Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani raises her voice against Malhar’s unreasonable doubt

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara taking Vahini’s name. Madhav asks why she is taking Kalyani’s name. Aahir says she wants to say that pump is with Vahini. Malhar says why Kalyani will take it. Kalyani is with Anupriya. The doctor says he will come tomorrow. Aahir comes there and tells Kalyani that Swara was found in her room and had an asthma attack. Malhar comes and asks Doctor to come with him. Aahir asks Kalyani if she has Swara’s Pump as the latter is taking her name repeatedly. Kalyani says what you are saying and says if I had pump then why wouldn’t I have given her pump to her. She gets up and the pump falls down from her lap. Malhar looks at her doubtfully. Aahir picks the pump and asks what is it? Kalyani looks at the pump and says it is of Swara, but I don’t know from where

it came in my lap. She tells Malhar that she doesn’t know about it. She says I didn’t know that Swara was in our room and what happened with her. Malahr takes pump from her hand. Kalyani is shocked. She comes out. Madhav scolds Kalyani for seeing tamasha and not giving a pump to Swara.

Kalyani says I didn’t know that Swara was in my room. Madhav says you troubled her a lot that she attacked Anupriya ji. Aao Saheb asks why is he blaming Kalyani for his daughter’s mistake. Madhav asks her to ask Kalyani if she wanted to kill Swara. Kalyani says she didn’t have any enmity with Swara and doesn’t know that she was in her room. Asawari asks Aahir to take Malhar out. Kalyani recalls and says Swara must have brought her pump with her when she attacked Anupriya and that’s why it came in her lap. Madhav says very good, she is cooking stories, someone shall reward her. Aao Saheb says my granddaughter will not trouble anyone. Malhar says you had said that you will not leave Swara for attacking Maai. Kalyani says I was angry at that time. Malhar says I had told that Aai is fine and I will punish Swara. Kalyani tells that shed doesn’t know that Swara was in her room and tells that she didn’t do anything. Sarthak tries to stop Malhar and says Kalyani can’t harm Swara.

Malhar says now I am sure that both Swara and you can do anything in revenge fire and asks what is the difference between you and her now. He holds her hand tightly. Kalyani says enough, I will not give any more clarification. She says you always doubt me and I prove my innocence. She says you never trust me and asks him to be with his misunderstandings. Malhar gets teary eyes and asks what do you think that you are right always. He asks her to go to her Aai and says I am going to my sister as she needs me. Kalyani says ok, my Aai needs me and says nobody is important to me than my Aai. Malhar asks her to go and says nobody needs you. Kalyani goes to Anupriya’s room while Malhar goes to Swara’s room.

Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that today she has proved that she is her blood and didn’t leave mayka even after the marriage. Kalyani tries to go to Anupriya, but Aao Saheb stops her and tells loudly that she is very happy today and will tell all the villagers that ACP Rane’s sister is a criminal. Kalyani says you want to tell the villager that Swara is a criminal proudly, and asks her to tell them also that she steals income tax money. She tells her that she will save her from income tax and will pay the tax and file the returns. She says you have to promise me in return that she will not say anything to villagers about Swara or her inlaws. She says she doesn’t want her inlaws or Malhar’s nose to get cut infront of anyone. Malhar hears her. Kalyani turns and looks at Malhar. Jo tum mujhe chodke jawoge plays…..Malhar turns his face. Kalyani also turns her face and is upset with him. She comes to Anupriya and asks do you trust me? she says I can’t do anything wrong with Swara or anyone else. She tells that even Malhar ji is against me and don’t trust me. She says I tried to make him understand, but he is against me like others. She says if I am so bad that Malhar ji never trusts me. She holds Anupriya’s cries and cries. Anupriya is still unconscious.

Asawari comes there and says who said that you are bad and says you are my good bahu. She says Malhar gets angry like Madhav and says when they get angry their mind stops working. She says I am a woman and trust you. She says let Malhar’s anger calm down, then I will talk to him. She says maybe Swara came here and left her pump here. Kalyani hugs her and cries. She thanks her for the support.

Sarthak tells Madhav that Swara is crossing the limits and attacking others. Asawari says may be Swara got worried when she knows about skeleton wearing the Deshmukh saree and that’s why she got hysterical. Sarthak says Swara can’t stay here anymore, I can’t risk anyone’s lives here. Malhar hears him and asks where Swara will go? We can’t leave her alone. Sarthak says we can’t risk anyone here and says we will send her to…Malhar asks will you send her to a mental asylum and asks him not to say this again. He says we have to handle her, says she is my sister and I will take care of her.

