Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani gets IVF procedure, Anupriya gets jailed

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The Episode starts with Doctor telling that IVF procedure is done. Doctor says you have to take care of baby in your womb for 9 months and asks her to sign on the papers on which it is written that she can’t meet the baby’s parents for 6 months. Kalyani gets up from bed and touches her tummy. She recalls Malti counting the money and telling that she will pay the debt and will buy AC for room. Malti coughs. Nurse says if the baby gets your illness then? Malti says when baby’s mother doesn’t care about him, then why you are saying it again and again. Kalyani comes to Malti and snatches her money. She tells her that the baby whom she will carry is of ACP Malhar Rane and says if anything happens to the baby then he will put you in jail. She says she will call him. Malti says Sampada and Rachit knew about my illness and asks her to keep the money, says she will refuse Sampada.

Kalyani thinks if Malti refuses then Sampada will hire someone else. She asks Malti to keep the money, says she will give her more, and don’t let Sampada know anything. She says you will not carry the baby, but I will carry the baby. She says Sampada shall not know and according to the IVF rules, you can’t meet the parents till 6 months. She says Dr. Pathak didn’t see you, so I will get it done. She asks her to let Sampada think that she is the surrogate. Malti asks why you want to carry this baby. Kalyani says for my first child. Fb ends. Kalyani takes the form from Dr. Pathak. Dr. Pathak goes.

Kalyani asks Nurse not to tell anyone and tells that I have given you money. She asks what is moving in her stomach is baby? Nurse tells that baby will take shape in 3-4 months. Kalyani says baby kicks after it is conceived in films. Nurse says there is still time. Kalyani asks her to bring the wheelchair and says if I walk then baby will feel pain. Nurse says you don’t have the baby now and asks her to go home and rest. She says my Aai will take care of me. She thinks to go and tell Malhar ji and Aai. She then asks if the baby is not in her womb. Kalyani says I will do full research and will know more than you. She starts walking slowly. She searches on net, Post IVF care and goes out. She thinks I don’t have wine and cigarette, thinks she has to be saved from Pollution. Atharv asks her why is she holding her tummy? Kalyani says now she is fine. Atharv tries to hug her, but she stops him and says my stomach is delicate now. She says I can’t hug or walk much now. She asks him to make sure that nobody pushes her else there will be a problem.

Malhar and Anupriya come out of the court. Anupriya and Atharv come there. Kalyani looks at her and smiles. She is about to hug her, but stops. She says I know that nothing will happen to you Aai. She says I will need you, you have to guide me, says she has to tell them a big secret and even to Malhar. She says I trust you fully, it is good that Aai is freed. Anupriya gets emotional and tells Kalyani and Malhar to promise her that they will remarry again and promise that they will not separate even if anything happens. Kalyani asks if you are going on a holiday or vacation, why you are saying this. Anupriya’s shawl gets moved from her and Kalyani sees her hand cuff, she gets shocked. She asks why your hands are cuffed. Aao Saheb says today Malhar has snatched my loved ones from me. She says your husband couldn’t save your mother and couldn’t bring Aahir to court, he has failed. Kalyani is shocked.

Aao Saheb says he gave statement against Anupriya and tells Malhar that she will never forgive him. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to stop it and says mistake is of mine, tells that she is proud of Malhar for respecting his uniform. She says I have no complaints with him, he did right. She asks Kalyani not to think him wrong and tells that she don’t repent her doings, and if she has to kill that Rakshas again to save her daughter then she will do it. She asks her not to tell anyone that you are my daughter. She says I don’t want people to know that you are a murderer’s daughter.

