Tum Saath Ho Jab 8th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The peon comes to Imran with the principle and tells him that Imran has been drinking. They smell wine from the bottle and his mouth. He then discovers the wine bottle from Imran’s bag, which he had hidden himself. Imran resists, and hits the peon. The principle blames Imran, that firstly he is drinking and then he is hitting his staff. The peon calls him drunk too. Imran hits the peon. The principle says they had listened a lot about his habit of drinking, if he has any self-respect he may leave the school himself else the peon will push him out of the school. Imran takes his bag, turns around to say to principle that he didn’t drink. The principle denies listening to anything. Najma also cries as Imran leaves the school. The principal announces that this tennis competition has been cancelled

for their school.
Mariam tells Altaf for the recipe of pickle. Rehmat comes upstairs, and asks Mariam why children haven’t come home. Mariam says there is some event in the school, please pray for Najma. Rehmat khala asks what is so important, Mariam says she will tell it when the good news has come.
Saba and Naeema come home, discussing how good Shabbir is. Younis stops them and asks are they coming after meeting them. Naeema says they were discussing that he doesn’t want them to meet Shabbir. Younis asks they were saying something like Shabbir is so good. Naeema says she was saying, Shabbir is so good that he never tried to talk to her. He asks how are they both coming together. They were speechless. Mariam comes running, downstairs. Younis asks what happened to her. She says she thought children have arrived. Nasima asks why is she so disturbed, children come home daily. They children come home, they were disturbed. Nasima worries about Waqar’s sweating, Waqar was about to spit out that Najma’s selection… Fizza stops him. He tells them that there was a big chaos at school, the new neighbor was caught drinking and the principal suspended him.
Imran walks on the road thinking about the blames on him.
The children tell Maryam what happened in the school, she didn’t believe it. Altaf comes on the window, and calls Najma- as champion. Najma says his nephew had spoiled it all. Altaf didn’t believe but children tell him the whole story. Maryam says he must have considered atleast, that innocent children study in school.
Imran drank near the roadside. Altaf calls him, but he doesn’t pick up. He was worried, and goes behind him.
Younis says he took the right decision, not letting Waqar play tennis under this drunken supervisor. He was angry at him. Aba jan was not ready to accept, that Imran did this. Nasima says children witnessed this all. Abba jan says his heart doesn’t accept it. He had thought Imran took his Tauseef’s place; he will be a good teacher like him. Nasima calls to see outside, people gathered as Altaf brings drunken Imran home. Fizza says he has drink further. Younis says he still is not in his senses. Abba jan also gets sad.
Altaf takes Imran inside. He says he is alright. Mamu says he knows he is fine, but he must take some rest. Imran asks is he ill. Maryam hears the conversation. Imran says blood isn’t pouring his body, but bad-name is. Imran says there are always blame and ill-fame, it has injured him. The children whom he taughted, they ruined him. Altaf says he must only go to him own school, not Nabeel school. Imran shows him a letter, saying he went to his own school. The principle handed him suspension letter. All is finished.

PRECAP: Younis reads the news to the whole neighborhood to degrade Imran.

Update Credit to: Sona

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