Tum Saath Ho Jab 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam thinks about Abbajaan’s words of trust on her and his views on women being equal to men. She thinks she dint do any mistake in hiding about Najma being enrolled for tennis classes. He may not have any problem with it. But how will Younis bhai react to it? I will have to keep it a secret for the peace of the house. Nasima brings her out of her reverie. All the kids come running to the kitchen as they are super hungry. Mariam wonders about how they are so hungry today. You had your lunchboxes. Waqar says new neighbour but then goes quiet. Fiza covers up saying that their new friend dint bring lunch today so we shared it with her. Najma agrees. The kids turn to go but Nasima wants to know what he was saying about that drunkard. Did he say something to you? Mariam suggests her not to call him a drunkard in front of the kids as he is their teacher. Nasima corrects her sentence curtly. Kids shake their heads in reply. Nasima sends them outside and eyes Mariam pointedly before going out.

Altaf bickers / bargains with the vegetable seller. Imran bargains as well as he comes back. He refuses to pay extra money for brinjals. Shabnam speaks in his favour. Next time you can tell me. I bring my groceries from the vegetable market. I will bring some for you. He point blank refuses to take any help from her. he heads upstairs angrily. Altaf suggests her to stay away from them as much as possible. Shabnam has still not realised her mistake for which even Altaf feels disgusted with her. he goes upstairs too. Shabnam thinks that they both have gone against her altogether. Imran doesn’t even want to look at me. I will remain single all my life if I don’t do anything. I will have to do something to make him happy.

Kids fight for food. Mariam serves them. she is surprised to know that their friend ate one chapatti each from all of their lunchboxes. You don’t even finish two. Waqar says he is elder to us after all. Mariam can guess from their expressions that they are trying to hide something. Najma says we shared our lunch with new neighbour. Mariam is surprised that he ate from their lunchboxes. Fiza nods. He said no initially but then started eating when we all insisted. Najma smiles. He couldn’t stop himself once he started eating.

Altaf teases Imran for eating the food cooked by Mariam Bi all alone. Now you are smiling too. Imran says I couldn’t say no to the kids. Altaf had been waiting for him at home to eat with him. you enjoyed a feast all by yourself. Imran corrects him that it was just the lunchbox of the kids.

Fiza tells her Choti Ammi that new neighbour was praising the veggie that she had cooked. Waqar and Najma agree.

Altaf and Imran discuss about Najma’s talent. She talks a lot. She wants to become a national champion asap and wants to wear her Abbu’s blazer. Altaf is impressed. This thought is very good. Imran adds discipline is very necessary for the same. altaf’s phone rings again. he cuts Asad’s call. He tells Imran as to how Zeenat wants to see that property asap as she needs money. Imran agrees to sign the papers as and when they send it. Altaf agrees to fight it out for him but Imran doesn’t want it. let them take the last piece of land that I have. I need freedom from my Maazi. I want to be relieved. I want to live again for real. Altaf gets emotional as Imran hugs him.

Nasima feeds almonds to Waqar. Saba makes Fiza’s braids against which she complains. She suggests her to get it done from Ammi then but Fiza knows their Ammi will make worst braids. Fiza goes to her Ammi’s side reluctantly. Younis gets call from the same client but doesn’t pick it up. He is still miffed with the client. Finally he gives the phone to Waqar asking him to lie to the guy that Abbu is unwell. He is sleeping. Waqar complies. Nasima repeats Abbajaan’s words. There is nothing wrong in sending Mariam for the client meeting. He is at a loss of what’s happening to Abbajaan nowadays. He only worries and thinks about Mariam. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything else. He is growing old. But I wont let the women of our house step on the work front come what may. Saba asks him how their house’s prestige will go down if women work too. He looks at her angrily. He walks closer asking her if she said something. Nasima tries to intervene but he doesn’t relent. Saba talks about the women of today. some countries have lady prime ministers. Waqar helps him with some info. Saba tells him about her friends who are choosing fields like media or fashion designing. To him it doesn’t matter who is doing what. He warns her not to think about doing something like that ever. Nasima twists Saba’s words. She is just telling that today women do just about anything. Plus Mariam will stay at home to make designs. You will get orders from it. saba is in tears. I was saying that only. Nasima suggests Younis to let Mariam meet Srivastava once. He is anyways not going to meet her every other day. He might want to meet Mariam to explain her how he wants things. She makes him understand that they have responsibility of three kids and Najma too. She hugs Saba saying she will be getting married in a year or two. I am already worried. Stop acting stubborn. Think about our kids. He thinks about it.

Najma gets ready to sleep early which surprises Mariam. Najma has to wake up at 5 am. I have to increase my fitness level so I will have to exercise in the morning. Mariam says you cannot do it all by yourself. You will need some trainer. Najma has already arranged for it. he will teach me in the morning. I will exercise on my terrace. He will be my tv for me. wake up in the morning. Mariam smiles.

Imran and Altaf are fast asleep. Altaf wakes up with a start as the alarm starts ringing. He shuts it and lies down to sleep again. imran wakes up as something hits him. he looks around in confusion. He notices Najma signalling to him that it is 5 am already. Mariam watches it from her window. Imran checks his clock and then gets up. He scolds his Mamu (mildly) for not waking him up. He changes his clothes and goes out.

Najma reprimands him for being late. He asks her if she will throw stones at his house. She couldn’t shout as it will wake everyone. Talk slowly. She points out that he is 15 minutes late. Dadajaan says the first indication of success is discipline. He wonders if she has come to lecture him or to work out. Najma tells her Ammi to keep an eye, signal me if anyone is coming here. Mariam nods from inside.

Imran begins his session. Najma copies him well. In between Najma keeps gesturing Imran to be a little low. Mariam observes them keenly from inside. She even begins to imitate them as well. Imran observes her too and is surprised. He continues with the exercises but then imagines Mehak and stops to look at her. najma finds him looking her like that. Maula mere maula plays as Imran thinks of Mehak again. he dismisses it as nothing. It is enough for today. he goes inside which confuses Mariam. What happened to him suddenly?

Precap: Imran calls out for Mariam when she is on her terrace. Why did you send my tiffin along with Najma’s? Don’t do this in future. If people will get to know about it then they will spread false rumours.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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