Kalyani takes adoption papers from the lawyer sitting outside the court and writes their names. She asks Anupriya to sign on the papers and says this is the court papers for adoption. She says you have adopted me 1 and a half years ago, outside the court. She says you have taken my responsibility, now I am adopting you and you are my responsibility. She asks her to sign. Anupriya says there is no such law. Kalyani says she will file the petition and makes anupriya sign on it. She says now I have adopted you, no power of the world can break this mother-daughter duo. She says you are my mother and will always be. She says I will shout and tell everyone that you are my Aai. She says I will not let anything happen to you, I will go to high court and supreme court. I will get you freed soon. She cries and hugs her. Malhar tells Anupriya that they shall leave. He picks the shawl and covers Anupriya. Kalyani cries as Malhar takes Anupriya.

Precap: Rachit calls Kalyani and asks her to tell Malhar that she is carrying his (Rachit) baby in her womb.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. These makers ruined the show now malhar will become his enemy’s baby father what is wrong im getting vomiting after watching today’s episode i never expected that they will turn the story like this ?????

  2. ????to writers for coming with this marvellous twist????
    Thanks for gifting this to the loyal fans.
    There was no greater way to slap us in the face.
    Only this was left to break our patience & hope
    Please don’t leave it half, make kalyani marry rachit officially and give birth to his child…leave anupriya rote in jail forever and kill moksh & malhar to end this crapy story!

    1. Bani exactly its better than while seening such stupid like this always its obviously that atharva with them he is the one who gave kalyani rachit ki phone now everything is clear or these makers are mad how they can let take pregnant that is 18 yrs old trush story i swear if kalyani really get pregnant rachit child then im not going to watch this show hope they reveal soon if its fake or reality. Also feel sad sehban is more talent actor but they make his character weak

    2. Light, i agree if she is really pregnant with rachit’s baby no one should watch this show…all limits will be crossed.

    3. Seriously i lost all my hope for this show now…. worst twist ever…. their love was blooming and see wat crap happened now… I am gonna stop watching this show?

  3. Curious I did research to know if a young woman still a virgin can get pregnant. It turns out that in the United States Canada or even in Great Britain we practice this intervention which allows the virgin woman to be able to get pregnant without having s*x .. So normal to see kaliyani who uses that .. Ouahhouuuu .. In short .. CV of tusjhe shows us something that goes beyond what fans think and expect .. In short without words speechless ..

    1. Verma4

      How can you say that kalyani is a virgin ?? she has been married for a while. just saying.

    2. They’ve never consummated their relationship

    3. [email protected] Dear in the episode of January 29 kaliyani says it … That malhar never touched him in 1 year and a half of marriage .. That is why I say .. And since his false marriage with rachit .. She never share the same room or the same bed. In addition kaliyani has threaten to file a complaint for rape if rachit force him to do anything .. See it is in the episode of January 29 that you will read or see that kaliyani mentions it ..

    4. Generally in this kind of series the consumption of the marriage between the star of the series in this case the protagonists of waiting and desired .. The CVs do their best to make the fans shimmer as much as possible for this night so awaited … whatever it is .. But when the time comes they make the effort to reward the loyalty of the fans by showing us the scene of this unique romantic evening that is the intimate union of the two stars by doing a nice thing .. .. But In tusjhe .. This union between kalma is not yet done because malhar has always privileged the study of kaliyani to their relation .. He always said it and mentioned that the responsibilities that engenders the duties of the woman will be patient and will wait for the right moment to establish this relationship between them .. When she will know what love is and the ready moment .. But currently we will have to wait again and if the CVs are willing .. To show us and please the fans to make e unique magic and romantic night of kalma by making a nice episode in which the two will become one .. Waiting for it to happen .. we will have to support all this staging of IVF and blackmail. And wait for kalma to consume their marriage at the right time .. Hoping that the CV will do this kind of episode .. Because tujhse is not like the other series .. Often they miss out on certain parties and other times shows us some unknown celebrations that the other series do not do. Hence I doubt that he can leave and show kalma consume their marriage, however limited and shy the scene may be

    5. Verma4

      tkanks for clearing that up because most of the times I read the header and the precap to decide whether to watch or not.

  4. My bloods boiling with that precap, no words and the way they showed ivf was so unrealistic.

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