Tum Saath Ho Jab 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jamaal is in his uniform. He has come at his appointed territory to distribute letters. Everyone is surprised to see him thus. He continues to hide his face behind the letters. Altaf collides with him by mistake. He thinks that Jamaal is trying to save himself from the people who are after him. you look like a postman. Jamaal tells him it is his uniform. I indeed am a postman. Altaf teases him about his previous so called profession of a shayar. Jamaal starts again. everyone around them enjoys it too. Altaf takes his leave. Jamaal goes about to do his work.

Mariam opens her window. She notices Imran. He is trying to open a container. He continues to bang it but in vain. She smiles at his attempts. He notices her and she hides. He walks inside but keeps turning to check if she is there. He again tries to pull the lid and she cannot help herself from smiling. Altaf hears the noise as Imran drops the container. He tells his Mamu that he is not able to open the pickle jar. Altaf replies that that box is inside. Imran notices flour on the floor. I spilled floor. Mariam starts smiling. Imran notices her. She immediately changes her expressions. Nasima calls out for her so she leaves from there.

Najma comes to Saba’s room after making sure no one notices her. I will get all the info from her computer. She searches google for tennis. She checks info on Sania Mirza. She gives a print comman. She hears her Bade Abbu’s voice and gets tensed. She shuts down the laptop and hides in time. He is talking to some Murtaza who asks him to mortgage something for the order. Younis is against it and tells him in simple words. Najma is worried what if he notices Sania’s photo. I will be gone. She tries to come out of walk around the bed to take it but Nasima come there. Najma hides again. he is busy calculating how he can get the amount for the order. She tries to say something but he shushes her. najma finally picks the page and gets out of the room without being noticed by them. Nasima wants to talk to Younis. Ammi called. The groom’s side has not given any reply yet. He talks about his work tension. They will call on their own if they are interested. Tell your Ammi to wait.

Outside, Najma smiles as she looks at Sania’s photo. She runs away from there.

Mariam brings tea for Younis and Nasima. They are talking about the money. Younis still wants 80-90k. Nasima offers to talk to her Ammi. We wont tell Abbajaan anything but he tells her to wait. I wont go against Abbajaan. Mariam wishes them well. Don’t worsen your health over it.

Mariam is ironing clothes when she thinks about Younis’s monetary problem. She picks Tauseef’s racket. Maula mere maula plays. He had got a 1 lakh cheque after winning a tennis competition. She had teased him about it. he had no idea what to do with so much money. Shall we give it to bhaijaan? She had no problem with it. He got happy and had thanked her for being with him. Flashback ends. Title track plays. She talks to Tauseef. Younis bhai is worried. He too is all alone without you. Mariam wipes her tears as Najma comes there. She shows her Sania’s pic. Mariam knows about her. najma takes her Ammi with her. do you know how she looked like when she was a kid? She brings her own photo and keeps it beside Sania’s photo. She looked just like me. Mariam smiles. Your Abbu used to say the same. But why all this so suddenly? Najma shows an inclination to play like Sania Mirza and represent her country. This thought worries Mariam. She remembers Younis’s warning well. She resumes ironing her clothes. Najma wants to know why she cant play like Sania. Mariam explains that it is something else to play in school competition while it is altogether something else to play like Sania Mirza. This is not possible. Don’t look at me like that. You remember the fuss at home about the time of championship? Drop this idea. Najma is about to say something when Nasima comes there. Nasima notices the photos on the bed. Najma lies that she got an assignment from her sports teacher. I was doing that only. Nasima is not happy with the assignment. What’s the need to talk sports, that too to girls! You should focus on studies Najma. These sports are no good. She sends Najma out. Najma takes the photos and goes out.

Nasima suggests Mariam to keep Najma away from sports. Educate her well. She will get married to a good guy then. Mariam was doing the same only. You wanted to say something? Nasima nods. Come sit with me. Mariam is confused. There is no one at in-laws place to talk to. You are just like Naima for me. Mariam says the same. Everything will be fine. Nasima is worried for Younis. He got order because of your samples but what if we lose the order. I have a solution. She suggests Mariam to mortgage her jewellery. Mariam is taken aback. Nasima tells about how Abbajaan is against taking loan but I cannot see my husband in trouble. Mariam has kept them for Najma. I too want to get her married. Nasima says Saba’s Abbuh as never differentiated between Fiza, Saba and Najma. They all have been treated equally. So much money is spent in running a home. He only is handling the whole house’s responsibility after Tauseef’s death. Once things work out in our favour then it is good for everyone. I too will mortgage my jewellery. He will get money in a few days once the order is complete. He will get them back asap. You can think about it. I am not pushing you for it. tell me whatever you deicide. I should go and see if he still has fever. Mariam is in a fix.

Mariam walks in her balcony. She keeps thinking about Younis and Nasima’s words as she paces outside.

Imran is reading a book. Altaf comes there. I find something odd. Our Najma! Imran points out at the word ‘our’. Altaf corrects himself. Our neighbour Najma. Her Ammi is looking worried. The lights of her room were on till later night yesterday. She is pacing out in her balcony tonight as well. She is indeed worried about something. Imran tells him not to worry over someone else. It is her balcony. She can do anything that she wants to. You act like a woman at times. Altaf replies he can understand women at times. Imran too notices Mariam pacing worriedly in her balcony. Altaf wonders if they should ask her about it. imran is against it. we have enough pain already. Why to take anyone else’s too! Altaf wants him to fulfil his neighbourly duties but Imran suggests him to sleep instead. Altaf goes inside reluctantly. Imran looks at Mariam again who prays for a way out! If we don’t arrange money soon then Younis bhai will lose this contract. Show me some way Allah!

Precap: Imran talks to Najma about her skills. Your force and strokes are much more suited for tennis. She wonders if she can play tennis then. He tells her to get this form signed from her Abbu first but then corrects himself, anyone from her home! We will see then. She looks at the form.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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