Tum Saath Ho Jab 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma’s siblings are happy and anxious. If she wins these last two points then she will win. Najma is leading with 20-19. Her siblings cheer for her as she only has to win the match point now. Imran is watching Najma closely. Afshaah hits the shuttlecock and Najma fails to hit it back. It land near the badminton court. Afshaah jumps with happiness while Najma and her sisters / brother are sad for her. Najma’s siblings point out that it is actually Najma’s point. Imran and Najma look at each other. Imran looks at the shuttlecock again. Waqar is worried as the points will get equal now. Saba had seen the shuttlecock falling out of the court. Imran signals the coaches and talks to them. Saba prays for justice. I will tell everyone if he (Imran) does cheating with them. Imran continues with his discussion. Najma is sure he will never decide in her favour. Imran points out that the point is actually Najma’s so she is the winner. Najma and her siblings jump in joy. They share a group hug while everyone claps for Najma. Najma talks to her Abbu. See, I won with your racket.

Nasima is talking to her Ammi about the championship. They are eagerly waiting for Waqar. Salman Baig smiles. Bilkish can understand her happiness as her son will win. Nasima is really excited. Mariam serves lunch to her FIL. Nasima is anxiously waiting for the kids. Bilkish tells her to call Younis bhai. The cycle should reach home before Waqar comes back. Salman Baig likes the idea of gifting something to the kids for their victory. It encourages the kids a lot. Nasima is calling her husband but he is not picking up. Just then Younis comes home with a brand new cycle. Nasima gets happy. he tells her not to make expensive promises to the kids. She knows that she is doing it all for the kids only. Salman Baig agrees with her. he reminds his son how he used to ask for prize even after losing the game. Bilkish smiles at the memory while Younis talks somewhat bitterly. Only Tauseef knew how to win. Salman Baig and Mariam feel bad.

Kids come home and Nasima decides to hide the cycle to surprise her son. Younis, Nasima and BIlkish cover it with a cloth. The kids come in cheering for Baig family. Najma has her hands behind her back. Everyone smiles seeing the kids enthusiasm. Nasima hugs her son and asks for trophy. Waqar makes a sad face. Younis is about to scold him for spending 2k for his cycle but stops. Saba and Fiza tell them that Waqar lost the championship. Nasima and Younis are disheartened. Bilkish wonders why they were shouting happily then. Younis shows them the cycle angrily. What should I do with it now? You have wasted my 2k. Fiza, Saba and Najma get excited. Saba suggests her Abbu to give it to Najma as she has won the trophy. Najma shows her trophy happily. Younis and Nasima are super shocked while the kids shout excitedly yet again. Najma goes to hug her Dadajaan and shows him her trophy. Mariam gets emotional and hugs her. she holds Tauseef’s racket while Najma looks at her trophy. Bilkish remarks that the trophy came to their house one way or the other but Nasima glares at her. Najma shows it to Rehmat Bi too. She tells everyone that she has made halwa. Najma goes to her Bade Abbu. Waqar bhaijaan played very nicely but he (couldn’t win). Younis keeps his hand over head half heartedly to bless her and Najma hugs him. mariam smile through her tears. Younis kisses Najma on her forehead and leaves from there. Najma gives her trophy to her Ammi and kisses her. Nasima and Bilkish leave from there. Salman Baig hugs Waqar and encourages him to work harder. You will surely win one day. Maula mere maula plays as Mariam looks at the trophy. She imagines Tauseef again. He proudly holds the trophy with her.

Najma wipes her Ammi’s tears. Mariam says they are tears of happiness. I feel as if Tauseef has won this again. I am proud of you. Najma shares its credit with her new neighbour. Mariam knew that he was not a wrong guy. We doubted him for no reason. they decide to write a chit and keep it in their piggy bank of memories – Najjo’s first trophy. Mariam looks up and talks to Tauseef. Our chest of happiness will never get empty. Najma agrees. I have promised Ammi that we will fill this box together with loads of happy memories. They both hug. Rehmat Bi calls Mariam downstairs. Najma kisses the box lovingly.

Altaf cannot believe that the girl (Najma) won that championship. We used to think that she is naughty but she is talented too. Imran nods. Altaf suggests going to their home to congratulate them and Imran cannot understand his enthu. Altaf actually wants to eat something cooked by others but drops the idea as Imran stares at him in his typical style. Altaf praises him for returning her Abbu’s racket. You did the right thing. Imran tells him to focus on food.

Rehmat Bi gives halwa to everyone. She gives some extra halwa to Waqar as his diet is good. The kids laugh but Mariam gestures them not to. They apologize to him too. They talk about the reaction of Afshaah. Mariam tells them that they should celebrate their victory and not someone’s loss.

Nasima is talking to her Ammi. Waqar plays very well but lost in the end. Younis has brought a cycle for him too. On the other hand, Najma too talks about the cycle and how she will learn riding it very soon. she runs towards the cycle but Nasima stops her. don’t touch it. Najma points out that she should get it as she has won the trophy. Nasima replies sarcastically. Take everything from Waqar. You have got the trophy already now you should take this cycle too. Only you have got a good fate here. Saba requests her to let Najma ride it once but Nasima stays put. She also warns Najma not to even touch it. najma feels bad. Younis calls out for Nasima so she leaves after sending her daughters to their room to study. She also tells Waqar to keep the cycle in the storeroom.

Najma asks her Ammi why is Badi Ammi not happy about her win. Mariam diverts her to her happiness. Najma wonders what her fault is if Waqar bhai lost. No one gave me a toffee when I have won. Mariam offers to take her out to explore Lucknow and gorge on various delicacies. Najma gets excited.

The mother daughter enjoy roaming around Lucknow and have a good time together.

Jamaal and Altaf collide with each other as they come to a sweet shop to buy jalebis. They both talk about why jalebi is round and compare it to women. They both have quite similar thoughts about jalebis. Earlier they were telling you first to each other and in the end fight over the left out jalebis. Altaf wants to take it for his nephew while Jamaal wants to take it for his niece. Jamaal takes them without even paying for it.

Imran is near the window when Najma calls out for him. you came from school. I was looking for you. He is busy in his drink and doesn’t even bother to look at her while she continues talking to him. he walks away from there. She calls him arrogant but wants to thank him nonetheless.

Precap: Najma makes paper planes (with a thank you note written on it). my thank you will reach you for sure. She aims it at his window and Imran’s liquor bottle breaks. He looks out of the window and finds her waving at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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