Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupriya’s behavior shocks Kalyani

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The Episode starts with Anupriya telling the mantras and thinks she is getting the courage with the mantras to be away from her daughter, to be strict with her etc. Kalyani asks why she is not saying anything. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to come. Kalyani tells that she was in hospital for months when she was shot and when she came back home, they were not in vada. She says I searched you everywhere and was depressed and shattered. She says then I made my weakness as my strength and had work hard. She tells that she is very much hurt, and asks why she is not talking to her. Anupriya thinks stop it Kalyani, I don’t have any strength now. Kalyani asks where is Kaka? Vivek says we don’t take that man’s name in this house. Kalyani asks what happened? Aao Saheb asks her to come with her and know everything about Anupriya. She takes Kalyani from there. Kalyani asks Aao Saheb why Vivek got angry when she took Kaka’s name. Aao Saheb says Anupriya and Sarthak got separated. A fb is shown, Anupriya asks Sarthak why did he save Malhar from going to jail and says you had promised me that you will get Kalyani’s murderer behind bars and asks why did you do this? Aao Saheb says he is from Rane family and will favour his family. She asks him to forget that Anupriya was in his life and tells that there will be no relation between them now. Sarthak asks Anupriya to give him a chance if not for her, then for their unborn baby. Anupriya brushes off his hands. Aao Saheb takes Anupriya from there forcibly. Fb ends.

Aao Saheb tells that Anupriya sacrificed her relation with Sarthak as she loves you a lot. Kalyani asks what about her baby, she was pregnant? A fb is shown, In hospital, Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to stop crying and tells that you had a baby girl but she was born dead and says Sarthak didn’t come, what to call Rane men, they are human or animal. Fb ends. Kalyani is shocked. Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that she had forgotten Malhar for Rao Saheb’s death, but he snatched Nal from her and shot you in just one day. She says he will be cursed. Kalyani asks what happened to Nal? Aao Saheb shows his picture and tells that Malhar killed him and set off my family’s lamp. Kalyani asks how did this happen? Aao Saheb tells her blaming Malhar. She says Rane family men have ruined us. Kalyani goes from there. Aao Saheb tells that you will not know the full truth and you are just mohra in Malhar and my ongoing war. She looks at Nal’s photo and says this world is very cruel.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and says I came to know what you have gone through. She says I know how it feels and hugs her, sayings she will not leave her. Anupriya feels bad. Vivek asks her to see Pallavi’s face and says we have suffered since Nal left. Kalyani tells that she can understand what they had gone through. Just then Malhar comes there with Bank officer. Bank officer tells that she needs Aao Saheb and old owner Malhar’s signatures on the Papers together. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to see their house and tells that their bathroom is very big than his house. She taunts him and says how you will make a house with your less salary. She says you must have known that we have brought our vada at double price, you might be feeling difficulty to stay in small house. She asks him to work in her house and tells that she will give her good salary and watchman’s uniform. She says murderer doesn’t look nice in Police uniform. Swara thinks why did you come here Dada? I have no voice in this house. Malhar signs on the papers. Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that she might be troubled seeing Malhar out of jail, and tells that he is outside because of Sarthak. She says Sarthak told in court that it can’t be proved that he has murdered Malhar, until Kalyani’s body is found. She says I used my power and made him become Constable from ACP’s job. She says I want to smear your face with black ink and make your shubh yatra in the village. She asks do you want to see how your face will look like after black ink is smeared on your face. She throws black ink on Malhar, but Kalyani comes infront of Malhar and takes the black ink on her face. Malhar and Kalyani look at each other. Tum hi ho music plays….Malhar asks Kalyani why did you come infront.

Kalyani moves from there and wipes her face with tissue. She tells that I didn’t do anything to save you, I didn’t want your uniform to get stained. Aao Saheb signs on the papers and gives to the bank employee. Malhar says if your work is done, then let’s go. They leave. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani, why did you save Malhar and says you couldn’t bear his insult. She says he will get only insult in this house. Kalyani tells her that if she doesn’t see that Malhar is broken fully. Aao Saheb tells that she wants to see Malhar Rane on her feet rubbing his nose and yearning for a grain infront of her. Kalyani shouts asking her to stop it. Anupriya shouts Kalyani and asks how dare you to shout at Aao Saheb. Kalyani says Aao Saheb’s BP will increase if she gets angry. Anupriya says Aao Saheb’s family is with her, and you are not part of her family. She says I had accepted you few years back, but I don’t regard our relations, it is over. She says your position is bigger, but you are not suitable to be my daughter. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya says it will be better for you to leave from here. Kalyani is shocked and looks on.

Precap: Kalyani asks Anupriya how she can tell this that there is no relation between them. She says truth is that you had jumped in the well to save this pen as you love me equally like I love you. Anupriya says this is not truth. Kalyani says this is the truth.

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  1. I bet that Evil witch has lied to Anupriya about losing her baby , she probably gave it away. I think Anupriya wants Kalyani away either to protect Kalyani or to stop Kalyani from seeing what’s become of Anupriya.
    If they have so much money why are they using Swara was an Atm and has Godavari forgotten who saved her from having her life ruined when in college. Nuls death was tragic but it was due to his fear and Aoa saheb making a mistake into a tragedy.
    I know people don’t agree but finally I’m enjoying the show again.

  2. Aao sahib is good for nothing..
    Just blaming someone for her sins and misfortune..i hope sarthak is raising his daughter and hope kalyani gets to know the truth and reunites everyone. Aao saheb should be tortured in jail. It’s about time anupriya and swara should speak up

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