Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Malhar find Pooja in the secret room

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The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani if she can lift the bag in which he is hiding. Kalyani says yes. Malhar hides in a big rice bag and sits in it. Kalyani takes the rice bag on her back and peeps inside Trilok’s house. Malhar asks what are you doing? Kalyani says I am carrying your weight and tells that he has become fat. She asks him to go on diet after Moksh’s operation. Kalyani comes inside Trilok’s house holding the bag. Security guard stops her and asks her what is in her bag? Kalyani says she came to stay here for some days and brought her stuff, tells that she has brought her clothes and her utensils. She asks him to check and says what do you think that I am carrying a human inside. He is about to check. Kalyani says you can check, but I will complain to Trilok that you have checked my/Suhana’s nanny’s stuff. Security guard asks her to go and tries to lift the bag. Kalyani stops him and says she will carry her own baggage. She takes the bag inside and takes Malhar out.

Malhar goes out. Suhana comes to room and shows her drawing to Kalyani. Kalyani sees that. Kalyani asks why do you draw dark room always, where is this room and what is inside this room? Suhana shows the keys to Kalyani. Kalyani asks where is the room? Inside or outside. Trilok is in the Police station and tells Rao that he knows Pooja is in their custody and asks him to tell where is she? Rao calls someone and tells that they have caught bank robbers. Trilok says I am talking to you and gets angry.

Kalyani comes to the room and looks at it. She thinks this is the door which Suhana draws. Divya is tied and seated on the chair. She cries. Kalyani is about to open the door, when Trilok comes there and asks when did you come here? Kalyani says Suhana draws this room in her drawing. Trilok asks her not to spy in his house. Kalyani looks on. Trilok falls down. Malhar is standing behind him and shows the needle. He says Trilok will be unconscious for sometime. Kalyani shows the key. The door is already open. Malhar says someone is already inside. They get inside and looks shocked.

Swara tells that Kalyani and Malhar shall take part in Mrs. And Mr. Aurangabad contest. Aao Saheb is talking on phone and tells that she wants to cancel this contest. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb not to cancel it, says Malhar and Kalyani will unite in this contest. Sarthak tells that they will maintain social distancing and will provide hand sanitizer. Aao Saheb talks to DM and tells that let this contest held, we will take up responsibility of the sanitization. They ask where is Malhar and Kalyani?

They get inside and find Pooja sitting on the chair. He asks Pooja if Trilok locked her here. Pooja says no, he didn’t know that I am hiding here. She tells that she was afraid of Police and that’s why hid here, she had spare keys. Kalyani says she is saying half truth. Malhar says she will tell remaining truth in Police station. He calls Rao to bring lady constable. He tells Kalyani that they have to take Trilok outside, without guard seeing him. Kalyani hides him in the bag and asks Malhar not to teach her, says she is smart. She thinks she will get a good idea before guard comes. Guard comes and asks what is she doing here? Kalyani says it has ladies stuff and tells that it is a crime to check in ladies stuff. He opens the bag and finds Trilok inside. He gets shocked and aims gun at Kalyani. Malhar comes and hits the guard on his head. He says this is the difference between Aurangabad Singham and Aurangabad Cat. Kalyani makes a puppy face.

Pallavi tells Aao Saheb that they shall think of making profit and shall send the mask at costly rates, rather than selling it for 25 Rs. Aao Saheb tells that it is pandemic situation, we shall think of helping others. Sarthak comes and tells that he has sent the ration to the workers. He says he doesn’t understand what Malhar and Kalyani will do with Trilok.

Trilok gains consciousness in Malhar’s house and sees Kalyani, Malhar and Suhana standing here. Kalyani says I will take care of you until Moksh’s operation and has brought Suhana here. Malhar says we found someone in one of your room. Trilok asks who? Malhar sends Suhana to eat custard. Suhana goes.

Precap: Malhar asks Trilok to stay in his house else he have to house arrest him. Trilok thinks of a big conspiracy and gets Malhar’s accident done.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    This show is getting little dragging regarding pillu part… rest episode is ok
    But I am liking sarthak and anupriya bonding….

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