Tumhari Pakhi 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 10th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman giving a note for Ayaan to Maa ji. Maa ji gives it to Ayaan. Ayaan reads it as Mission BP, Big punishment. Ayaan says so Pakhi is planning this, she was acting with me, this is what she wants to do. Anshuman says I m doing this as Ayaan should hate Pakhi, I have to make that picnic a punishment, but how. Pakhi brings a box. Anshuman asks what is it. Pakhi gives him the sindoor box. He fills her Maang and puts it on the calender too. She shows it some Ayaan’s things and toys. He says what will you do with this. She says you will present this to Ayaan as you brought this for him.

He says he does not need this now. Pakhi says these are memories, he will cherish these and be happy. She shows him and says you will tell him that you have Ayaan with him as he is your life. Anshuman says this is not needed. Pakhi says you have to do this, he is a kid, its not his age to understand without words, we have to make him feel love and share love with him. Anshuman says I won’t. She says you promised me, this mission is also for you, she says if this mission becomes successful, only then your Pakhi will be with you. Anshuman plans something and agrees.

She says you see Ayaan will be very happy seeing this. They hear Ayaan shouting and says lets go. She takes Anshuman with him. Ayaan is asking for his video games. Pakhi says I have thrown your video games and toys outside. She says if you don’t trust me, look outside. She takes Anshuman with him. Lavanya is happy with Naina. Girish comes to her and is tensed. He says sometimes I m scared seeing your love, if you have to get away from Naina, you will break. Lavanya says why will that be, now even we look same and laughs.

He says Naina is my daughter. Lavanya says ya, mine too. Girish says I mean to say Naina is not our adopted daughter, she is my own daughter. Lavanya is shocked and looks at him. Ayaan sees a surprise party in his garden. Anshuman is shocked seeing this. Ayaan says OMG, wow. Pakhi smiles. Ayaan runs to his friends and is happy. Ayaan spends some time with his friends. Pakhi says did you see how these petty things are better than foreign holidays.

Lavanya looks at Naina. She asks when. Girish says one and a half year ago, I went for a concert, I was drunk and I met my fan, I did not know her, but I made a big mistake, I don’t know. Trust me, the situation was weak, I did not do this purposely. Lavanya is angry and shouts on him. Pakhi tells Ayaan that she has not thrown his video games and says it means my Mission BP is successful, its mission big picnic. Ayaan is happy and looks at her. He sees Maa ji and thanks Pakhi.

The kids play games and are very happy. Ayaan has a physically challenged friend and he supports him and makes him the umpire of the game. Everyone claps. Anshuman smiles. Anshuman says we have to win. Pakhi says we will win. They play the rope pulling game by making two teams of Anshuman and Pakhi. Pakhi falls on Anshuman. They look at each other.

Music plays………………… Pakhi gets up. She gives her hand to him and helps him in getting up. Anshuman looks at her and Ayaan comes to him and says you are very good, dad and you are strong more than a superman, I love you dad. Anshuman is happy and can’t believe this. He hugs Ayaan and says we won. He loves Ayaan. Pakhi smiles seeing them happy. Ayaan is playing the blindfold game. Ayaan says its your turn. Pakhi says me. She asks Ayaan to go to Anshuman. Ayaan tells Anshuman that you will have to play and insists. Anshuman agrees. Pakhi claps for them.

Anshuman starts catching Ayaan. Ayaan pushes him. Ayaan hides behind Pakhi and says I m here. Anshuman gets Pakhi and music plays………. Ayaan says cheating, she is not in the game. Anshuman says fine, now you guys play. Pakhi says even I want to play.

Pakhi tells Anshuman that our family will be happy forever, are you not happy. He says I m. She says then smile. Anshuman smiles. She says keep smiling, we will bring much happiness in our life, did you bring the surprise box, Ayaan will be happy. Ayaan hears this and says wow, another surprise, not bad. Anshuman says this way Pakhi will win, I can’t let Pakhi won this time.


Anshuman makes Ayaan angry and plans against Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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