Tum bin jiya jaye kaise – shivika (part 9)

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Hello gyez i am very happy for your suggestion and comments and i know some pepole have doubt Anika forgive shivaay no this is not possible i mean not so soon and you read this part then you come to know

Part 9
Shivika enter in oberoi mansion with shivanya

Anika straight go to her room but dadi stop her
Dadi : you can’t enter like this
Anika is shocked because in this house rudy and dadi is only who love Anika and support but now dadi and shivaay and whole oberi is shoked
Shivaay : what happen dadi
Dadi : o khotya my daughter in law enter in house after many year so we have to do her Aarti
Anika : what need for all this
Dadi : for me Anika

Anika : okk dadi
Dadi does Anika Arti anika enter in house with shivanya and go straight to her room and shivaay follow her
Pinky hold Anika

Pinky : she again come back in my son life i want to kick her out of house why cant you leave us foe peace in one year we all are leaving with peace but you come abck again destroy our life you bad omen to our house why cant you just go away from our house
Anika is not intrested in her talks she make faces

Irritated pinky try to slap her shivaay come to hold her hand before Anika hold her hand
Anika : donot you dare mrs. Oberoi i donot fprgive you all its my helplessnes i am leaving here thease six month are jail for me you know what i m not intrested in you your heera beta and your so called faimly and donot forget i am not that Anika who is just Anika i am Anika rathore donot raise hand on me you donot know what consequences so better stay in your limit and i am warning whole oberoi faimly ( except you know all) saying this she went straight to her room and shivaay follow her
Shivaay : what was this
Anika : what

Shivaay : you behave very badly with mom
Anika :wow shivaay you cant see truth what your mom did to me you donot notice and what i say you notice that not bad mr. Oberoi but i am warning you all donot say anything to me which hurt me then i also hurt you all because you know i hate you all
Anika have tears in her eyes but she compose herself but shivaay notice this
Shivaay come and back hug her and kiss on her ears
Shivay : stop stop my jhansi ki rani i know we hurt you but i ask you forgive you know what Anika i am crying for you because i love you so much you my life and you mean everything to me
Anika : that why you left me for fake blame for your faimly ohh how can i forget you obro tag your brother come and give you info about me and you left me you know who is wrong who is right but you didn’t say anything you know what why because you never consider me faimly lets forget this

She go and take pillo and blanket and shivanya with her
Shivaay : where are you going anika
Anika.: i am going to sleeo on floor
Shivaay : are you mad Anika with shivanya you sleep on floor
Shivaay come and lift her and put on bed and sleep besid her

Anika try to say something but shivaay keep hand on her lips and sign her to sleep she sleep
In night 3:00 am shivika room
Shivanya is crying and shivaay get up

Shivaay : baby why are you crying sleep na see time its 3: 00 am in night who get up this early cone both papa and daughter sleep with each other but she start crying more
Anika also get up
Shivaay : see Anika she is crying and. Not sleeping what happen to her is everything is ok i think we should call doctor
Anika : relax relax shivaay

Shivaay : how can you say relax when our daughter is crying
Anika laugh seeing shivaay face because he look funny with worried and complainig face
Shivaay enjoy Anika laugh and see her continuesly but then he come back to sensse amd see Anika laughing
Shivaay :. Our daughter is crying and her mom is laughing
Anika : shivaay she must be hungry i will feed her milk thats why she is crying
Anika feed shivanya milk and shivanya sleep peacefully
Anika observe shivaay he have tears in his eyes

Anika : what happen shivaay why are you cying shivaay
Shivaay : Nothing just i realise i miss everything about our daughter her first laugh everything for my faimly i gave alot pain to you and our daughter
Anika pov
shivaay what you did wrong i know but i cant forgive you i knw you realise your mistake my heart want to forgive but my mind not forgiving you shivaay i donot what i do today i scold pinky auty i donot knw i m wrong or right but my mind is saying i m right is i m really right

Shivika romance and new entry

Give Anika Answer what she is wrong or she is right

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  1. Sairan

    Anika is right obviously
    A person Shud never fall in his her own eyes just for the sake of love
    Self respect bhi kuch Hai ki nahi

  2. Surbhi Sharma


  3. Nithu

    perfectly right

  4. Very nice. I hope the new entry does not cause problems between Shivika

  5. Aryaraju

    Superb.. Waiting for the next part ??

  6. Ahaana


  7. Obviously anika ws ryt.. She shld stand 4 her self respect… N shld nt forgive shivaay easily.. N it ws awesome.. Update soon..

  8. Awesome epi…anika is right in her place…

  9. Dhar

    Loved the way u made anikas character, strong and independent,cause i m missing the old bubbly chirpy anika, and let pinky understand anikas value

  10. Awesome….Anika Rocks such a bold behaviour after a long time….She is Right…want some more scenes of shivaay with his daughter…..waiting for next part..

  11. Alekhika20

    Awsome updt

  12. Awesome one!

  13. fantastic

  14. loved it

  15. fabulous

  16. It is awesome dear… And Anika is right..

  17. Obiously anika is right….. nyc 2 see our bold anika which is missing in show…. coming 2 today epi it’s SUPERB…… waiting 4 nxt….

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. Obviously Anika is right in her place. Waiting for next part.

  19. Vincy

    Yes Anika is tighten she should teach tht Pinky aunty a lesson

    1. Vincy


  20. Superb

  21. It’s was an awesome episode. update soon.

  22. SamSun

    hey rithik! I am sorry for this late comment and I am sorry for not commnting on the previous parts even though I have been reading this ff ever since it started.
    well the truth is I love this ff and I keep waiting when u would post the next part. regarding anika, she is right, she is obviously right. I am in love with the plot and I am eagerly waiting for father-daughter moments (shivaay- shivanya). keep going and pls do post soon

    1. Rithik

      Hey thankyou so much samsun and i also love your ff and i post another part dear

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