face is different. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words. Tanya says Anshuman even used Ayaan against you. Tanya says the surprise party you got was my engagement party which Anshuman decided. These rings were made for us. She tells her everything and says Anshuman don’t even like you. He was waiting for you to go.

Tanya says he is all a lie, he does not know love, he knows only to play with people. She says Anshuman is a manipulative cheater man and speaks against him saying he is a selfish and self centered man. Pakhi slaps Tanya. Tanya is shocked. Pakhi says what are you, a big cheat. You love him and you are speaking against him. Now I understand that Anshuman is like a trophy for you which you want to get. Pakhi scolds Tanya.

Pakhi says he had a reason to cheat me, he did not wish me to be in his life, but why are you cheating him, you said you love him. Pakhi says I m sorry but you are a disgusting girl. Tanya says you are misunderstanding me. Pakhi says let me decide myself. You don’t love anyone else, I feel sorry for you. Anshuman tries to go but Mr. Rana stops him. Anshuman says I don’t have time. I have to go. He runs to Pakhi. Pakhi is gone till then. He looks around and calls out Pakhi.

Tanya says Pakhi is gone, she came to know the truth, now she knows it was your plan, that you never loved her and she told me that you have died for her. Tanya lies to Anshuman. Anshuman is shocked. Pakhi is leaving crying thinking about her and Anshuman. Tanya says everything is over now, she has to go. Anshuman says I know my mistake, I have to apologize to her. Tanya says she knows everything. Anshuman says that I cheated her. Girish and Lavanya come there.

Anshuman says I cheated him, she should have hate me, and complained, but she left silently, she has lost her self esteem because of me by ruining her image, she made me so small. He says this cannot end like this, I will apologize to her and she has to forgive me. Tanya says stop blaming yourself. Anshuman says who should I blame then. Tanya says you wanted this to happen, then why are you overreacting. Anshuman says its not over. She made a big sacrifice. Lavanya asks what do you want now. Anshuman says I m going to meet Pakhi now. Lavanya stops him and says enough now.

She says you want to apologize and she comes back here, she wanted this so she did not meet you. She says if she was great, why did you tell Tanya that she knows everything. Lavanya says Pakhi was your past and Tanya is your future. I know you are feeling guilty, but you love Tanya. Think what do you want, Pakhi is gone, forget her. She says when you get a chance again, apologize to Pakhi. Anshuman looks at the rings and cries. Pakhi is at the railway station sitting. She thinks about Ayaan and cries. Girish comes to meet Pakhi and she looks at him.

Girish says Anshuman has changed today. He says Ayaan can’t leave without you. Anshuman misses Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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