Tum Saath Ho Jab 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma remarks that she (Mariam) slept while holding the racket in her hands. Mariam says it wasn’t a racket but your Abbu’s hand. Najma teases her and gets a playful pat on her head in return. Najma is super happy now as she has her Abbu’s racket after all. No one can stop me from winning this championship. Dadajaan solved all our problems. Mariam is also happy. We should go to dargah first and then I will drop you too school. Najma readily agrees.

Altaf brings Imran to dargah too as it is his first day at school. Mariam also brings Najma there. Najma is curious why she always comes here only. Mariam had met Tauseef here only. She recalls the incident. Mariam had come there to take off the holy thread that she had tried earlier. Someone pointed out that she is actually pulling his thread. Mariam looked up to see Tauseef smiling at her. They shared a small eye lock. She turned to go after explaining that she dint do it intentionally but he ran after her asking her to stop. You can keep it if you want. She asks him if he would have done the same if it was some guy here in her place. Would you have given it to him too? Tauseef shakes his head. She talks about how guys have nothing else to do except roam after girls. He says he had just come here to pass in the exam. She too had come for the same reason. He adds that when their prayers are similar then they should test their destiny through this thread only. She jokes that she doesn’t want his bad luck to affect her exam result but then agrees. They both finally tied the thread together and kept looking at each other on and off. Title track plays. Flashback ends. Najma shakes her out of her reverie. They go to tie a thread for their mannat.

Altaf brings a thread for Imran too. I want to see you happy and want to get married which is why this thread. I don’t want to cook anymore. Please come for me. Imran goes reluctantly.

Jamaal tells the constable and sketch maker about the chicken in his typical poetry style. He and his Ammi don’t agree on anything. This irks the constable and the sketch maker. The sketch comes out badly because of this. Bilkish comes there and hears them talking. She has brought a chicken with her. Jamaal and his Ammi notice the chicken in Bilkish’s hands. She has understood that they were behind the chicken’s disappearance. She continues to curse her MIL though she gets soft on her husband. Jamaal whispers something in his mother’s ears and sends the constable and the sketch maker.

Imran stands in a corner and looks at the thread in his hands while Altaf joins him after cleaning his hands. Don’t be stubborn now. Come!

Najma ties a thread and prays to win this championship. I want to make my Ammi proud. She turns to her Ammi. What will you ask for? mariam wants to pray for her happiness, success and good health. She begins to tie the thread when someone pats at her shoulder. She notices Tauseef smiling at her. title track plays. He says that he too has come to pray for their daughter. Hurry up. She keeps at that direction and resumes tying the thread when she hears someone say that she is actually pulling his thread. She is shocked to see Imran there and remembers the similarity between both the incidents. Najma gets angry as she looks at him. mariam looks around for Tauseef but he is gone. She wipes her tears and apologizes to Imran. He doesn’t react angrily which relieves Najma. Najma blames him for losing their thread. Mariam starts looking for her thread when Imran offers him his thread. Mariam is yet again thinking about her past. Imran comments that he anyways does not want anything from life. You can tie it. najma denies. We don’t take favours from anyone. We took the racket as it belonged to my Abbu. Altaf comes there. Meanwhile, Najma finds their thread. Someone had cast their evil eye on it but Allah set everything right. Altaf takes Imran from there as he might get late on his first day. Mariam tells Najma not to talk to elders like that. Mariam and Imran tie their threads respectively. Mariam prays for Najma who wonders if their new neighbour is actually asking for something against them. they both leave. Imran has prayed that his Mamu gets settled soon. altaf gets happy.

Bilkish is back at her Chachajaan’s house. She tells her about what Jamaal and his Ammi did with the chicken. Rehmat Bi asks her if she will take food for her MIL from here like always. Bilkish replies that she comes here to meet the kids. Bilkish asks Nasima about her mother and her sister, Naima. Nasima‘s Ammi has been looking for a groom for Naima. Your bhaijaan is searching for a groom for Mariam but cannot do the same for Naima. Mariam comes home and Bilkish greets her. nasima doubts her if she is actually coming from dargah or not. its been two hours that she has been gone. Mariam had gone to drop Najma to her school. Nasima is yet again annoyed at the revolt that is happening against her husband. Abbajaan has allowed her to play badminton. She must be playing along with the other boys. Mariam hears this and feels sad.

Najma shows her Abbu’s racket to her friends. They tease her about it as it is old and might break like the one yesterday. They challenge each other. Coach tells them all to start the practise. He asks boys to play first as one of these boys only will play for their country one day. You girls can only take it as a hobby. Innocent Najma wants to know why they cannot play for their country. Waqar points it out that she has got permission to play in this championship only. The boys start practising while Najma is in thoughts.

Mariam is going through some books in her room. Jamaal calls out for Nasima, Mariam and the latter hears him. he has come to look for Bilkish. He is told that she has gone outside with Nasima bhabhi. He explains the whole incident to her because of which he is in a tight spot. Things sort out nicely here. He notices Najma’s drawing book in her hand. It has pictures of all the sports in it (badminton, table tennis, football). He remembers when she had a fight with Tauseef because of her drawings as she only draws sports stuff. Tauseef had told her not to stop things which come naturally. She goes to get tea for him.

Jamaal notices Altaf cleaning a shirt. The stain is not going. Jamaal likes his way of talking and they both greet each other. Altaf has never seen him here. Jamaal tells him that this is his in-laws place. Altaf continues to tease him and compares him to a donkey. Altaf wants to know how to remove the stain of grease. Jamaal has no clue. I am not a laundry man. I have no idea. Mariam comes there and tells him the solution. Altaf talks about the stain and how stubborn it is. He tells Jamaal to ask Mariam how his nephew (super stubborn) is as she knows him well by now. Mariam tells Jamaal about Imran. He is a teacher. She stops when she begins to tell him that he is going to take Tauseef’s place (in school). She recalls the incident at dargah today.

Precap: Principal announces that no teacher from their school can be the referee for the match. Our new referee will be Al-Habib’s sports teacher Imran Siddiqui. Imran comes there. Najma is shocked to see Imran.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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