Tum Aise Hi Rehna 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi refuses to have drink. Mr. Kapoor says he can’t hear no. Ria gets tensed. Mr. Kapoor says today we shall celebrate, and drink of my choice. Abhi says they want to be alone. The waiter brings drinks. Abhi tries to say. Mr. Kapoor says you doesn’t drink, but why you are saying on your wife’s behalf. May be she wants to drink. Abhi says she won’t drink. Mr. Kapoor says Ria will finish the drink in 5 mins and asks what say Bhabhiji. Abhi says you are crossing your limits now. Mr. Kapoor asks her to finish the drink within 5 mins and says your time starts now. Abhi is shocked and asks Ria to come. Mr. Kapoor points gun on Abhi and asks Ria to finish the drink silently else she will repent. Anushka tells Abhi that Mr. Kapoor is not joking and he will shoot really. Ria is shocked. Mr. Kapoor asks her to drink. Abhi asks Ria not to drink. Mr. Kapoor targets Abhi. Ria stops Mr. Kapoor. Abhi says you won’t drink the wine. Mr. Kapoor says you are very stupid, and says good bye.

Ria holds the glass and drinks wine in one go. She starts coughing. Mr. Kapoor says good job, but your 5 mins are over. You should have taken this decision before I loaded the gun. Once I load my gun, I can’t stop. He puts gun on Abhi’s head and says he is helpless. Ria folds hands and asks him to leave Abhi. Mr. Kapoor says sorry and pulls the trigger. There was no bullet inside. Mr. Kapoor laughs and says Ria is a jannat. We will go together in hell or heaven. Ria feels dizzy. Mr. Kapoor says your wife is very courageous and calls her player. Abhi fumes and slaps him hard. Mr. Kapoor looks angrily. Abhi says this deal is off. He tells that he signed the deal because of Anushka and asks him to respect his wife. He asks him to remember his limits else the consequences will be bad. Abhi holds Ria in his arms and walks out.

Anushka tries to speak to Mr. Kapoor. He angrily looks on. Ria tells him that Anushka is acting and is not his wife. She is his partner in crime. She asks him to cancel the deal. Mr. Kapoor eyes them as Abhi enters the lift with them. He picks the gun. He says I will tell you, who is going to be ruined. Anushka follows him.

Abhi brings Ria to their room and make her rest on the bed. Ria feels dizzy and says her head is shaking. Abhi gives her water to drink and asks her to sleep. Ria tells that Mr. Kapoor is a terrorist. She tells that Anushka is Mr. Kapoor’s partner and is trapping us. Abhi hears her and gets thinking. He drapes blanket over her. He thinks if Anushka is not Mr. Kapoor’s wife, then it means Anushka’s story is a lie. Someone knocks on the door. Abhi thinks it might be Mr. Kapoor and says he won’t leave him. He picks the vase and goes to open the door. He opens the door and sees Anushka. Abhi asks her to leave them alone.

Anushka says she came to asks about Ria’s health. Abhi says she is sleeping. Anushka asks him to take care of Ria. She tells you don’t know Mr. Kapoor. Abhi says you came to threaten us on Kapoor’s behalf. Anushka says she came to alert them. She says he has become dangerous and have gone mad. Abhi says he needed the slap for his doings. Abhi says Mr. Kapoor didn’t see the love strength. Anushka says Ria is very lucky, but me……Abhi asks her not to act and says he knows that she is not Mr. Kapoor’s wife. He says think what you are doing? Anushka says I am helpless to do for my mum. Anushka says I hid only one truth from you. Abhi says it is better to fight with life. Anushka asks him to take care of Ria. She warns him and leaves.

Mr. Kapoor tells Abhi that he will make him hear the voice. Abhi hears his family’s voice. Abhi asks how dare you go to my house. Mr. Kapoor threatens to kill his family.

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