Malhar is sitting at Swara’s bedside, while she is unconscious. He says what is bothering you a lot and promises to make everything fine. Swara says Kaka repeatedly. Malhar asks what kaka and asks Kalyani to see. He then realizes she is not there, feels bad and cries.

Precap: Anupriya tells Kalyani that the attacker was wearing a strange ring in her finger. Kalyani gets her clothes’ thread and says she will find out about the attacker.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. AngelineSalvatore

    I ve had it with all his wrongness!! He s always treating Kalyani bad and it gets worse EVERYTIME!!!! Finally Kalyani did the right thing and raised her voice!!! Malhar is a jerk and sometimes he’s worse than Sampada and Atharv!!! And his family is horrible!! And do you remember how he was when he found out Kalyani s grandpa killed his mother how he was the King og justice? Let’s see how he will be when it will be his family s turn!! And what about Swara? She attacked mai but she is not even being questioned!!!

  2. Kaka how can you let malhar scream after kalayani when you know the truth .. it’s not fair .. why allow this situation .. Do not you have enough that malhar is doing wrong with kaliyani .. while she does her best to be a good mother wife and daughter .. No kaka it’s not fair

  3. I think it takes separation between kalma .. Malhar does not deserve kaliyani .. She says it today .. In a marriage. Trust is paramount between spouses .. And malhar shows him every time he doubts and shouts after kaliyani .. Although she mentions that he doubts and every time she proves her innocence .. Kaka who does not said nothing .. They are silent. The worst thing is that madhav accuses kaliyani .. He knows that he is doing wrong at kaliyani but that does not prevent madhav from being criticized and blamed kaliyani .. The series is a little below on .. We still do not know not what happened on July 26 and we put a new plot and new person to the story .. Anyway. Malhar who misunderstands his sister when she pronounced vahini and he understands kaliyani .. Brief disappointing

  4. Malhar proved he is madhav’s son, no one can guess he was raised by sarthak. Just like his father he is an entitled selfish moron who sees fault in everyone else than himself. I finally understand why sampada left. Wish kalyani who act so strong finds the strength to end this abusive relationship.

  5. We were commenting same thing over and over again: that Malhar NEVER TRUSTS Kalyani..

    Good thing Kalyani mentioned the same thing and left him…..

    I mean what is wrong with Zee TV heroes… They a behaving like a *********

    1. I think all the series want to make the current series bad … We show the husband to be rude to his wife and never believe her and she always wrong (malhar) .. The treaty man is allowed his wife as a pr*stitute (teri galiyan) we allow young people to plot against others because we do not appreciate them (rhea against prachi) and we allow others to see each other with another (disha who lies to purab .. And meera who wants abhi knowing that he loves pragya) and we create chaos in a family between 2 sister and create a criminal Revati (guddan). In short .. I have this impression that zee. TV transmits bad messages to young people now .. We face a lot of verbal physical violence. But one exploits the love and the insult .. For the woman is taken hostage and suffers the crisis of their husband .. Anyway .. It is disappointing that to see that the real problem are show on television .. While the series are supposed to entertain us and convey positive message .. But the opposite is happening

  6. Hello guys I read your comments agree all of u . bani u r right malhar proved that he is madhav’s son now he cross all his limits the girl who always risk her life to save others he doubted that she can harm his sister .I will tell these writers stop domestic violence against women I saw this show many aggressive to women who saw old called papa ji how he shouting his wife. Swara was right when she said all range men are same.to scold women its their habit.

  7. Leisa s morris

    I think its asawari who attacked anupriya maybe on her husbands/son saying and dey also attacked swara. Malhar just doesn’t change does he? How many times must kalyani prove herself to him? Everytime something happens he doubts her and everything she is proven innocent u would think dat now she deserves d benefit of d doubt. Even arthav who has caused her d most distress is being taken care of by her yet malhar believed she can harm his sister. Kalyani can’t hurt a fly much less his family members . Dis police office needs to start acting as if he has brains befitting his uniform. Madhav and family only care about protecting their secret and doesn’t care if dey destroy malhars marriage in d process as a matter of fact dey would prefer dat as kalyani is very intuitive and can find out anything if she truly puts her mind to it.

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