Tum Saath Ho Jab 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mariam takes Najma to sleep, but Najma says before sleeping she will put this moment to abbu’s coin box. Imran watches this. Najma writes, Ammi’s designs. Mariam says the next slip will be about her under fourteen tennis victory. She keeps the box inside, but the ring’s box comes down. Najma asks where the ring has gone. Mariam says she kept the ring with Seeta jewelers to take money. Najma says they didn’t need money, but Mariam says someone else needed the money. Najma says she kept it to give Imran money. Mariam says they needed the money more than them.
Imran sits on the chair, thinking about Mariam. Altaf comes to show him a lock. He tells Imran to keep his bag locked. Imran isn’t ready, Altaf asks if he must call Najma. Imran asks curtly, who is Najma and why he will call her. He talks like his life is controlled by Najma or his maa. Imran says he must understand that Najma is only her student and Mariam is her mother. He asks him not to drag them into his life and tell them too. Altaf asks what Mariam has done. Imran says she has done a lot.
Rehma bibi asks Waqar to eat more, as Fizza says he has already eaten three partha. Najma comes there, they ask where she goes daily. Najma whispers it to kids, they were excited but Najma tells them to talk quiet. Nasima comes talking on phone, the kids leave for auto. She was talking about jewellery, and says she must get the ring just like Mariam’s. Mariam comes there, and asks Mariam for the ring for design. Mariam gets worried. Nasima asks if she doesn’t want her to wear the ring like hers. Mariam says she will bring the ring.

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Saba takes to Naeema worried, that Shabbir isn’t picking up his call. Naeema asks Saba to come home. Saba says she has a practice today. The friends tell Saba that Ayan met, that was crying. They insist she must forgive him. Saba says it isn’t easy, he loves her. There are a lot of differences, she is Saba Baig and he is Ayan Shukla, don’t they understand. Saba leaves. Ayan hears and asks what he must do about his heart.
Mariam insists the jeweller, he says he can’t give it to her. The jeweler asks Mariam to bring his guests there. Mariam asks to trust her, but he says business has some rules and he would be able to return her ring only when she returns the money. Mariam watches Abba ji coming to the market, Altaf meets him too. Imran comes there as well and watches Mariam standing on the shop. She denies at him, he nods. Abba ji congratulates him, and turns to see Mariam there. He asks Mariam what she is doing here and did she come with Nasima. Mariam says she was passing by, and liked an anklet for Najma. Abba ji offers her to buy it, but Mariam says she will do it sometime else. Abba ji says this is her luck, Mariam lost all the colours of her life in such a young age.
Waqar and Najma look at Saba’s magazine; she comes and forbids them to watch her magazines. Nasima comes asking about Mariam. She must have given her the ring. Waqar and Fizza say they will just come home, Saba says Mariam will come home in time. Mariam wonders what she will say to Nasima, and asks Allah to help her.
Altaf was playing with Najma, then looks at Mariam. He asks Najma, quietly that her ammi is worried. Najma says she is worried, since she came from school. Altaf tells her to ask, so that they can help her. Najma asks Mariam why she is worried, Mariam says there isn’t anything. She tells her that Nasima wants the ring for design. Najma speaks the truth. Altaf says that Imran wasn’t right, the money wasn’t for shoes but she just wanted to help them. Mariam asks Altaf not to tell Imran. Altaf says he also dislikes. Najma asks to think about their problem, what they will tell bari ammi. Altaf says he hasn’t enough money to free his ring. Imran comes there, and asks what is it. Mariam asks Najma to go to practice, Imran asks what is it about as she didn’t give him lecture on discipline.
Imran says he wants to talk to her, and takes the ring from his pocket asking is it hers. She asks where he got it. Imran says Seeta Ram jewelers.

PRECAP: Mariam was crying, Imran says he doesn’t like this and asks mamu to go out. Naeema tells Saba that she will only marry Imran.

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