Tumhari Pakhi 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Judge says to Veer that we can wait now, persecution lawyer says that riya doesn’t have anything to say about his so called father to finish this case, Lavanya recalls her past moments with Girish, she gets up, Anuja ask where are you going, Lavanya says before girish takes wrong decision about our relation, I have to go to him, Anuja says he is cheap man, Lavanya says he is Girish, my husband, Father of my children, I was craving for love of mother so I agreed to your wrong things too, I love Girish and he loves me too, you have filled Riya’s mind in love of Girish, you have filled in her mind to get Girish, Riya has not spoiled my house but you have done it, I am correcting the mistake which you have done, she says sorry to Anuja and leaves from there.
Riya is skeptical on signing the petition for marriage, Girish smirks, Riay starts signing, Riya recalls how Veer did so much for her, how she got family, she leaves the pen and runs to court while Lavanya runs to Girish.
Judge is about to give his verdict when Riya comes there and stops him, all are stunned to see her. Lavanya comes to Girish in marriage court, she hugs Girish tightly.
Riya comes to Veer, Veer in shock looks at her, Riya says I am sorry, you loved my mom, you loved me but I hurt you, please forgive me, I am very bad, the one who gave me so much love, I insulted him, I am sorry, I am sorry papa, Veer cant believe his ears, Riya hugs Veer and cries.
Girish says to marriage lawyer that I want to spend my life with lavanya, I will marry her again, Lavanya says no you love Riya, Girish says it was drama, I love only you.
Riya comes in witness box, she says what I sadi earlier that Veer is not a good father etc, It was all wrong, I didn’t understand veer earlier, I was mistaken, he is the best father of world and I want to live with him. Court gives verdict in favor of Veer. Riya comes and hugs veer. Veer looks at pakhi and smiles, pakhi looks at anuja, anuja leaves from there angrily.

Pakhi comes out of court, she tells lavanya that it was all drama of us and Girish that it was only her infatuation, we had to make her understand that she is on wrong path, lavanya says what if she had not understand it, veer says how couldn’t she, she is daughter of Keerti, she cant break relations, Girish says we had to make this drama to bring lavanya on right path too, Grisih jokes that I had to put my love on bet only, Veer says some poetry, lavanya says wow you are great poet alongwith lawyer, All says that this happened because of pakhi, Riya says sorry to pakhi, pakhi says sorry is not asked from your own, lavanya says why not, she hugs pakhi also, they all are happily enjoying, Anuja sees them and thinks, pakhi celebrate your victory but I will destroy it soon, she leaves from there.
Anuja comes back home, she calls out for Ayan, Ayan is in his room, Anuja comes there and says we have to go from here, he ask where? anuja starts packing Ayan’s cloths, he says no I wont go with you, he ask where are we going? Anuja says its surprise, Ayan says I will ask Veer first, Anuja says no.

Pakhi says Ayan must have reached home, Veer says we will surprise him, Pakhi says for Ayan it was all normal, Veer says for us, it happened today only, he says we should go for family holiday, he ask Pakhi to book tickets, Riya says no it happens on internet only, I will book it, Veer says parents become outdated, Pakhi says you are saying about yourself only, all laughs.
Anuja says to Ayan that all have planned surprise picnic for you, we have to leave from home now, Ayan gets excited and leaves with anuja. Anuja leaves paper on table only.
Girish says to all that don’t book tickets for Lavanya, she will not come in such strong sun, Lavanya says I will use strong sun screen, Pakhi says it would be good if Anuja was with us now, Lavanya says she must be angry till now, Pakhi says we will make her understand, we will bring goodness in her. All agrees.
Anuja leaves the house with Ayan . She puts Ayan in taxi and thinks that Pakhi you will come home inebriated in winning but you wont get your Ayan here, you snatched my son from me so I am snatching your son from you.

PRECAP- Anuja comes to travel agency and ask agent to book two tickets for Jaipur. Riya brings letter which ANuja had left for Pakhi, Pakhi read the letter, it says that Pakhi you have son but you wont get your son now, you will be childless now, Pakhi shouts Ayan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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