Tum Saath Ho Jab 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kids eat breakfast. Nasima gives tiffin to everyone. Younis is reading newspaper. Najma notices an article on Sania and how she has made India proud again. She leans closer to look at it while Younis is oblivious to it. He finally notices her and asks her about it. She asks him about singles (final singles). He doesn’t like it. you don’t have anything to do with it. your hangover of sports is not over yet? First badminton and now you are after tennis! He tells her to go to school. Mariam comes there just then. He wants to know who is putting all this in Najma’s head. Mariam takes Najma with her. Younis is irked with Najma for being mad about sports.

Mariam questions Najma. Why do you always think about sports? You know your Bade Abbu doesn’t like it then why! Mariam doesn’t even let her speak. Go to school now. All the other kids come there and greet her before leaving for school. Najma leaves sadly. Mariam looks at the small bag in her hands.

Inside, Younis is still angry with Najma. I am reading news about the world while she was trying to read the article on Sania Mirza from the back. Nasima tells him not to mind it. you should focus on completing your order for now. He still has no idea as to how he will arrange the money. Nasima is still ready to talk to her Ammijaan. But you wont go against your Abbajaan. Mariam too supports Abbajaan. Taking loan is a very embarrassing act, much more than begging even. When Allah has given us ample options to fulfil our needs then what’s the need to take loans from people? Nasima eyes the small bag in her hand happily while Younis is confused. Mariam hands it over to him. you can mortgage my jewellery and complete your order. He denies. she points out that if Tauseef was alive today then he would have stood up for his brother. Younis wouldn’t have minded that but he cannot take his deceased brother’s wife’s jewellery. She suggests him to think that Tauseef is saying all this, not her. nasima takes it. mariam doesn’t even wear it. Put it to use now. Everyone will enjoy it if your business grows. You only take care of Mariam and Najma. She gives it to him. he takes it and sits down to check the jewellery. He thanks Mariam for solving his problems. She wonders if this will suffice. He wants to check with the jeweller (CHaman Lal) for the interest rate first.

Salman Baig suggests him Manoj Jeweller’s name. Younis nods. Heeralal Chacha knows him too. Salman baig agrees that Heeralal knows him but how much do you know your Allah? Taking things on interest or keeping them for the same is against Islam. Everyone is taken aback. Nasima begins to say something but goes quiet. Salman baig talks about religion. We try to bend the rules as per our wishes because of which religion gets insulted. He turns to Mariam. Jewellery not just adds to a woman’s beauty but it turns out to be a support system for them in their hour of need too. Don’t ever think of mortgaging it for anyone else. I might or might not be there tomorrow but these jewels will be of use to you. Nasima says we are there for Najma and Mariam. Salman baig knows how even your own shadow leaves you in troubled times. You (Nasima) too have jewellery. Nasima talks about Saba’s impending marriage. Salman Baig talks about Najma’s impending marriage too. He tells Mariam to keep these safe for Najma atleast. Younis gives them to his Abbajaan who in turn hands it to Mariam. She leaves from there and Younis too goes out for his work.

Najma tells Waqar and Fiza about Sania Mirza’s trophies. Waqar tells her to be quiet. Abbu will get angry if he hears you talking like this. He has no problem with sports but according to him, girls should not participate in sports. Najma cross questions him about it but Waqar doesn’t have an answer.

Bilkish is surprised to see Jamaal home so early. did you resign? If you do so then I will go to my Chachajaan’s place for forever. Amma too scolds him. He says he is on duty. He shows them four letters that he is holding. People talk on phone. Who writes letters nowadays? Amma tells him how her husband used to write letters to her. he dint have the guts to talk to me in front of your Dadajaan so he used to write a letter and send it through pigeons. Bilkish and Jamaal get curious. Jamaal teases her Amma about it. Bilkish gets sad. You never did something like this. he immediately speaks a sher to make her happy. He then gives her those letters as they are of her Chachajaan’s locality only. You go there often so please give them to the respective people. She reminds him that he is the postman. Amma supports her son but Bilkish reminds them of the consequences (begging) in case he gets dismissed from his job this time. Amma and Jamaal change their minds right then and he leaves to do his task.

Heeralal comes to meet Salman Baig. He talks about a certain book that Heeralal hasn’t returned yet. Even Salman Baig has his one book. Mariam brings his kurta. What’s this stain about? Rehmat Bi understands that he had some sweet. Heeralal adds fuel to the fire sweetly. What were you doing at the shop of Karim jalebis yesterday? Salman Baig is caught. He in turn blames Heeralal for forcing him to eat jalebis. Mariam is worried about his sugar. He apologizes to her. I wont touch jalebis now. She makes him promise for all the sweets.

Younis comes there and greets them. He needs Mariam’s help. Party has suggested a few changes. She agrees to work on it. His Abbajaan is worried about the money. Younis assures him he wont take Mariam’s jewellery but he will arrange it somehow. He and Mariam go out to work on the sample. Heeralal reassures Salman Baig that Younis would stick to his words. Salman Baig (SB) replies that he is worried for Younis as well.

Imran is at Nabeel Public School. Najma watches him from far as he writes down a list of the kids who are keen to learn tennis. He notices her too. He gives them each a form to get it signed from their parents. You will be able to practice with me after that only. After the selection process only 4 of you will be selected who only will compete. The practise will happen thrice a week. He gets up to.

He walks up to where Najma is and she is all alert now. Do you want to participate as well? Take this form. She declines but eyes the form longingly. She recalls her Ammi’s words and moves her hand back. I don’t need it. he turns to go but she calls out to him as her new neighbour. He corrects her pointedly. You will have to call me Sir here. She repeats it. you said yesterday that I can play tennis? Were you saying the truth? He talks about self confidence. To become something you need to trust yourself and not anyone else’s words. You have potential to become a good tennis player. You have strong hands and your reflexes are way better than other people. Honestly, I feel you are not a great badminton player. She reminds him of the championship. He points out that her force and strokes are much more suited for tennis. She wonders if she can play tennis then. He tells her to get this form signed from her Abbu first but then corrects himself as he realises what he just said. Get is signed from anyone from your home! We will see then. Now back to class. She looks at the form.

Precap: Najma is watching tennis championship on a tv in her locality. Imran observes her from far. She jumps in joy as Sania wins the match. He too smiles seeing her happy. Najma turns and her smile disappears as she finds her Bade Abbu standing behind watching her angrily. Imran too notices him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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